Cannabis. Filosofía para todos.
Cannabis. Filosofía para todos.
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Cannabis. Filosofía para todos.

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Everyone is talkin about cannabis more and more openly, firstly focusing on certain population sectors (youth, medical users...) but arriving then to the point where there are so many groups and types of people who use marijuana that it's time to medidate about it.

The debate about the regulation and use of cannabis has started, and there are more and more listening ears everytime, which are getting positioned thereon this issue. For this reason, it is very important to express the arguments in its defense clearly and in a plurilateral way, considering all viewpoints.

Thus, this book is based on personal anecdotes, scientific tests that analyze the issue of cannabis combining their results. Moreover, several philosophers, psychologists and physicians (some of them marijuana users) try to understand and answer a few questions: what is getting stoned? Is it moral to smoke cannabis for pleasure? Is marijuana a gateway drug to worse substances? Is it a human need to alter its consciousness? Is there any link between morality and the marijuana regulation?

Enjoy a journey to the center of the cannabis universe that will help you understand the point of view of many types of people - all of them consumers - in an understandable way.

ISBN 8493495085
EAN 978-8493495084

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