Silicone Penis Cleanurin Screeny Weeny

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The Cleanu ScreenyWeeny is now available in the Alchimia catalogue. This fake silicone penis will allow you to "urinate" a liquid that is not your own urine during a drug test. To be used during urine tests .

Made entirely of high quality silicone, of the same grade used for cinematic make-up, this fake penis looks so convincing that it can be mistaken for the real thing! Handmade in Germany, it undergoes various quality controls, every detail is taken into account in the design of this fake penis.

The system includes a synthetic urine bag that attaches to a belt with an adjustable pocket that keeps the liquid warm. To ensure a perfect temperature, the kit includes a heating pad, which works by being heated in the microwave. 2 pouches of synthetic urine are included in the kit as well as an empty pocket to practice, or even to fill with another person's urine.

ScreenyWeeny is guaranteed not to leak. A discreet button is under the underside of the fake penis to trigger the flow with one hand, in the most natural way possible.

Cleanurin ScreenyWeeny includes:

  • 1 x Fake Penis 5.0 ScreenyWeeny
  • 2 x 80ml Synthetic urine
  • 1 x Empty pocket
  • 1 x heating belt
  • 1 x HeatPaxx heating pad
  • 1 x Syringe (20ml)
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