Silicone Penis Cleanurin Screeny Weeny

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The Cleanu ScreenyWeeny is now available in the Alchimia catalogue. This fake silicone penis will allow you to "urinate" a liquid that is not your own urine during a drug test. To be used during urine tests .

Made entirely of high quality silicone, of the same grade used for cinematic make-up, this fake penis looks so convincing that it can be mistaken for the real thing! Handmade in Germany, it undergoes various quality controls, every detail is taken into account in the design of this fake penis.

The system includes a synthetic urine bag that attaches to a belt with an adjustable pocket that keeps the liquid warm. To ensure a perfect temperature, the kit includes a heating pad, which works by being heated in the microwave. 2 pouches of synthetic urine are included in the kit as well as an empty pocket to practice, or even to fill with another person's urine.

ScreenyWeeny is guaranteed not to leak. A discreet button is under the underside of the fake penis to trigger the flow with one hand, in the most natural way possible.

Cleanurin ScreenyWeeny includes:

  • 1 x Fake Penis 6.0 ScreenyWeeny
  • 2 x 80ml Synthetic urine
  • 1 x Empty pocket
  • 1 x heating belt
  • 1 x HeatPaxx heating pad
  • 1 x Syringe (20ml)

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Brandon 14-04-2019
How can I get this in the United States ?

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 15-04-2019

Hi Randy,

We're sorry, but we can't ship our products to the USA.



danny mousley 28-09-2018
hi when ive been releashed from jail a few times ive always had at least a couple years parole where I ave to do piss tests sometimes two a week ,but you cant plan for them they call your phone which you must answer or they can breach you on that alone, strike one, you only get three strikes for minor things like not answer your call.but if you return a dirty ya straight nback to jail to do the rest of your parole.anyhow the piss tests only really go flat out when your in intensive parole ,thats say your first two three month there is no ruling on it in australia its like everything there it raffertys rule and up to your parole officer,ive had one before that made me do the piss t3ests but instead of making it last for a month or two i had to have i think it was at least ten clean results,she was really good and was on the wrong side because beileve me majority are young straight out of school text book parole officers how the fuck would i take any notice and just cut them short do ya piss tests and try to keep out of jail remember that parole officer who is your case worker who wants you to believe there working for you andhelping you who are very poite and smiles having a joke with you thats not funny as her real agenda and that is to get you bhack to jail because there a bit like cops all there mission in life is to put as many people in jail as possable believe me i know ive actually has over half the melbourne drug squad attend my sentencing date sit at the back of the court and wait to hear what time tou get and they fucking shake hand laugh and smile,they have no respect for your loved ones who are crying because you just got seven years to start from that day,thats the police and there attitude they have. anyway i got out of jail and had to report to my parole officer that afternoon you suppose to be out by 8am but its always between 9.30 and midday and more like midday so then its a mad rush to your parole officer then to jobcentre for your emergency checkcause you just got out and only have your set aside money unless like some people yoy have a stook put away if you didnt you would be back inside within a wek and ive seen it happen a million times.anyway back to piss test. i saw my parole officer it was a friday when i got up to leave she said Danny your next appointment will be monday,i glared at her and said what time i knew she was going tyo hit me up for a piss test ealy which normally yoy get at least five days to a week for your i leave go straight to my stook grab a heap of goodies and off i go to my old haunt ,first thing we do is get the pipe out and get into a serious smoking session.we went for a couple of days till sunday afternoon. at the back of my head i was thinking what if she hits me up when im there tomorrow to go but i thought just paranoia from the gear we i crashed for the first time since i got out and had all of a hour and ten mins and woke up brand new. go for my parole appointment,we sit there shes trying to tell me i have to do so many hours work in a charity shop because i wont work so it was on told her if shye looks at her report on me i dont work because im not right and in the to hard baket and intutitionalised so i wont be doing any chairty work either . one nil to me as i leave with another appointment time ,i get back to my mates joint and we hit the gear again ,fuck me my phone rang its her parole officer ,Danny you habe thirty mins to get to a place that dose piss tests but they make you use a certain one which is very strick ,i said yeah ok,looked at my mate and siad im fucked she piss testing me the same weekend i got outhe said relax bro ive got the thing that beats evety piss test and he left came back with a device similar to yours but called a whizzanator said he paid 300 bucks for ir shown me how it worked went next door came back with someone who dont use and poured the bright yellow piss into a bsg,he said because you only got another twenty mins we can put the bag in the microwave and by time you get there it should be around thye right tempreture because tharts the the first thing they do is check the tempreture if its not body temp give or take a degree or two they make you do another one .i said fucking beauty and stapped it on shown me how it worked and off i went but i said to him bro i wish i had a cock as big as these or is that normal cause if it is im very short in the penis area and laughed saying mate its very big it dont really look like the same ccoulor as my penis sias ya swet bro i passed heaps with it and so had a lot of his mates,which made me think ill buy my own for next tim anyway i get there introduce myself cause it was my first one for this parole period and she said fine danny take a seat i said im really wanting to use the toilet now thinking the tempreture might be wrong we only warmed it up not boiled it ,she said oh good a quick one for a change ,follow me which i did ive done a million before and she starts to fill out the paper work so i said ill go now miss,she turned around and said no no wait for me your parole worker as asked that u have supervised ones ,i said your kidding i cant piss infront of you or anyone she said well you know the rules and if you dont produce in yhirty mins its put down as reusel and classed as a dirty which im sorry to say woild mean your back to jail from here.I thought fuck it i gotta do it and get away with what i thought looked more like a dildo from a porn movie .so she stands behind me im at the toilet and there is a mirror on the wall which send my image pissing into this little jar for her to watch so nothing can be interfeared with. so i get it out took me longer than it should pulled it out trying to cover half of it up cause it was to big and didnt look right it was long half hard the wrong colour and one would be massive vein sticking out to give it a better look,as i sqeezed the false penis nothing came out like it was suppossed to but worked different to the weny one on this site,i knew i was in trouble ,she said everything alright i said yeah just nervous cause your looing at me doing it.anyway remember the jars aare small that youpiss in so i got this big penis that wouldnt even fit in the jar and i done it again i could fel where i was supposed to sqeeze but something was wrong i gave it a big sqeeze and ill be buggered the tucbe that the urine comes out at a trickle or normal speed that piss doe flow out the penis and the whole bag of someone elese real piss came flying out but no valve to stop it cause that few out first so the jar was full of piss i wes covered in piss which was still very warm and a tube and valve floating in the toilet bowel.i said that was abig one sorry miss i over filled the jar jar she said accidents happen i flushed the toilet gave her the jar which she told me to put on the table whil she went for gloves,i thought i got awaywith it the next thing she walked in with two security took me ina room strip searched me and off i went to do the two years parole inside. now i wish i would of know that this product was out there because i would say its fool proof even for supervised testing it looks real its the righr color ,texture and so easy to use,im well impressed and buying one straight away,first ill ring a few people trll them to come watch the video of how easy it is to use how cheap it is and most of all how real it looks. that looks likem the thing that can beat the dreaded piss testinfg everytime.thanks for making such a great looking product.i will get back to you let you knoe what its like in real life.mine will be more of a novalty as im over jail at my age but my friends will need one its worth buying a couple cause i know our crew wouldnt be running around with someone else false dick that everyone must of borrowed till i got caught with it . I actually got a extra year for the whole episode and they are banned so things wont stay on the net for long legally once thety find out its a device to fool the system and beat piss tests,you should change it to a sex toy for people who are into water games but dont want tral urine on them so you fill it up with water,then you get aawat with it for a while. anyway hope this gets put on your site there is nothing else on do I just thought i would tell the story of the dreaded whizzanator.Danny

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 02-10-2018

Hi danny, i'm sure your (long, very long) message will help a few. Your story is raw reality life with many of the roadblocks one can hit.. The sentencing, spending time on parole and the hypocrisy of the whole thing. You're right this product works well, and from your experience it's clear that some people would be better off with a model that mimics their own aesthetic features but most importantly a model ready to use with a heat pocket at hand. Stay safe and keep up the good vibes ;-)

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