Led grow lights

LED grow lights are lamps especially developed for cultivation of plants and made with light emitting diodes.

Because these diodes do not lose any energy producing heat, LED systems have higher energy efficiency than HID lamps, since there is no waste of energy by producing heat. Thus, these diodes are grouped together to increase the overall light output of the lighting system.

Another major advantage of LEDs is that we can find all the lighting spectrum. In the case of marijuana, we are interested in mainly blue for the growth phase and red for the flowering stage, although they often make combinations for the best light spectrum for each phase.

As stated above, LEDs almost do not emit heat, and the little heat produced is emitted upwards - light is being emitted downwards -, allowing us to work with marijuana plants really close to the light, although it is advisable to separate them between 10 and 15 cm to properly mix the different colors that make up the spectrum.

We can also highlight another great advantage of LEDs, which emit light continuously, unlike the hps or halide bulbs that emit intermittent light that, although imperceptible to the human eye, causes some stress to the plants.

Furthermore, LEDs do not reduce light output throughout their life.

Finally note also that by using LEDs the climate control management becomes an easier task because the absence of fluctuations in temperature and humidity, what makes us not forcing the system.

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LUMii Black Led 720W

LUMii Black Led 720W is a high-performance led lighting system for cultivation with adjustable intensity and homogeneous distribution of light that works by means of an electronic [...]

  • Without ballast 340.00€
  • With electronic ballast included 360.00€

Farming Monkey Super Board LED

Alchimia presents Farming Monkey Super Board LED, a high performance LED kit designed for [...]

  • 100W Full Spectrum (Out of stock) 79.99€
  • 150 w Full Spectrum (Out of stock) 99.00€
Coming Soon

LED T1 Beast 65W

Alchimia presents the LED T1 Beast 65W by Farming Monkey, intended for the whole plant cycle. It is perfect for beginners, as it is developed for small growing spa [...]

  • 59.99€

Farming Monkey Slim Led SMD 35w Bloom

Farming Monkey Slim LED 35w Bloom is a LED lighting panel designed for small cultivation spaces. It is a replacement for the 150w CFL mixed bulb, with 4 times less consumption. Now [...]

  • 39.99€

Lumatek ATS Pro

We present ATS 300w Pro and ATS 200w Pro by Lumatek, the new version of the ATS 300w and 200w models. These have been technically improved with more power in terms of effic [...]

  • 200w 369.00€ 332.10€
  • 300w 505.00€ 454.50€
Coming Soon

Lazerlite Led PRO 720w

We present the latest Lazerlite PRO 720W LED generation. It incorporates two drivers to generate a high PPF. This equipment is a high efficiency LED with adjustable intensity, very [...]

  • 370.00€

Agrolite 4.30 120W LED with adjustable panels

We present the LED 4.30 E27 120W Agrolite, a different LED equipment halfway between a Low Voltage bulb and a LED reflector. This fixture is one of the novelties for 2023 at Alchim [...]

  • 55.00€ 46.75€

The Jackson LT LED by Grow The Jungle

We are happy to present The Jackson LT LED 150W & 250W by Grow The Jungle, with a light spectrum specially formulated for cannabis cultivation and suitable for [...]

  • 150W (Out of stock) 175.00€
  • 250W (Out of stock) 249.00€

Solux Super Star 60W LED

Super Star 60W LED by Solux offers the possibility to obtain quality harvests with generous yields in small cultivation spaces while reducing the electricity bill. [...]

  • 60.00€

Led SMD Proton 240w Innotech

Proton SMD LED 240W by Innotech is a lighting system for a very efficient cultivation and suitable for the whole plant cycle (growth and flowering). It is dimmable, foldable and in [...]

  • (Out of stock) 274.99€ 247.45€

Pure LED Pro 680W

Alchimia presents the high-performance Pure LED Pro 680W v2.0 with Samsung and Honglitronics diodes. A high efficiency and dimmable LED suitable for all cultivatio [...]

  • 620.00€

Lazerlite Complete 720W Led v 2.0

Alchimia presents Pure Light Lazerlite Complete 720W LED grow light with dimmable ballast. It is a perfect equipment for [...]

  • With dimmable driver included (Out of stock) 345.00€

LUMii Xled 680W

Alchimia presents LUMii Xled 680W is a high efficiency LED designed exclusively for cannabis cultivation. It is dimmable and offers a spectrum for growing and flowering [...]

  • 330.00€

Lumatek UV LED bar power cable

Power cable for Lumatek's 30w UltraViolet (UV) LED bar. The cable connects the LED bar to the electrical power (220/240v). Its function is not to connect the Lumatek Zeus LED equipment in a [...]

  • 19.45€ 17.50€

Lumatek 30W UV Supplemental Light LED Bar

Alchimia presents Lumatek 30W UV Supplemental Light LED Bar, a system that increases the light spectrum with UV light, improving the harvest by enhancing the flowe [...]

  • 249.00€ 224.10€
  • LUMATEK Kit 2 UV bars 30w with cables (for Zeus 600/465W) (Out of stock) 528.35€ 475.50€
  • LUMATEK Kit 3 UV bars 30w with cables (for Zeus 1000W) (Out of stock) 788.25€ 709.40€

Lumatek Led ZEUS 465w Pro 2.9

Lumatek Zeus 465w Pro 2.9 is the evolution of the Zeus 465w model of the year 2020, which already left its mark on the international cannabis mark [...]

  • 975.00€ 877.50€

The Jackson Nemesis 200W Led by Grow The Jungle

The Jungle presents here The Jackson Nemesis 200W, professional LED panels for indoor cultivation. It is certainly one of the most efficient options in cannabis growing, particular [...]

  • V1 - Full Spectrum (Out of stock) 299.00€

Lumatek LED Controller

The Lumatek LED Controller is now available, and is compatible with the VF 650W Driver and the [...]

  • 22.55€ 20.25€
UP TO 10%

Pure Led Q v 2.0

Alchimia presents the Pure LED Q v2.0 series, cannabis grow LEDs designed for a variety of grow tents. Pure LED Q Series, LEDs for cannabis self-cultivation The [...]

  • 150w (Out of stock) 179.00€
  • 240w (Out of stock) 230.00€ 218.50€
  • 320w (Out of stock) 350.00€ 315.00€
  • 420W (Out of stock) 450.00€ 405.00€

Seren 67w UV LED Bar - ComeToGrow

We present the Seren UV (Ultra Violet) LED bar by ComToGrow, the perfect complement to improve the organoleptic properties of our plants in indoor [...]

  • 150.00€
Coming Soon

Pure Led 2.0 Smart Controller

Pure LED Smart Controller 2.0 is an essential tool for optimal control of the lighting system in your grow room. It offers the capability to connect up to [...]

  • 120.00€

Lumatek UV daisy chain UVA bar cable

The Lumatek Daisy Chain connection cable for LED bars is used to daisy chain a Zeus LED and one or two 30w UV bars. Once connected to the Zeus equipment, it controls the on/ [...]

  • 10.90€ 9.80€

Innotech Proton SMD LED 320W

Proton SMD 320W is a LED system ideal for growing and flowering. It is dimmable and perfect for spaces of 1m x 1m. It is a very efficient system, with a built-in RJ14 port that all [...]

  • 379.99€ 341.95€

Farming Monkey Slim LED SMD 35w Resinator

Farming Monkey Slim LED 35W Resinator is a LED system that emits only UVA light, increasing resin production, terpenes, and combating pests such as fungi. It should always be used [...]

  • 59.99€

Mars Hydro Led TS Series

Alchimia presents TS 600 100w LED and TS 1000 150w LED by Mars Hydro, the smallest of the family. LEDs for horticulture and suitable for all plant [...]

  • 100W (TS 600) (Out of stock) 119.00€
  • 150W (TS 1000) (Out of stock) 189.00€

Lumatek Zeus 600w Pro 2.9 LED

Lumatek have brought us a step closer to the perfect LED lamp with their new Zeus 600w Pro 2.9, a linear multi-light bar fixture producing very high levels [...]

  • 1,175.00€ 1,057.50€

Lumatek VF LED

Alchimia presents the VF90W and VF120W LED lights by Lumatek, lighting devices that adapt to all growing spaces, improving the plants' dev [...]

  • VF90W without driver (Out of stock) 239.00€ 215.10€
  • VF120W without driver 265.00€ 238.50€
  • VF90W with driver VF650 W (Out of stock) 464.00€ 417.60€
  • VF120W with driver VF650 W (Out of stock) 490.00€ 441.00€

Led The Jungle Hydra 600W

Alchimia presents LED Hydra 600w, the new LED lighting system by The Jungle company that manufactures its products in Spain under the Grow The Jungle [...]

  • 599.00€ 509.15€

LED XT - Farming Monkey

Alchimia presents Farming Monkey XT series, which includes two models: 600w and 800w. These LEDs, which operate with Samsung diodes, are suitable for the complete plants cycle (gro [...]

  • 600w (Out of stock) 230.00€
  • 800W 430.00€

Farming Monkey Slim SMD 35w LED Growth

Farming Monkey Slim LED is a 35w system intended for growth, mother plant maintenance and cuttings rooting. It can also be used for full plant cultivation. This LED is equivalent t [...]

  • (Out of stock) 39.99€

Pure LED Pro V2.0

Alchimia presents Pure LED PRO V2.0, a LED intended for indoor growing suitable for the whole plant [...]

  • 240w 480.00€
  • 520w 830.00€
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