Led Grow Lights

Led Grow Lights

LED grow lights are lamps especially developed for cultivation of plants and made with light emitting diodes.

Because these diodes do not lose any energy producing heat, LED systems have higher energy efficiency than HID lamps, since there is no waste of energy by producing heat. Thus, these diodes are grouped together to increase the overall light output of the lighting system.

Another major advantage of LEDs is that we can find all the lighting spectrum. In the case of marijuana, we are interested in mainly blue for the growth phase and red for the flowering stage, although they often make combinations for the best light spectrum for each phase.

As stated above, LEDs almost do not emit heat, and the little heat produced is emitted upwards - light is being emitted downwards -, allowing us to work with marijuana plants really close to the light, although it is advisable to separate them between 10 and 15 cm to properly mix the different colors that make up the spectrum.

We can also highlight another great advantage of LEDs, which emit light continuously, unlike the hps or halide bulbs that emit intermittent light that, although imperceptible to the human eye, causes some stress to the plants.

Furthermore, LEDs do not reduce light output throughout their life.

Finally note also that by using LEDs the climate control management becomes an easier task because the absence of fluctuations in temperature and humidity, what makes us not forcing the system.

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Phytoled Clorofilla Pro

Phytoled Clorofilla Pro

Phytoled Clorofilla Pro is a professional LED lighting panel, created from the collaboration between three powerful lighting market companies Phytoled, Osram and Cree, the lighting and LED leading market brands. Phytoled Chlorophyll Pro is built in [...]

  • 85W - 1 module 370.00€
  • 165w - 2 modules 599.00€
  • 330w - 4 modules 899.00€
  • 495w - 6 modules 1199.00€
Secret Jardin TLED 26W Growth

Secret Jardin TLED 26W Growth

Alchimia presents here the new 26W TLED by Secret Jardin, designed to root cannabis cuttings and maintain them for the first days of growth. 2050 lumens. These LED lights measure 54 x 4 x 3cm and weigh 360gr, perfectly fitting in the grow tent. You [...]

  • 65.00€
XtraSun LED 70w

XtraSun LED 70w

Alchimia invites you to discover these XtraSun 70w LED bars, now available online in our catalogue of indoor cannabis cultivation equipment. XtraSun offers these 110cm bars, composed of 11 LEDs per bar and available here with a spectrum specially de [...]

  • 250.00€