LUMii Xled 680W

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Alchimia presents LUMii Xled 680W is a high efficiency LED designed exclusively for cannabis cultivation. It is dimmable and offers a spectrum for growing and flowering. Don't miss this opportunity, now available in our catalogue.

LUMii Xled 680W, LED for the whole plant cycle

LUMii Xled 680W is a high-performance luminaire system exclusively designed for horticulture. It presents a dimension of 108cm x 108cm x 10cm, and full spectrum suitable for the whole plant cycle, growth, and flowering.

LUMii Xled 680W, for a space cultivation up to 150cm x 150cm

LUMii Xled 680W is intended for grow tents or cultivation rooms of 120cm x 120cm and 150cm x 150cm. Thanks to its PPF of 1870 umol/s it can easily reach one g/w with a minimum of experience. Complemented with a CO2 kit, it can far exceed this figure.

LUMii Xled 680W, dimmable intensity and data port

LUMii Xled 680W is a luminaire designed for growing, thus it is dimmable from 260w to 680w with 5 positions: 40%, 50%, 60%, 80% and 100%. It is important to adapt the power to the plants stage (by means of the dimmer) and to leave at least 50cm of distance between the tips of the plants and the LED. It can be as close as 15cm when using CO2 or dimming.

LUMii Xled 680W includes a driver, data port with cable (RJ12 1.8m), along with two steel cables with two carabiners each, to hang directly over the crop or to a light hanger (not included).

LUMii Xled 680W it offers a life service of >50000 hours with low maintenance, that is, cleaning the LED when it is cold with a damp cloth and never touch the diodes.

No more excuses for not switching to LEDs luminaire. Now you can enjoy LUMii Xled 680W at an unbeatable price.

LUMii Xled 680W includes:

  • Panel of 6 LED bars, foldable in the middle
  • Dimmable driver with cables
  • RJ12 data cable (1.8m)
  • 2 steel cables with 2 carabiners

LUMii Xled 680W info:

  • Full spectrum
  • Dimensions: 108cm x 108cm x 10cm
  • Weight (driver included): 7.4Kg
  • Maximum power 680w
  • Dimmable: from 260w to 680w
  • PPF: 1870 umol/s
  • Efficiency:2.75 umol/J
  • AC input voltage: 200-264v, 50-60Hz
  • Driver output voltage: 36-56v DE
  • Driver output current: 6.7-15.0 A
  • Life service: >50000 hours
  • IP65
  • Height above ground: 15 to 50cm
  • Ports for external controller

Properties of LUMii Xled 680W

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