Cannabis grow guide

A place for all those posts related to cannabis cultivation. From seed to flower, you will get all the necessary information for a perfect crop. You will also know how to correctly dry, cure and store your buds, to enjoy these blessings of Nature at their full organoleptic potential.

1. Cannabis grow reports

Growing Purple Punch x Dosidos from Philosopher Seeds

Today we present you a grow report of Purple Punch x Do-si-dos from Philosopher Seeds, a strain that has surprised us for both its exceptional resin production and overall quality. Without a doubt, she is one of the most resinous plants we've ever seen, so we're quite sure she'll become a favorite for lovers of resin extracts. A true trichome factory that we're already keeping!

Grow report of Clementine Kush from Colorado Seed

Today we present you a grow report of Colorado Seed's Clementine Kush, a mostly Sativa hybrid with awesome orange and Kush scent and uplifting effect. From seed to harvest, the guys at Colorado Seed show us the performance of this new and amazing cannabis strain.

Eleven Roses by Delicious Seeds

Eleven Roses is one of the latest strains added to Delicious Seeds exhaustive catalogue of feminised cannabis seeds. In this grow report we'll see her performance from seed to harvest, which surprised us with an amazing amount of frosty, top grade buds. Another great strain developed by the guys at Delicious Seeds!
  • Growing marijuana with Metrop nutrients We present you here Metrop nutrients, a complete range of highly concentrated fertilizers for plants that provide excellent results when used with cannabis. We tell you how to use them to get the [...]
  • Grow report of Zombie Kush In this post you have a grow report of Zombie Kush, a cannabis strain developed by the guys at Ripper Seeds that is incredibly easy to grow and provides excellent results, both indoors and outside. [...]
  • Organic grow of Prozack with 280W Phytolite LED panel In this post you'll see the performance of Prozack from Medical Seeds under a LED lighting system and with solid organic nutrients. You'll also see the spectacular BHO that was made from these [...]
  • Grow report – Karibeña from Kannabia Seed Company In this post we present you a grow report of the Karibeña cannabis strain preformed by the breeders from Kannabia Seed Company, where you can see how they grew this variety and the excellent results [...]
  • Grow report of Fruity Jack / Jack el Frutero If you haven't heard of the Jack el Frutero marijuana strain yet, which was the winner of the 2015 Canary Islands Cup, you will find this growing report truly interesting. Find out everything about [...]

2. Cannabis pests and diseases

Biological pest control using natural predators can give great results

Responsible use of pesticides in cannabis cultivation

With the arrival of hot weather during the summer, cannabis plants can start to fall prey to a multitude of insect pests and fungal pathogens. There is a wide range of products available to combat these problems, and in this article we talk about their safe and responsible use, both respecting human health and protecting the environment.

Fungus gnats and cannabis plants

On this article you'll learn about fungus gnats, a very common pest in greenhouses and indoor grow rooms. We tell you how to identify, manage and eradicate a pest of these small flying insects and keep your garden clean and lush.

Alternaria in the cannabis crop

In this post we will explain you about Alternaria, a pathogenic fungi that affects both people as to a large number of plants and agricultural crops. To know what it is, how it propagates itself and what you can do to prevent or control its appearance will be of great help to keep this fungus away from your crops and maintain your plants healthy and strong.
  • Fusarium and cannabis plants Fusarium can quickly ruin an entire crop, being particularly difficult to treat once it has infected the plants. In this post we explain what exactly is Fusarium, how it grows and what can we do to [...]
  • How to combat aphids on marijuana plants On this article we tell you how to identify, treat and eradicate an infestation of aphids on your plants. These sucking insects can quickly ruin your crop if not managed properly, especially if [...]
  • Mealybugs on cannabis plants Mealybugs normally affect plants grown outdoors. They feed by absorbing the sap of the plants, so if they aren’t detected and treated in time they can cause serious problems and compromise the [...]
  • What is Mildew and how to combat it ? In this post we explain everything you need to know about Mildew, from its procreation until how to fight it. Once more, we suggest you to do prevention with ecological products to avoid the [...]
  • Root rot on cannabis plants In this article we tell you about root rot, a disease caused by different root fungi that attacks a large number of plants, causing severe damages in numerous crops. Although it’s almost impossible [...]
  • Introduction to cannabis pests and diseases A brief summary of common pests and diseases that affect cannabis plants. Insects, aphids, molds, viruses...we have lots of potential enemies for our plants, and managing them properly is a key [...]
  • Cannabis viruses Plant viruses may be confused with a number of pests or feeding problems, so proper identification is crucial when dealing with them. In this post we tell you which are the most common types of [...]
  • What is Pythium? In this post we talk about the Pythium fungus and how it affects marijuana plants. We also discuss how to control and eradicate this pathogen which is capable of quickly destroying our favourite [...]
  • How to get rid of Thrips in cannabis plants Thrips are a very common pest in cannabis plants, especially in indoor growing spaces or greenhouses. If you want to know ore about this pest and how to treat your plants to get rid of it, read this [...]
  • How to control Whiteflies on marijuana plants Whiteflies are small flying insects that can ruin any crop if they have favourable reproduction conditions. In this Post we explain a little more about this insect, how to prevent its appearance and [...]
  • What is Botrytis or Gray Mold? What is botrytis or gray mold? Which are the symptoms and how to avoid this fungal attack? Are there any strains especially resistant to botrytis? In this post you'll find all the iformation on this [...]
  • Red Spider Mites Spider mites are one of the worst pests that can attack marijuana plants. It can completely destroy cannabis crops, specially indoors. In this post we explain the environmental conditions that favour [...]
  • Caterpillars on Marijuana Plants In this post we present you one of the most devastating pests for the marijuana plants, the feared caterpillars which destroy the beautiful buds making lose a big part of the harvest to the outdoor [...]
  • Powdery Mildew fungus on marijuana plants Powdery Mildew is a fungus that is increasingly present in marijuana crops. If it isn’t done an appropriate treatment it can be very damaging to our plants because it destroys totally the resin. We [...]

3. Guide for choosing your marijuana strain

Rare cannabis strains

We love all cannabis plants, but some of them stand out for their amazing look. Either for their leaf shape or growth pattern, some strains develop unique traits that really differentiate them from the rest, capturing the interest of growers and breeders around the world. In this post, you'll see some of the most spectacular marijuana varieties you can find!

How to make feminised cannabis seeds

At this point in time, we all know what feminised seeds are, although even today there is some confusion regarding the most common methods to produce them, and how they work exactly. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about feminised seeds and their production for the cannabis market.

Hemp and Marijuana – what’s the difference?

Are hemp and marijuana the same? Where do these plants come from and what are their main differences? In this article, we answer these questions and go deeper into their origins, uses and cultivation methods.
  • 5 Cannabis varieties with discreet aromas Although one characteristic for which Cannabis is valued is because of its powerful aromas, some growers (sometimes out of necessity) prefer to cultivate less intensely-perfumed varieties for greater [...]
  • 7 mould resistant cannabis strains Resistance to moulds is one of the most sough-after traits by many cannabis growers, especially those who depend on their outdoor crops to have a supply for the rest of the year. In this article we [...]
  • 7 cannabis strains with uplifting effect Are you looking for strains to improve your mood? Want to enjoy that energizing feeling of some cannabis genetics? In this post we present you 7 varieties with a common trait: their awesome, [...]
  • 5 Auto strains that you must grow It is the prefect time to start growing autoflowering strains and obtain your reward right before summer...In this article you'll find some of the most interesting auto genetics at this moment so you [...]
  • Cannabis strains with fruity flavour Oftenly, cannabis enthusiasts choose their next strains to grow according to their flavour. In this article we tell you which are some of the best genetics with fruity flavour, so you can enjoy a [...]
  • 7 fast flowering cannabis strains In this article we take a look at some of the fastest cannabis strains on the market. While also taking into account other traits like yield or quality, we've made a list of 7 genetics widely known [...]
  • 7 high yielding cannabis strains A high production of buds is one of the most sought-after traits when growers must decide which strain to grow. In this article we present you 7 excellent varieties with above-average yields, which [...]
  • Cannabis trends in the USA (2017) In this article we present you some of the most sought-after cannabis genetics in American dispensaries. While some of them have sky-rocketed in popularity in Europe over the past years, others still [...]
  • High yielding cannabis strains Which are the most productive cannabis varieties? If we are looking fr yields, should we use feminised or regular seeds? What about automatic strains? Is the Big Bud the highest yielding variety? [...]
  • Basic nomenclature of cannabis genetics It is not rare to see novice growers wondering what IBL, BX or S1 mean. While they may seem useless, these acronyms give plenty of information when we know their meaning. In this post we tell you [...]
  • Characteristics of Sativa marijuana strains Cannabis Sativa strains are known for their long flowering periods, tall size and very special effect, happy, creative, cerebral and especially psychedelic. In this post we tell you about Sativa [...]
  • Indica marijuana characteristics The main features of Indica marijuana strains are their short size, fast flowering and narcotic effect (medicinal in some cases). Indicas are easier to grow than Sativas, they are shorter and have [...]
  • Marijuana seeds for Indoor growing When starting an indoor cannabis crop, many growers ask themselves: what type of seeds should I grow? In this post we tell you the main advantages and disadvantages of different marijuana genetics [...]

4. Harvesting and Processing

Introduction to cannabis tasting

In this article we will introduce you in the exciting world of marijuana tasting, both organoleptic as psychoactive. From the moment we open the container with the sample until the last exhalation during the tasting, a torrent of sensations perceived by the five senses invade our body. What we will try here is to classify and to note down these sensations evaluating them according to the taste of each one. What better way to pay tribute to the buds of that we have been taking care for months?

How to store marijuana buds

In previous posts we told you when to properly harvest your plants and dry them. Now we'll learn the basics of storing our buds, so we can enjoy first quality marijuana throughout the year. Storing is a key aspect of cannabis cultivation, the time when almost all work is done and we only have to keep our top grade buds with their psychoactive and organoleptic features intact.

Marijuana bud trimmers

In 2001, at the Cannabusiness fair held in Castrop-Rauxel (Germany), the Kermith trimmer machine could be found at one of the stands. Since then, marijuana trimming machines have gradually specialised. Here we present some of the most popular trimmers. Happy harvest!
  • Drying and curing marijuana buds In this post we tell you all the needed steps to properly dry and cure your cannabis buds. It is crucial not to forget this important process, which can ruin your harvest if not done [...]
  • When to harvest marijuana plants according to trichome ripeness Here you have a translation of an article from TGA Subcool about the harvest of cannabis plants. Both the effect and taste of marijuana are directly related to its harvesting time. How to know which [...]
  • When to harvest marijuana plants? In this post we will see the 3 main points to consider to harvest our marijuana plants at the optimum time. Seedbank recommendations, pistils colour and trichomes size and colour will help us to [...]

5. History of marijuana strains

Zamal, a legendary cannabis strain from Reunion

Zamal is one of the many names used to refer to cannabis or marijuana in some places. In this article, we explore this 100% pure Sativa strain from Reunion, a volcanic island situated on the south-east of the African continent, east of Madagascar.

Cannabis in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of the cradles of cannabis, and represents the oldest living culture in terms of hashish production. The relationship between this land and the plant is more than evident, it is a traditional product, elaborated and used within Afghan society. In this article we tell you more about this territory and its people's close relationship with the cannabis plant.

Origins of cannabis cultivation

Where and when did cannabis originate? Where did humans started growing it? In this article we take a journey through a brief, but interesting trip through the history of the relation between mankind and the marijuana plant, a relation that dates back thousands of years and that has been of great benefit for all the different societies which have somehow used it.
  • Critical Mass by Mr. Nice, a legendary cannabis strain Since its development before 2000, Mr. Nice Seedbank Critical Mass has become one of the most popular, grown and awarded genetics in Europe, especially in Spain. In this article we take a look at the [...]
  • The origins of Haze Almost everyone knows the Haze marijuana. This sativa cannabis variety has earned its reputation thanks to its psychedelic effect and characteristic very spicy taste much appreciated by the Dutch [...]
  • The Origins of Diesel The Diesel genetics represented a very important contribution to the cannabis world. The spectacular organoleptic traits of most of its specimens, as well as its strong cerebral effect, make Diesel [...]
  • The origins of Skunk The Skunk is, probably, the most renowned marijuana genetics worldwide. In this post we tell you the origins of this legendary strain, a true wonder for the cannabis [...]
  • The origins of Northern Lights Northern Lights is one of those legendary strains of which everyone has heard about at some time. Coming from Afghani genetics, it became one of the most used strains to create new varieties. Today, [...]
  • The origins of Blueberry The Blueberry has become one of the most popular cannabis strains around the world. Developed during the 70's in the USA by DJ Short, hundreds of hybrids have been developed from it over the decades, [...]
  • Dutch Passion’s Think Different auto Dutch Passion presents here its new autoflowering strain Think Different, an excellent choice for anyone willing to try automatic genetics. European grower "Tang" tells us his feelings about it, [...]
  • All about Orange Bud from Dutch Passion In this post, Alchimia and Dutch Passion discuss about the Orange Bud variety, a true classic from the 80's that has created its space in many gardens of both beginner and experienced growers. If you [...]
  • Presentation of TGA Subcool’s breeder TGA Subcool is an American seed breeder specialized in strains with strong medicinal potential, which has gained a great reputation amongst growers, conoisseurs and cannabis clubs and dispensaries [...]

6. Indoor marijuana growing

Lentil sprouts are a great source of auxins, and in this photo are a perfect example of Phototropism (credit: Russell Neches)

How to use plant hormones in cannabis cultivation

In this blog post, we take a look at the complex world of plant hormones, talking about the wide range of effects they have, and how they control and regulate almost every aspect of our plants' lives.

How to improve the production of cannabis trichomes

Is it possible to obtain more resin from cannabis plants? And what about cannabinoids and terpenes? Can you also boost their production? In this article we answer all these questions and give you a few simple tricks to achieve higher yields in terms of trichomes quantity and quality.

Flushing cannabis plants

Flushing cannabis plants is essential to achieve the best flavour and aroma, especially in hydroponic systems. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about this technique so you can harvest your buds free from nutrients and other substances.
  • Cannabis roots: A complete guide A successful harvest depends to a great extent on the condition of your plants' roots. In this article you'll see the most commonly found problems with regard to the root system, and what to do to [...]
  • The Photoperiod of cannabis plants grown indoors In this post we explain the various photoperiods that we can offer our plants, depending on whether we want them to remain in a vegetative state or if we want them to start flowering. We show you [...]
  • Light Meters in Cannabis Cultivation The use of a light meter allows us to read the exact amount of light received by our indoor plants, very important if we want to get the most out of our crop. In this article we tell you more about [...]
  • Automatic Irrigation for Cannabis In this Alchimia blog post we take an in-depth look at automatic irrigation systems, outlining the advantages of automated watering, detailing how to set up a system, and how to use it. We've even [...]
  • Types of grow lights for indoor cannabis cultivation In this post we talk about the different types of lighting that can be used for growing cannabis indoors. Learn how, depending on the needs of each grower and the conditions, we can employ different [...]
  • Causes of death in plants during the growth period Cannabis plants can die for various reasons, even during vegetative growth. Let's see which are the most common causes and how to avoid our plants having problems during this stage, in cannabis grow [...]
  • How to increase sugars in cannabis plants Increasing the amount of sugars available for the plant is a key aspect to get higher yields and the best possible scent and taste from your flowers. In this article we tell you why are sugars so [...]
  • Humic and fulvic acids for cannabis plants Humic and fulvic acids highly improve the properties of the soil, which is translated into healthier plants and abundant harvests. In this article we tell you what are these humic substances, how to [...]
  • Pruning Cannabis Plants Growers use a wide range of different techniques in order to control the height and size of their plants and improve yields. In this article we tell you several pruning techniques so you can get the [...]
  • EC meters for cannabis cultivation In cannabis growing, electrical conductivity or EC is often reffered as the amount of salts disolved in water, in other words, the amount of nutrients contained in the nutrient solution. By knowing [...]
  • Flowering in Cannabis plants Without a doubt, flowering is one of the crucial stages in cannabis cultivation. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about the bloom period of marijuana plants so you can get the [...]
  • Substrates for growing cannabis Cannabis can be grown with different substrates according to the grower's personal taste. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about the most popular growing media for growing [...]
  • Quick guide to assemble your cannabis grow tent How to install an indoor grow tent for cannabis plants? In this article we explain all the necessary steps to correctly mount all the devices needed in your cannabis grow box. A step-by-step guide to [...]
  • Tips to avoid stretching cannabis plants To control the height of the plants is a crucial aspect in cannabis cultivation, especially indoors, but also outdoors if discretion is needed. In this article we tell you some tips to avoid (or [...]
  • Rooting clones with Green House Feeding Bio Enhancer Powder Feeding Enhancer is a new organic root stimulator that provides explosive growth to the root system, improves nutrient uptake and protects the plants against diverse phytopathogens. In this [...]
  • How to grow cannabis plants in clay pebbles In this article we focus on explaining how to properly use clay pebbles or expanded clay to grow cannabis, a hydroponic growing medium widely used to get large, tasty and powerful [...]
  • How to grow cannabis plants in coco coir What are the main aspects to keep in mind when growing cannabis with coco coir? In this post we tell you more about this interesting growing medium, focusing on watering, flushing and EC and pH of [...]
  • Vapor pressure deficit (VPD) in cannabis cultivation Temperature and relative humidity play an important role in indoor marijuana cultivation since much of the plant's activity depends on these factors. Incorrect values of these two parameters will [...]
  • The effect of cold on cannabis plants In this post we show you which methods you can use to avoid the cold in an indoor cannabis crop. There are various modes to keep a stable temperature during the winter so you can choose the [...]
  • Growing cannabis in Rockwool In this post we focus on explain the functioning of a hydroponic crop with rock-wool, pointing out the different steps to follow to get a successful cannabis crop using this substrate. We will [...]
  • How to set up a magnetic ballast In this article we'll show you how to install, step by step, a 250W ETI magnetic ballast. We will see how to make all the necessary connections to have it working without [...]
  • Ballasts for growing cannabis plants Ballasts or power supply units are needed to use HPS or HM bulbs on indoor marijuana crops. In this post we explain the different types of ballasts that can be found on the market, as well as their [...]

7. Marijuana dictionary

Anatomy of the Cannabis plant

To know more about the different parts of the cannabis plant will facilitate cultivation and help us achieve better results. In this post we explain the anatomy of the plant and the main characteristics and functions of each of its parts.

8. Marijuana growing systems

Use highly visible string to avoid tangling yourself!

LST – Low Stress Training for cannabis plants

In this helpful and practical article we'll look at some simple, non-destructive ways to manage plant height and at the same time optimise light penetration and maximise the homegrown harvests from your cannabis garden, both indoors and in the great outdoors.

Aquaponic Cannabis Cultivation

Aquaponics combines fish farming with the cultivation of plants. It has a long history and can be used to grow a large variety of plants including marijuana. Both warm and cold water fish can be used. This article explains the basic concepts of aquaponics and how to set up a system that will maximise yield and quality.

The SOG cannabis growing method

The Sea of Green - SOG - marijuana growing technique highly optimizes the available growing space while allowing us to perform more crops per year than with other systems. In this post we'll tell you a bit about this high-yielding growing method, following all the necessary steps to achieve excellent results.
  • The SCROG cannabis growing system The SCROG technique allows us to maximize the yield of our growroom with very few plants by using a single mesh or screen to train their branches. This growing system is specially recommended when [...]
  • How to grow marijuana plants in mapito In this article we show you how to grow marijuana plants in a different substrate like MapIito... But, what is Mapito? It is nothing more than a mixture of rock wool and PU flakes (Polyethylene) [...]
  • How to install a hydroponic growing system for marijuana plants In this post, we explain step-by-step how to assemble a hydroponic growing system. We itemise you all the necessary materials and products to successfully complete the assembly of an automatic [...]
  • How to water cannabis plants in hydroponic systems ? In this post we'll show you the main differences between the diverse hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems, as well as how to adjust the irrigation of these growing systems according to the needs [...]

9. Nutrient deficiencies and excesses in Cannabis

Spraying with a 2 litre pressure sprayer

Foliar spraying and cannabis

At some point almost all cannabis cultivators will need to apply a foliar spray of one kind or another to their plants. They could be in need of a fungicide or an insecticide; or maybe want to fertilise, to correct a nutrient deficiency or just give plants a boost. Whatever the reason, we think it's worth doing the job properly, and in this post we’ll outline some basic measures to take every time to make sure we get the best possible results and avoid damaging our plants.

Deficiencies and excesses in Cannabis

This post shows the main deficiencies and excesses of macro and micro-nutrients that can affect our cannabis plants during their cultivation. If you detect deficiencies or excesses in your cannabis plants, you can now learn how to prevent them and treat them in following crops.

Deficiency and excess of Iron in cannabis plants

In this post we explain you about the deficiency and excess of iron in cannabis plants. The best way to control these problems is to know how to avoid them from the beginning. It’s not very common in indoor marijuana crops unless you use an unsuitable substrate or don't have a correct pH value.

10. Outdoor cannabis growing

Cannabis and allelopathy

How do plants interact with each other? Can you achieve better yields growing other plant species simultaneously? Allelopathy is a phenomenon by which a living organism has a direct impact on other organisms in its environment. In this article, we’ll tell you more about this, and explain how growing other types of plants can help you to obtain healthier and more productive cannabis.

Common errors in the cultivation of automatic plants

Growing automatic cannabis plants can be simple if a number of factors are taken into account. In this article, we'll show you some common errors in the cultivation of this type of varieties and propose some solutions to help you get the maximum performance from your plants.

Growing cannabis in harsh climate conditions

Cannabis plants can be grown almost any place, but sometimes certain climate conditions can destroy the efforts of the grower in no time. For this reason, a correct choice of the genetics used is crucial when growing in humid, cold climates, also if you live in dry and hot areas. In this article we tell you some of the best strains for growing in harsh climate conditions, and also a few tips that'll surely help you to improve the quality of the buds.
  • Guerrilla growing cannabis Cannabis guerrilla growing is the only option for many users to grow their own pot. In this article we tell you how to successfully harvest your guerrilla-grown plants with minimal risk by just [...]
  • Growing automatic cannabis plants outdoors in Smartpots In this article we will show you the diaries of two automatic cannabis strains from Royal Queen Seeds and Samsara Seeds, to test the utility of the Smart Pots. To do this, we will carry out an [...]
  • Soil Food Web Gardening Sadly, many times growers don't know what is happening below the ground. Bacteria, fungi, nematodes, protozoa, arthropods, earthworms...all of them are creating a perfect environment for the roots of [...]
  • Growing marijuana in plant pots How to grow marijuana in soil? What kind of soil and fertiliser should we use? What is the micro bacterial life? Which plant pots should we use and how to transplant from one pot to another? Next [...]
  • Off-season marijuana crops outdoors Many areas offer the chance to perform several outdoor crops per year. We don't need to be in Tropical zones and have an almost constant natural photoperiod to do so. By using autoflowering seeds or [...]
  • Growing marijuana on terraces This post shows you, step by step, how to grow marijuana on your terrace or balcony. This way, you can get the best marijuana in the world...yours! We would also like to remind you that organic crops [...]
  • When and how to move marijuana plants outdoors In this post we show you the best way to move your marijuana plants outdoors avoiding the onset of flowering. Many growers, for one reason or another, grow their plants indoors and bring them to [...]
  • Growing marijuana in the ground In-ground marijuana crops give us the opportunity to offer our marijuana plants full freedom for their development. In this post we show you all the necessary steps to optimise the performance and [...]
  • How to hide your marijuana crop In this post we show you a simple technique to hide marijuana plants camouflaging them in trees from gardens, lawns or your private land. In this way we prevent the nosy and curious from spotting our [...]
  • Growing marijuana basing on latitude Growth and flowering of cannabis depends directly on the hours of light to which the marijuana plant is exposed, so it is very important to be aware of the geographical area in the world where each [...]