Cannabis grow guide

A place for all those posts related to cannabis cultivation. From seed to flower, you will get all the necessary information for a perfect crop. You will also know how to correctly dry, cure and store your buds, to enjoy these blessings of Nature at their full organoleptic potential.

1 Nutrient deficiencies and excesses in Cannabis

The Carbon Footprint of Fertilisers

Crop fertilisation is beginning to be seen as a double-edged sword: while necessary to produce crops that can feed us all, it is also a considerable source of pollution for the environment, so it seems essential to reconsider the techniques and products we use.

Silicon in cannabis cultivation

Silicon is a curious element: although it is not essential for the development of plants, its presence in plant nutrition boosts a series of interesting aspects, very important for any grower to take into account as they have great advantages. In today's article, we explain everything you need to know to start benefiting from its properties.

Fertilising Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

Autoflowering seeds have quickly become a very popular option among growers, especially for those who want fast and discreet harvests or who don't enjoy the benefits of a suitable climate for outdoor cultivation. However, their small size means that nutrient requirements differ slightly from photoperiod plants. Here we explain the best way to feed autoflowering cannabis plants.

How to interpret cannabis strain descriptions

Sometimes, and particularly when you start growing cannabis, the strains descriptions can be confusing, especially due to the vast amount of information they offer, and because we don't know exactly what some of the parameters mean. Today, we explain how to decipher these descriptions so that you'll have no doubts when choosing your next genetics.

Foliar spraying and cannabis

At some point almost all cannabis cultivators will need to apply a foliar spray of one kind or another to their plants. They could be in need of a fungicide or an insecticide; or maybe want to fertilise, to correct a nutrient deficiency or just give plants a boost. Whatever the reason, we think it's worth doing the job properly, and in this post we’ll outline some basic measures to take every time to make sure we get the best possible results and avoid damaging our plants.

Deficiencies and excesses in Cannabis

This post shows the main deficiencies and excesses of macro and micro-nutrients that can affect our cannabis plants during their cultivation. If you detect deficiencies or excesses in your cannabis plants, you can now learn how to prevent them and treat them in following crops.

Deficiency and excess of Iron in cannabis plants

In this post we explain you about the deficiency and excess of iron in cannabis plants. The best way to control these problems is to know how to avoid them from the beginning. It’s not very common in indoor marijuana crops unless you use an unsuitable substrate or don't have a correct pH value.

Deficiency and excess of Phosphorus in Cannabis plants

In this post we are going to show you how excesses and deficiencies of phosphorus affect cannabis plants. You will see how to act in case of overfertilization or in case of lack of this important element, vital for the correct development of the plants in whatever phase of life they are in.

Deficiency and excess of Potassium in cannabis plants

In this post we are going to show you how you can detect a deficiency or excess of potassium in cannabis plants to have a problem-free crop and always harvest the best possible quality. Discover everything you need to know about this important nutritional element for your plants.

Deficiency and excess of Calcium in cannabis plants

In this post we show you how to identify calcium deficiency in cannabis cultivation. This deficiency is difficult to detect and we will have to pay attention to the development of the plants so that if there is a lack of this element it can be treated, avoiding a loss of quality and quantity of the buds, whether it is the growth period or of flowering.

Micronutrients and Marijuana plants

In this post we explain you the different micro-elements that the plant needs, as well as their role, so you can identify and correct the possible deficiencies and excesses that marijuana plants can have during their growing and flowering.

Deficiencies and excesses of nitrogen

In this post we invite you to discover how nitrogen acts in the metabolism of the cannabis plant, discovering in a simple way what to do when symptoms of deficiencies or excesses of this important macronutrient appear, essential for the healthy and vigorous development of your plants.

2 Cannabis pests and diseases

Erwinia, what is it and how does it affect plants?

Erwinia, a genus of bacteria, reveals itself with destructive force in the plant kingdom. Its presence triggers a series of devastating effects on crops, from initial wilting and necrosis in leaves and shoots to the formation of soft areas that transform plant tissue. Today we tell you everything about this threat to your plants.

What is Septoria or Septoriasis in cultivation?

Septoria is a common fungal disease in many regions of the world, and its presence can be a significant concern to farmers and food producers. Prevention and control of this disease may involve a combination of agronomic practices, such as crop rotation, selection of resistant varieties, and the use of fungicides. Today we tell you everything you need to know about it, how to identify it, and how to treat it.

Plant Quarantine: Isolation is prevention!

Today, and mainly caused by the increase in clone and plant trading, plant isolation is essential in order to keep your garden free from pests and diseases. Today we tell you how to schedule a quarantine program for your new plants, also for any infected plant that might need special care.

Properties of Neem oil

The products derived from the neem tree, especially the oil obtained from the seeds, acts as an effective insecticide and fungicide agent for numerous crops, and also, of course, for cannabis plants. In this article, we tell you everything about neem oil, from how to get it to how to use it, as well as its composition and the main pests against which can be effective.

Responsible use of pesticides in cannabis cultivation

With the arrival of hot weather during the summer, cannabis plants can start to fall prey to a multitude of insect pests and fungal pathogens. There is a wide range of products available to combat these problems, and in this article we talk about their safe and responsible use, both respecting human health and protecting the environment.

Fungus gnats and cannabis plants

On this article you'll learn about fungus gnats, a very common pest in greenhouses and indoor grow rooms. We tell you how to identify, manage and eradicate a pest of these small flying insects and keep your garden clean and lush.

Alternaria in the cannabis crop

In this post we will explain you about Alternaria, a pathogenic fungi that affects both people as to a large number of plants and agricultural crops. To know what it is, how it propagates itself and what you can do to prevent or control its appearance will be of great help to keep this fungus away from your crops and maintain your plants healthy and strong.

Fusarium and cannabis plants

Fusarium can quickly ruin an entire crop, being particularly difficult to treat once it has infected the plants. In this post we explain what exactly is Fusarium, how it grows and what can we do to prevent its appearance.

How to combat aphids on marijuana plants

On this article we tell you how to identify, treat and eradicate an infestation of aphids on your plants. These sucking insects can quickly ruin your crop if not managed properly, especially if propagation conditions are optimal.

Mealybugs on cannabis plants

Mealybugs normally affect plants grown outdoors. They feed by absorbing the sap of the plants, so if they aren’t detected and treated in time they can cause serious problems and compromise the growth of our crops. In this article we tell you how to identify and treat a pest of these insects.

What is Mildew and how to combat it ?

In this post we explain everything you need to know about Mildew, from its procreation until how to fight it. Once more, we suggest you to do prevention with ecological products to avoid the appearance of pests and diseases in your plants, only using chemicals as a last and desperate option. Also, remember that a proper hygiene in the crop will save us from a multitude of headaches related with pests.

Root rot on cannabis plants

In this article we tell you about root rot, a disease caused by different root fungi that attacks a large number of plants, causing severe damages in numerous crops. Although it’s almost impossible to treat, we can prevent its appearance by following a few simple steps, which of course we share with you!

Introduction to cannabis pests and diseases

A brief summary of common pests and diseases that affect cannabis plants. Insects, aphids, molds, viruses...we have lots of potential enemies for our plants, and managing them properly is a key factor for a successful crop. Learn everything you need to prevent and eradicate these annoying guests.

Cannabis viruses

Plant viruses may be confused with a number of pests or feeding problems, so proper identification is crucial when dealing with them. In this post we tell you which are the most common types of viruses found in cannabis plants, and how to prevent them.

What is Pythium?

In this post we talk about the Pythium fungus and how it affects marijuana plants. We also discuss how to control and eradicate this pathogen which is capable of quickly destroying our favourite plants. We hope this is helpful.

How to get rid of Thrips in cannabis plants

Thrips are one of the pests that most visit cannabis crops, especially indoor crops. We will see how to identify its appearance, the remedies, its prevention and eradication through biological and chemical treatments.

How to control Whiteflies on marijuana plants

Whiteflies are small flying insects that can ruin any crop if they have favourable reproduction conditions. In this Post we explain a little more about this insect, how to prevent its appearance and how to eradicate it if it attacks our beloved plants.

What is Botrytis or Gray Mold?

What is botrytis or gray mold? Which are the symptoms and how to avoid this fungal attack? Are there any strains especially resistant to botrytis? In this post you'll find all the iformation on this fungus, a common pest in cannabis plants.

Red Spider Mites

Spider mites are one of the worst pests that can attack marijuana plants. It can completely destroy cannabis crops, specially indoors. In this post we explain the environmental conditions that favour the plague of red spider mites. We also explain how to eradicate it from our crops in case that our plants have already been attacked, using either biological or chemical methods.

Caterpillars on Marijuana Plants

In this post we introduce you to one of the most devastating pests for cannabis plants, the dreaded caterpillars, which destroy the beautiful buds, causing many outdoor growers to lose a large part of the harvest. We will show you how to identify and combat these voracious lepidopterists so that you can harvest healthy, shiny plants, free of bites and fungi.

3 Marijuana growing systems

Smart farming, technology and agriculture go hand in hand

Smart farming represents a revolution in modern agriculture by offering a wide range of innovative technologies and tools that can transform the way food is grown. From optimizing resources to improving productivity and sustainability, smart farming offers numerous benefits for farmers, communities and the environment at large. In this article we will see all these advantages in more detail.

What is Main Lining and how to apply it?

Growers use all kinds of pruning and guiding techniques to improve the final performance of their plants, as the options are various and, on many occasions, really useful. Today we are going to explain to you what Main Lining or Manifold is, an effective method that combines pruning with guiding the branches with a single objective: to increase the production of buds in each area of the plant.

Should you play music to your cannabis plants?

Can music really help your cannabis plants grow bigger and better as some growers attest? Do plants react differently to different types of music? How is an organism without ears able to appreciate music of any kind? Why might this phenomenon occur? In today's post, we try and answer these questions and more.

Cannabis cultivation and supercropping

Supercropping is a high-stress, high-yield technique aimed at both controlling the structure and shape of plants and increasing their final flower yield. In this post, we'll tell you all about it, how to do it and what benefits it will bring to your crops.

Cannabis growing systems

Choosing the right cultivation system for your needs can be a real challenge, especially when you are new to the world of home cultivation. Today we want to make things easier for you with a summary of the most commonly used cannabis growing techniques, and their main characteristics, so your choice is much easier to make.

LST - Low Stress Training for cannabis plants

In this helpful and practical article we'll look at some simple, non-destructive ways to manage plant height and at the same time optimise light penetration and maximise the homegrown harvests from your cannabis garden, both indoors and in the great outdoors.

Aquaponic Cannabis Cultivation

Aquaponics combines fish farming with the cultivation of plants. It has a long history and can be used to grow a large variety of plants including marijuana. Both warm and cold water fish can be used. This article explains the basic concepts of aquaponics and how to set up a system that will maximise yield and quality.

The SOG cannabis growing method

The Sea of Green - SOG - marijuana growing technique highly optimizes the available growing space while allowing us to perform more crops per year than with other systems. In this post we'll tell you a bit about this high-yielding growing method, following all the necessary steps to achieve excellent results.

The SCROG cannabis growing system

The SCROG technique allows you to maximize the yield of your growroom with very few plants by using a single mesh or screen to train their branches. This growing system is specially recommended when growing vigorous strains, which can grow too much indoors and need some type of training to be grown under optimal conditions.

How to grow marijuana plants in mapito

In this article we show you how to grow marijuana plants in a different substrate like MapIito... But, what is Mapito? It is nothing more than a mixture of rock wool and PU flakes (Polyethylene) which makes the substrate more absorbent and at the same time more oxygenated. Interesting, isn’t it? The system is the same than that used with rock wool, but with its advantages and disadvantages... You want to know more? Read this article!

How to water cannabis plants in hydroponic systems ?

In this post we'll show you the main differences between the diverse hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems, as well as how to adjust the irrigation of these growing systems according to the needs of each grower.

4 Outdoor cannabis growing

Cannabis growing methods in the tropics

Although cannabis has a reputation for coming from exotic areas and for being a relatively easy plant to grow, growing it in tropical environments can be difficult if you don't start with a good foundation: discover in this article everything you need to know to achieve a successful crop!

Outdoor cannabis harvest

In today's article we are going to talk about harvesting cannabis outdoors and what you can do to ensure it is successful, from what to do in the weeks before harvest to how you should dry your flowers to avoid unpleasant surprises. A brief harvest guide that will surely help you enjoy the best quality flowers all year round.

Prepare your outdoor cannabis plants for flowering

At this time, outdoor plants are beginning their flowering or about to do so, so it is worth making a brief review of those aspects of the crop that we can change or improve in order to obtain a successful and problem-free flowering. Today we will show you what you can do to prepare your plants for this important stage and achieve a first-rate harvest.

Growing outdoors for beginners: 10 tricks to start off on the right foot

Starting an outdoor cannabis grow can be intimidating for someone with no experience with this plant. Today we have set out to make it much easier for you and guide you throughout your grow with a few simple tricks that will help you avoid mistakes and ensure a successful grow, which after all is what every grower wants!

Bud-washing: Why and how to do it

In today's article, we are going to look at a simple but somewhat controversial harvesting technique that, if carried out properly, can greatly improve the quality of your outdoor cannabis crop. We're talking about bud-washing, a great way to clean away the dirt and debris from your sungrown flowers.

How to protect guerilla cannabis plants from wild animals

Due to the nature of their cultivation away from human activity, guerilla cannabis plants are often at risk of being eaten or destroyed by wild animals before the grower gets a chance to harvest them. In this article, we look at a variety of methods to deter these voracious beasts and protect all your hard work and help ensure a successful crop.

What is Dry Farming?

The explosion of cannabis grows in recent decades in the United States, and more specifically in the so-called ‘Emerald Triangle’, has caused many to worry about the ecological footprint that this causes. In Humboldt, a county in northern California, some cannabis growers have found a solution to minimise the impact of cannabis cultivation on the environment: 'dry farming'.

Outdoor cannabis harvest: tips and tricks

Harvesting your outdoor plants can be a difficult time if pests or environmental harsh conditions are involved. In this article you'll find some tricks to successfully harvest your outdoor crop, limiting all the negative factors that could work against you when it comes to obtaining maximum quality flowers.

Cannabis and allelopathy

How do plants interact with each other? Can you achieve better yields growing other plant species simultaneously? Allelopathy is a phenomenon by which a living organism has a direct impact on other organisms in its environment. In this article, we’ll tell you more about this, and explain how growing other types of plants can help you to obtain healthier and more productive cannabis.

Common errors in the cultivation of automatic plants

Growing automatic cannabis plants can be simple if a number of factors are taken into account. In this article, we'll show you some common errors in the cultivation of this type of varieties and propose some solutions to help you get the maximum performance from your plants.

Growing cannabis in harsh climate conditions

Cannabis plants can be grown almost any place, but sometimes certain climate conditions can destroy the efforts of the grower in no time. For this reason, a correct choice of the genetics used is crucial when growing in humid, cold climates, also if you live in dry and hot areas. In this article we tell you some of the best strains for growing in harsh climate conditions, and also a few tips that'll surely help you to improve the quality of the buds.

Guerrilla growing cannabis

Cannabis guerrilla growing is the only option for many users to grow their own pot. In this article we tell you how to successfully harvest your guerrilla-grown plants with minimal risk by just following a few simple steps.

Growing automatic cannabis plants outdoors in Smartpots

In this article we will show you the diaries of two automatic cannabis strains from Royal Queen Seeds and Samsara Seeds, to test the utility of the Smart Pots. To do this, we will carry out an outdoor crop sowing two seeds, one of each variety, in a smart pot of 18 L. To compare them we will sow other two seeds, using a traditional rigid white lower pot and a Smart Pot of 11 l. Next you will find the entire development process and lots of photos of the all growing phases of plants grown indoors.

Soil Food Web Gardening

Sadly, many times growers don't know what is happening below the ground. Bacteria, fungi, nematodes, protozoa, arthropods, earthworms...all of them are creating a perfect environment for the roots of our plants, and taking profit from it is a wise decision by the farmer. In this post we tell you more about Soil Food Web gardening, a technique which is increasingly used worldwide.

Growing marijuana in plant pots

How to grow marijuana in soil? What kind of soil and fertiliser should we use? What is the micro bacterial life? Which plant pots should we use and how to transplant from one pot to another? Next you’ll find all the answers to these questions and a lot more tips to improve and optimize your soil crops...

Off-season marijuana crops outdoors

Many areas offer the chance to perform several outdoor crops per year. We don't need to be in Tropical zones and have an almost constant natural photoperiod to do so. By using autoflowering seeds or cuttings and a small outdoor greenhouse we can be sure that we'll have enough buds for our annual consumption.

Growing marijuana on terraces

This post shows you, step by step, how to grow marijuana on your terrace or balcony. This way, you can get the best marijuana in the world...yours! We would also like to remind you that organic crops are more environmentally friendly and Mother Nature will reward you with her magical sunbeams!

When and how to move marijuana plants outdoors

In this post we show you the best way to move your marijuana plants outdoors avoiding the onset of flowering. Many growers, for one reason or another, grow their plants indoors and bring them to flower outdoors when temperatures allow them to do so, in the summer. By following these tips you can grow top quality marijuana plants.

Growing marijuana in the ground

In-ground marijuana crops give us the opportunity to offer our marijuana plants full freedom for their development. In this post we show you all the necessary steps to optimise the performance and health of plants grown outdoors in the ground.

How to hide your marijuana crop

In this post we show you a simple technique to hide marijuana plants camouflaging them in trees from gardens, lawns or your private land. In this way we prevent the nosy and curious from spotting our plants, and thus avoiding potential thieves of our valuable medicinal plants, so we can later enjoy their many qualities.

5 Indoor marijuana growing

Emerson effect, red light and cannabis

Improving yield and increasing plant development is usually the goal of every grower, something that is not always easy to achieve. Today we will talk to you about the Emerson effect, a phenomenon by which photosynthetic activity is increased and thanks to which you can achieve it in a much easier way than you think.

Cannabis crops gone wrong

Growing cannabis is relatively simple, although ignorance or carelessness can make it a challenge of biblical proportions, as you will see in this article. Today we invite you to a walk through the gallery of cultivation horrors, which may even remind you of some mistake you made in the past.

Indoor cultivation and waste, a problem to face

Growing cannabis indoors is an activity that does not exempt from generating a series of residues and waste materials that must be treated appropriately. Today we will tell you some tricks that you can use to avoid generating so much waste without losing performance in your installation, as well as where you can get rid of much of the material that you no longer need.

Frozen water or ice when watering cannabis

Today we are going to talk to you about a somewhat controversial technique that has gained popularity in recent years, the use of ice water or ice during the last days of cultivation. According to some testimonies, this method would improve the production of trichomes during this period, while others deny its effectiveness. We invite you to explore this technique in greater depth and see what benefits and risks its use may entail.

How to maximize indoor cannabis yields

We present a small guide to improve production in your crops, turning a normal plant into a super plant with high production, improving aspects of the growing environment as well as its nutrition for a great harvest!

How to save on power consumption in your marijuana grow room

Nowadays, anything that saves on the electricity bill is welcomed with open arms, since we are paying more than ever for it. Well, today we want to share with you several tricks that you can use in your indoor cultivation to see how the dreaded electricity bill decreases while the results in your indoor cultivation even improve.

UVC light and disinfection in marijuana cultivation

Ultraviolet type C (UV-C) light can be a valuable tool in agriculture, offering an innovative solution for disinfecting crops and improving plant health. In this article we invite you to discover the fascinating world of UV-C light, exploring its benefits, practical applications and the key measures for its safe implementation.

RDWC growing systems

The recirculating deep water culture system or RWDC is an evolution of the classic DWC, where plant roots rest in a bucket filled with highly oxygenated nutrient solution. Today we will talk to you about this method, we will explain its main characteristics and advantages and we will see how, thanks to this cultivation system, many professionals obtain the best results in their facilities.

UV light and cannabis

The use of ultraviolet light in cannabis cultivation is increasingly common, especially in large commercial facilities. Today we tell you what uses UV light can be used for, what differentiates the different types of ultraviolet light and what precautions should be taken when using it. You will see that it can be much more useful than it seems!

Lollipopping: What it is and how to apply this technique

Lollipopping or Lollipop pruning, as it is also known, is a resource that many growers use to concentrate the energy of plants in those areas where they are most interested in developing flowers. Today we will tell you everything about this pruning technique so that you get the best possible performance from your crop and achieve a uniform harvest of flowers of the best quality.

Learn to grow cannabis in 10 minutes

Do you want to grow cannabis and you don't know where to start from? In this article, we explain in a simple way everything you need to successfully harvest your plants, whether growing indoors or outdoors. A quick course in cannabis cultivation to make life much easier for beginners!

Uses for your activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filters coupled to air extractors are excellent tools to eliminate the intense odor of cannabis plants, although there are several other uses that you can give them. Today we present some of them that, as you will see, will make your life easier and less...fragrant.

Nutrients and additives for mother plants

Keeping cannabis mother plants may seem difficult for beginning growers, but nothing could be further from the truth. In this article we explain everything you need to know about the nutrition of the mother plants, an important aspect to achieve a correct development of the plants in the following months.

Cannabis in space: An increasingly closer reality?

Who has not ever heard someone say "I would be able to grow cannabis on the Moon"? Well, today we can say that, although at an experimental level and always with hemp, the cultivation of cannabis in space is already a reality. In this article we tell you all the details... and much more!

How to increase the THC level of cannabis plants

Getting the maximum performance from plants is the main objective of every grower, whether we are talking about flower production or cannabinoids and terpenes. Especially in recent years, with the rise in the therapeutic use of THC, getting genetics with a high content of this cannabinoid has become the goal of many breeders, while getting the most out of them is the goal of many growers. Today we are going to tell you some tricks to get the THC content of your flowers even higher, of course within the limits set by the genetics themselves.

LED or HID? Important points to consider

LED equipment has evolved a lot over the last few years, offering excellent new features in addition to their well-known virtues, such as low heat generation and greater energy efficiency. Today we tell you what you should take into account when choosing your next lighting system, especially if you can't decide between traditional HID lamps or LEDs.

Cannaboom: quality nutrients, astounding results

The Spanish fertiliser brand Cannaboom has made a name for itself in many gardens thanks to the great results achieved with its nutrients and additives, formulated with top-quality materials and specially designed to achieve larger and heavier buds. Today we present some of their products and explain in detail what each of them is used for.

Nutrients for growing cannabis plants in soil

In this post we will give you important information about the use of fertilisers for cannabis plants, distinguishing between mineral and organic fertilisers and their main features in order for you to decide which type of nutrients to use throughout the growing cycle.

6 Marijuana dictionary

What is auto-flowering cannabis?

Automatic seeds are characterized by flowering independently of light and dark cycles. Due to their characteristics, they are ideal for quick harvests and for growing in pots on the balcony or small growing spaces. If you want to know more about autoflowering cannabis, you can't miss this article!

Methods of consuming cannabis

In this post, we explain the various ways to consume cannabis, either orally (inhaled, ingested and sublingual) or topically (through the skin). For maximum enjoyment it is very important to correctly follow the steps of germination, cultivation, harvesting, drying and manicuring because, once everything has been done correctly, we are ready to consume it in the way we think is most appropriate.

Viviparity or premature germination of cannabis seeds

Have you ever heard of viviparity? This phenomenon, seemingly uncommon in plants, is actually more widespread than it appears, depending on the environment in which they are found. In this article, we will tell you all about viviparity, the plants that have adapted to this particular form of reproduction, and how it can affect cannabis.

The mutations of cannabis

Like any other living organism, cannabis can suffer genetic mutations. While this may seem somewhat undesirable, the truth is that these random alterations are vital for the survival of the species. They can lead to the development of new features and can improve the adaptability of the plants to changing environments. Nonetheless, many of the mutations found by cannabis growers can also be pretty strange. So why do these happen?

Anatomy of the Cannabis plant

To know more about the different parts of the cannabis plant will facilitate cultivation and help us achieve better results. In this post we explain the anatomy of the plant and the main characteristics and functions of each of its parts.

How to distinguish marijuana males from females

Cannabis plants can be male, female or hermaphrodite. Female plants are the producers of buds, which is the part of the plant richest in THC. It is especially important to detect the male plants in your crop, since if the female plants are not pollinated they produce much more THC, terpenes and overall yield. In this post we'll teach you how to distinguish between male and female plants.

7 Guide for choosing your marijuana strain

Distinguishing the quality of cannabis: An art and a science

Today we want to help you improve your abilities to evaluate the quality of a cannabis flower. From features such as visual appearance or texture to flavor or potency, in this article we break down what you should take into account when choosing buds of the best possible quality.

Origins of the Gelato cannabis strain

In today's article we will further explore the history, characteristics and benefits of Gelato, as well as its growing popularity in the cannabis community. Discover the origins of this popular variety, why it has earned a privileged place in the world of marijuana consumption and how you can enjoy it.

Amnesia Haze, a strain that changed the cannabis scene

Amnesia Haze is a cannabis strain that has earned iconic status in the cannabis community. Known for its distinctive intense flavor and powerful psychoactive effects, Amnesia Haze has captured the imagination of cannabis lovers around the world. Today we will explore the history, characteristics, and effects of Amnesia Haze, as well as its place in cannabis culture. Find out why this strain has left its mark on the marijuana scene and why many still consider it a real gem to this day.

New Philosopher Seeds strains (2023)

Philosopher Seeds introduces 8 new strains for this season, a collection of top-tier hybrids developed from some of today's most sought-after clones. Today we present you these new spectacular strains, all of them already available as limited editions on our website. Don't miss them!

Top 10 highest-THC cannabis strains of 2022

The principal cannabinoid in cannabis, THC, is largely responsible for the effects produced by cannabis and is therefore an important criterion for many growers when choosing a strain. In this post, we will focus on the most potent cannabis varieties of 2022.

The strangest cannabis strains from our seed banks

Did you know that some cannabis genetics don't look like conventional cannabis plants? These strains take advantage of leaf or flower mutations that cause them to grow in a different shape than standard plants. As a result, if you grow cannabis outdoors, a strain like this can make things a little less suspicious at first glance. Here are some examples of these "strange" genetics that you can find in our seed banks.

Smoke report: Candyland by Grand Daddy Purple Seeds

Candyland is one of the most prestigious cannabis strains from Grand Daddy Purple Seeds, the multi-award winning American seed bank run by Ken Estes. Today we present you a smoke report of this great variety, which, as you will see, offers much more than just an amazing flavor!

New American strains for Autumn 2021

Today we have prepared a new instalment of our articles with the latest news regarding the new American varieties that have entered the Alchimiaweb catalogue. And this time we've got some really cool stuff to show you from breeders like MZ Jill, Cult Classic Seeds and Dungeon's Vault Genetics, so don't miss out!

ACE Seeds' Sativa varieties

Sometimes, and for reasons related to the photoperiods in certain areas, many cannabis plants tend to flower before reaching an optimal size, which results in harvests smaller than expected. Today we want to recommend some of Ace Seeds' strains that grow particularly well in these regions.

How to interpret cannabis strain descriptions

Sometimes, and particularly when you start growing cannabis, the strains descriptions can be confusing, especially due to the vast amount of information they offer, and because we don't know exactly what some of the parameters mean. Today, we explain how to decipher these descriptions so that you'll have no doubts when choosing your next genetics.

Smoke Report: Punch Out by Purple City Genetics

Today we'd love for you to share a tasting of one of the most surprising plants that we've tried lately: Punch Out from Californian friends Purple City Genetics. With an intense and complex flavour, this variety has captivated us from the first moment, so we wanted to share with you a simple tasting report so that you can get to know it better.

Low-THC Cannabis Varieties

The rise of medical cannabis, and more specifically CBD, has sparked a growing interest in low-THC, high-CBD cannabis strains from both professional growers and the general public. In this article, we will delve into this subject and show you some of the market's best genetics with these characteristics.

Runtz, born under a lucky star

Since its official launching at the end of 2017, Runtz genetics hasn't stopped receiving awards and praise due to its quality and, why not say it?, a great marketing campaign. Today we are going to see in detail this unique plant, and show you some of the options available in case you want to try it. You won't regret it!

Medicinal Cannabis strains

Choosing a medicinal cannabis variety is not always an easy task, especially if you are looking for a specific chemotype or cannabinoid ratio. Sometimes what is required is a plant that has considerable amounts of several cannabinoids in order to achieve a specific effect. With this article, we want to make things easier for you by listing some of the best therapeutic strains, ordered by their ratio of the main cannabinoids, THC and CBD.

Alchimia's Desert Island Strains: our personal favourite genetics

Choosing a cannabis variety has never been so stressful due to the sheer quantity of genetics available in the Alchimia grow shop catalogue. Even so, each of us usually has that special strain that we always like to have in our garden and that we regularly cultivate. We asked the Alchimia team of growers for their favourite variety, that bud that they always have in reserve and that seed that is always ready to germinate. Here is our selection of Desert Island Strains.

Smoke Report: Pure Kush Cookies by Mamiko Seeds

Today we present a smoke report for one of the best strains we've tasted in recent years, Pure Kush Cookies from Mamiko Seeds. It's a cross between LA Pure Kush and the famous Forum Cut of Girl Scout Cookies, and the result is an extraordinary mixture of delicious aromas in the form of rock-hard buds completely coated in resin. It's one of those strains that has you coming back for more once you've tried it! "

Choosing cannabis seeds for five-star water hash

In this blog article, we talk about the importance of choosing the correct genetics for full melt bubble hash production and offer a list of our own top choices of high-quality seed varieties for solventless resin extractions such as iceolator.

Selecting cannabis mother plants

Choosing a good mother plant is not easy, especially if you have very specific goals in mind. To make it simpler, this article covers the main factors that are usually considered when selecting a mother plant; which, as you will see, can vary a great deal depending on the type of grower.

Rare cannabis strains

We love all cannabis plants, but some of them stand out for their amazing look. Either for their leaf shape or growth pattern, some strains develop unique traits that really differentiate them from the rest, capturing the interest of growers and breeders around the world. In this post, you'll see some of the most spectacular marijuana varieties you can find!

8 History of marijuana strains

History of the Cheese strain

The Cheese strain and the Exodus collective have become synonymous with cannabis culture in England. But to get such recognition, they also had to face great legal challenges and strong repression from the authorities. Thanks to the Exodus collective, Milo, and Cheese's unique characteristics, it continues to be one of the most beloved strains among Cheese enthusiasts today.

History of the White Widow

Many seed banks use the name White Widow for commercial purposes, but few people really know its history. Well, today we are going to investigate it and tell you everything that is known about the history of the White Widow marijuana variety and its origin. White Widow is undoubtedly one of the most famous marijuana strains in the world. Every weed smoker has ever tried it or heard of it...A legend still alive!

Malawi Cob - traditional fermented cannabis

Fermenting cannabis in cobs is an ancient African technique to curing flowers. After the crop was cut and briefly dried, the still-moist buds were tightly packed in banana leaves, tied with string and buried under manure to slowly cure for months. This ancient process is associated with the famous Malawi Gold strain, due to the abundance of farmers in that area who used the technique to preserve their cannabis crops.

Chemdog: the story of a legend

Chemdog is probably the cannabis strain that has most influenced the seed market in recent decades. Born almost by chance, this variety has not only become a reference in its own right but has also been used as a parental for the creation of countless strains that have now become true classics. Here we'll tell you all about Chemdog and its origins.

Cannabis in Nepal

Nepal is one of the oldest hashish producers in the world, and also one of the most famous and mystical, thanks in part to its legendary Temple Balls, delicious charas spheres that have captivated everyone who has tried them. Today we'll tell you more about this impressive country and its cannabis culture.

Origins of Jungle Boys

If you like American genetics, you've probably heard of the Jungle Boys. Discover the origins of this group, from its humble beginnings with the first harvests and dispensaries to the high-profile position that the Jungle Boys hold in the industry today.

The history of Purple Punch (Alpha Cut)

In this blog post we're going to dive right into the elite "Alpha Cut" clone of Purple Punch. We'll take you on a tour from its beginnings to the present day, focusing on the characteristics of this wonderful cultivar. A selection highly appreciated by lovers of genuine terpenes, by breeders and by fans of resin extractions.

The Origins of GG4 - RIP Joesy Whales

Upon the sad news of Joesy Whales' death recently, we've decided to pay homage to the man and his greatest creation, GG4 in this article where we examine the origins of this modern megalith of the cannabis world.

Zamal, a legendary cannabis strain from Reunion

Zamal is one of the many names used to refer to cannabis or marijuana in some places. In this article, we explore this 100% pure Sativa strain from Reunion, a volcanic island situated on the south-east of the African continent, east of Madagascar.

Critical Mass by Mr. Nice, a legendary cannabis strain

Since its development before 2000, Mr. Nice Seedbank Critical Mass has become one of the most popular, grown and awarded genetics in Europe, especially in Spain. In this article we take a look at the origins of this strain and review some of the best Critical Mass hybrids found in the market today.

The origins of Haze

Almost everyone knows the Haze marijuana. This sativa cannabis variety has earned its reputation thanks to its psychedelic effect and characteristic very spicy taste much appreciated by the Dutch smokers. This article will explain about the origins of this glorious plant, later used in the creation of the world's best-known varieties.

The Origins of Diesel

The Diesel genetics represented a very important contribution to the cannabis world. The spectacular organoleptic traits of most of its specimens, as well as its strong cerebral effect, make Diesel varieties a real treasure for many growers and breeders, who are constantly amazed by the quality of this strain. In this post we tell you the origins of this genetics, how and where it came in and which were the first hybrids developed from it.

The origins of Skunk

The Skunk is, probably, the most renowned marijuana genetics worldwide. In this post we tell you the origins of this legendary strain, a true wonder for the cannabis connoisseur.

The origins of Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one of those legendary strains of which everyone has heard about at some time. Coming from Afghani genetics, it became one of the most used strains to create new varieties. Today, hundreds of different hybrids have been developed from the Nrothern Lights, what demonstrates its unique breeding features. In this post we tell you a bit about the origins of Northern Lights, one of the most popular Indicas worldwide.

The origins of Blueberry

The Blueberry has become one of the most popular cannabis strains around the world. Developed during the 70's in the USA by DJ Short, hundreds of hybrids have been developed from it over the decades, what demonstrates the quality and breeding value of this excellent marijuana genetics. In this post we tell you more on the origins of this worlwide renowned cannabis strain.

Dutch Passion's Think Different auto

Dutch Passion presents here its new autoflowering strain Think Different, an excellent choice for anyone willing to try automatic genetics. European grower "Tang" tells us his feelings about it, explaining growing tips and some of the main features of this strain.

All about Orange Bud from Dutch Passion

In this post, Alchimia and Dutch Passion discuss about the Orange Bud variety, a true classic from the 80's that has created its space in many gardens of both beginner and experienced growers. If you want to know more about this splendid marijuana strain, read this interesting interview with the Dutch breeders.

Presentation of TGA Subcool's breeder

TGA Subcool is an American seed breeder specialized in strains with strong medicinal potential, which has gained a great reputation amongst growers, conoisseurs and cannabis clubs and dispensaries worldwide. In this article we introduce you their main breeder, as well as some of their most renowned strains.

9 Cannabis grow reports

Tips for growing autoflowering cannabis plants

Growing automatic strains is very popular among many growers taking their first steps in the cannabis world. Learn about the needs of autoflowering plants to get the most out of them and achieve the best quality and production, so you can enjoy an easy and problem-free process.

Grow report of Key Lime Pie x Do-Si-Dos by Philosopher Seeds

Here is a grow report on one of the best varieties that we've recently tested: Key Lime Pie x Do-Si-Dos by Philosopher Seeds. In this stress test, we subjected the plants to adverse growing and feeding conditions with a result which, it must be noted, was jaw-dropping. We share all the information in this article.

Growing Purple Punch x Dosidos from Philosopher Seeds

Today we present you a grow report of Purple Punch x Do-si-dos from Philosopher Seeds, a strain that has surprised us for both its exceptional resin production and overall quality. Without a doubt, she is one of the most resinous plants we've ever seen, so we're quite sure she'll become a favorite for lovers of resin extracts. A true trichome factory that we're already keeping!

Grow report of Clementine Kush from Colorado Seed

Today we present you a grow report of Colorado Seed's Clementine Kush, a mostly Sativa hybrid with awesome orange and Kush scent and uplifting effect. From seed to harvest, the guys at Colorado Seed show us the performance of this new and amazing cannabis strain.

Eleven Roses by Delicious Seeds

Eleven Roses is one of the latest strains added to Delicious Seeds exhaustive catalogue of feminised cannabis seeds. In this grow report we'll see her performance from seed to harvest, which surprised us with an amazing amount of frosty, top grade buds. Another great strain developed by the guys at Delicious Seeds!

Growing marijuana with Metrop nutrients

We present you here Metrop nutrients, a complete range of highly concentrated fertilizers for plants that provide excellent results when used with cannabis. We tell you how to use them to get the amazing results that you'll see in this article.

Grow report of Zombie Kush

In this post you have a grow report of Zombie Kush, a cannabis strain developed by the guys at Ripper Seeds that is incredibly easy to grow and provides excellent results, both indoors and outside. Doubtless, a variety worth trying!

Grow report - Karibeña from Kannabia Seed Company

In this post we present you a grow report of the Karibeña cannabis strain preformed by the breeders from Kannabia Seed Company, where you can see how they grew this variety and the excellent results obtained.

Grow report of Fruity Jack / Jack el Frutero

If you haven't heard of the Jack el Frutero marijuana strain yet, which was the winner of the 2015 Canary Islands Cup, you will find this growing report truly interesting. Find out everything about its overall features, and get to know the techniques that best suit this magnificent medical marijuana strain.

10 Harvesting and Processing

Freezing cannabis: why and how to do it?

Freezing cannabis is something very normal for those who make resin extractions such as BHO or hashish, but not so much as a system for storing flowers for a long period of time. In this post we explain how to do it in an easy and simple way, so that you can enjoy buds with all their qualities intact and throughout the year.

Curing cannabis

Planning what happens after harvesting a cannabis crop is as important as the grow itself. And most experienced growers know that curing is where the "magic really happens". However, this process remains possibly the most overlooked aspect of cannabis production. Drying and curing your buds properly is an art in itself, but there are some simple strategies that can be applied to increase your chances of success.

How to make use of the leftovers from your cannabis harvest

You grow weed for its buds, but... do you throw out everything else? In this article we tell you everything you can do with its leaves, stems and roots so that you don't waste anything that this wonderful plant has to offer. From a tadty tea with multiple therapeutic properties to making your own paper and helping to save the planet. Don't miss this guide to making the most out of your harvest and stop throwing away a world of possibilities.

Guide to cannabis trimming machines

If you've got more than one or two small plants to trim at a time, then it might be worth considering a trimming machine to make light work of what is frequently a very tiresome task. In this article, we take a look at all the various options available to speed up the harvesting process and turn your trimming sessions into a joy rather than a burden.

Introduction to cannabis tasting

In this article we will introduce you in the exciting world of marijuana tasting, both organoleptic as psychoactive. From the moment we open the container with the sample until the last exhalation during the tasting, a torrent of sensations perceived by the five senses invade our body. What we will try here is to classify and to note down these sensations evaluating them according to the taste of each one. What better way to pay tribute to the buds of that we have been taking care for months?

How to store marijuana buds

In previous posts we told you when to properly harvest your plants and dry them. Now we'll learn the basics of storing our buds, so we can enjoy first quality marijuana throughout the year. Storing is a key aspect of cannabis cultivation, the time when almost all work is done and we only have to keep our top grade buds with their psychoactive and organoleptic features intact.

Marijuana bud trimmers

In 2001, at the Cannabusiness fair held in Castrop-Rauxel (Germany), the Kermith trimmer machine could be found at one of the stands. Since then, marijuana trimming machines have gradually specialised. Here we present some of the most popular trimmers. Happy harvest!

Drying and curing marijuana buds

Today we are going to explain all the necessary steps to correctly carry out the marijuana drying processes and its subsequent curing. If you have been careful when growing, you must be careful during and after harvest, otherwise you risk seeing the quality of your flowers seriously compromised, which would be a shame!

When to harvest marijuana plants according to trichome ripeness

Here you have a translation of an article from TGA Subcool about the harvest of cannabis plants. Both the effect and taste of marijuana are directly related to its harvesting time. How to know which is the perfect time for harvest? What are trichomes and how to harvest plants depending on their colour? How to maximize your crops according to the desired effect? Here you have the answers to all these questions, with examples and personal experiences...Subcool

When to harvest marijuana plants?

In today's article we will see the different ways that exist to determine the optimal harvest point of the plants, observing the pros and cons of each one and guiding you in this important moment of cultivation. From the advice from the seed bank to the color of the pistils or trichomes, today we explain everything you need to know to harvest your plants at the best time.

11 Organic Cannabis farming

Applications of hydrogen peroxide in crops

Hydrogen peroxide, so common in all medicine cabinets around the world, has a series of interesting applications in the field of agriculture. Today we will tell you how you can use it to improve the results in your crop.

Cover Crops, Green Manure & Mulch for cannabis

Sustainable organic cultivation makes great use of cover crops, green manure and mulching - techniques aimed at improving soil structure, increasing fertility and boosting microbial life. In this post, we will examine the advantages of using these methods, which plants to use as cover crops and how to manage them.

How to make organic Supersoil

Sowing season is upon us, and with it, we must finalise the preparations for the next indoor season. Today we will explain what Supersoil is and how to prepare some so that you can cultivate an entire crop irrigating exclusively with plain water thanks to a substrate that's as alive as it is fertile.

Compost Tea in the Cannabis Garden

Compost tea is an essential component in organic gardening, a homemade plant supplement and soil improver that inoculates the substrate with beneficial microbes. In this post, we talk about its popularity among naturally-minded cannabis growers and tell you how to make your own actively aerated compost tea!

Fermented compost: Cannabis and Bokashi

Bokashi or Bocashi is a high quality and 100% organic fertilizer which is easy to make at home, and the result of a fermentation process. Originally from Japan, this technique allows the grower to obtain an ecological fertilizer in record time, only 2-3 weeks. In this article we tell you everything you need to know to make it yourself.

How to make Seed Sprout Tea (SST) for cannabis plants

In this Alchimia blog post, we tell you all about the benefits of Seed Sprout Tea (SST), and show you how to make your own cheap and easy plant growth booster for your cannabis plants, rich in vitamins, minerals, phytohormones and enzymes and with only natural ingredients.

Growing marijuana with homemade compost

In this post, we show you different ways to use your organic waste to make top quality fertiliser in an easy and practical way. It is a widely used method by outdoor growers and its followers are increasing day by day in indoor crops by using bio fertilisers. So go for it and start composting!

12 Feed charts

How to use Grotek feeding charts

The Grotek brand of fertilizers and additives has a long history in the cannabis cultivation sector. This Canadian company offers a complete range of top quality products formulated to get the most out of your plants, and today we present the growing tables for each of its nutrient lines: Solo-Tek, Precision, Green Line and Impact.

Hesi feeding charts

Today we present and explain the range of fertilizers and additives for cannabis cultivation from the Dutch brand Hesi, as well as its cultivation tables dedicated to three different media: soil, hydroponics and coconut fiber. Discover all the secrets of Hesi and its products with us!

Advanced Nutrients feed charts

Today we explain how to use all the feeding charts from Advanced Nutrients, one of the most reputable fertilizer brands among growers. Whether you grow in soil or coconut, with mineral or 100% organic fertilizers, here you will find the corresponding table with all the information you need so that nothing goes wrong with your next crop.

How to use Metrop nutrient charts

Today we present the Metrop product range of nutrients and additives and explain how to easy it is to use their growing charts, essential reading if you want to get the most out of your plants.

How to use Canna nutrient charts

Today we are going to talk about the range of products offered by the prestigious Dutch fertiliser brand Canna, during which we will take a look at their complete cultivation tables, adapted for various types, substrates and cultivation techniques.

Athena nutrient schedules and how to use their fertilisers

Born in California, the Athena brand of fertilisers and supplements enjoys a solid reputation among some of the world's most demanding commercial growers, such as Jungle Boys. Today we present their range of nutrients and boosters and review their nutrition schedules, a practical tool to learn how to use these professional-quality fertilisers.

How to use Biobizz nutrient schedules

Biobizz World Wide Organics is one of the most renowned and widely used brands of fertilizers and substrates for cannabis plants in the world because it is 100% organic and due to the brand’s extensive experience in the sector, and the quality of its products, which are used by both experts and beginners alike. Here we are going to offer a brief rundown of all their products and some notes on their nutrient schedules, so that you can learn to interpret them correctly and get the best possible results from them.

Plagron feeding charts

Today we bring you the feeding charts for the whole range of Plagron nutrients, a company that needs no introduction. From 100% organic crops to hydroponic systems, here you will find the recommended doses of Plagron fertilizers for the most popular cannabis growing media.

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