Presentation of TGA Subcool’s breeder

TGA Subcool, probably one of the best seedbanks in the world.

The Chernobyl strain from TGA Subcool

The Chernobyl strain from TGA Subcool

TGA is a small work group led by the talented breeder Subcool and his lovely wife MzJill. They are very famous in the world of medical marijuana, and have become very popular among cannabis growers as they always look for original tastes and a powerful effects. This is because all TGA Subcool strains are selected under the same criteria: potency, flavour, resin production and therapeutic potential!

TGA Subcool marijuana plants are also very easy to grow, robust and early flowering. Both beginners and experienced growers, whether using cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, will be delighted with these seedbank’s strains!

Family tree of Subcool's strains

Family tree of Subcool’s strains

As you can see in the family tree, the main strain of TGA Subcool’s catalogue is Space Queen, which is a very fruity hybrid of two famous marijuana strains: C99 (Sativa) and Romulan (Indica). TGA offers two different selections of this strain: Space Bomb and Space Jill. The former is a higher yielding strain, while the latter produces more resin.

Subcool uses an excellent male named “Space Dude” to breed these F2 versions of Space Queen, which is also used in some of his new cannabis strains: Jillybean, Jack The Ripper, Dairy Queen, The Flav, Querckle, Vortex, Pandora’s Box, Plushberry…

TGA Subcool’s cannabis strains

When breeding their strains, TGA Subcool also use some “elite” clones that are very popular worldwide, thus making possible for everyone to grow these extraordinary genetics:

The Qleaner strain from TGA Subcool

The Qleaner strain from TGA Subcool

  • Jacks Cleaner, which produces lots of trichomes and lemony taste: Jack the Ripper, Jacks Cleaner 2, Kaboom, Qleaner …
  • Orange Velvet Skunk, high yielding and with strong citrus smell (oranges): Jillybean, Agent Orange …
  • Purple Urkle, a potent purple Indica, very resinous, with berry and grapes flavour: Querkle, Deep Purple …
  • Apollo 13, a renowned Sativa with a strong and stimulating high: Vortex, The Void, Third Dimension, Apollo 13 BX…
  • Trainwreck x Trinity, another resinous Sativa strain with many good qualities: QRazy Train, Chernobyl …
  • Black Cherry Soda, which produces gorgeous pink buds with a delicious berry flavour: Plushberry, Ace of Spades…
  • UK Cheese, the famous English clone with its very strong and distinctive flavour: Dairy Queen, Cheese Quake…
Jack The Ripper from TGA Subcool

Jack The Ripper from TGA Subcool

Jack The Ripper is probably the most well-known strain from TGA Subcool. This ultra resinous and early flowering Haze hybrid, with lemony taste, has also very high levels of THCV (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabivarin), which is a more active and potent form of THC!

Close-up view of the resin produced by the Querkle strain

Close-up view of the resin produced by the Querkle strain

TGA Subcool is currently working on new strains based on Green Queen (Green Queen x JTR and Green Queen x Querckle) and Pre-98 Bubba Kush (Bubba Kush X JTR and Bubba Kush BX) as well as the new strain TrainWreck, a cross between the TrainWreck x Trinity female and a Vortex male.

TGA's marijuana after being dried and cured

TGA’s marijuana after being dried and cured

Like all TGA strains, they are only available in the form of regular seeds, which is perfect for selecting a mother plant from which you can get all the cuttings that you need to do the same pleasant process over and over again.

For this reason we advise to try the original strains by this breeder. You will be amazed for the extraordinary quality and incredible potential of your marijuana!

The only drawback you’ll find if you choose to grow TGA Subcool’s strains is that after trying them you might find other banks’ seeds bland and boring!

Hashish made ​​with TGA Subcool's plants

Hashish made ​​with TGA Subcool’s plants


October 30, 2014 | History of marijuana strains

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  1. Drew Bogart

    Great data ,well , and beneficial to me keep up the good work.

    1. Dani Alchimia

      Hi Drew,

      Glad you liked the post! 😉

  2. Mustafa

    Does anyone know of an English language book on the history of Cannabis genetics? I am looking for a book on how the cross breeding began and spread from California to the Netherlands etc.

    1. Tim Alchimia

      Hi Mustafa, thanks for you question.

      Easily the best-regarded and most widely available book on this subject would be “Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany” by Robert Connell Clarke & Mark D Merlin. It’s an in-depth look at the origins and uses of cannabis and it’s relationship with mankind. You’ll be able to find it online at all the usual places 😉

      I hope that’s some help, all the best and happy reading!

  3. TheAmericanOne

    Hey what up Subcool Great to see the Phoenix continues to rise!✌️????

  4. Derek Distefano

    I grow exclusively Subcool strains. Never dissatisfied. Great phenos and great germ rates and female ratios.

  5. "Hard Ole Dogg"

    Envious sums it up. Still growing under cover and quietly for fear. Been active since the early 70’s raised four normal kids, with normal lives, always living the secret as well. Thanks SubCool Ive had two discs in my neck fused, three in my lower back, three major heart failures, both knees replaced, so PAIN and I are very old room mates. But friggin finally OPIATE FREE. Thanks to Jack the Ripper. Its been my desire for many, many years to grow in peace, eat in peace, smoke in peace maybe before I die Ill see the freedom. Some of the country is still in a battle. Pray for the day I can treat my self out in the open without always concerned if this stank is too strong. …lol

    Sorry to hear about the fire hang in there brother you could be in my state and still lose your home for growing.

    Thanks for all the work, love you’ve given the world ….

  6. David “Dezzer” Moss

    Would love to see a post about the limited edition Strawberry diesel X Spacedude I’ve been growing it religiously since the Xmas drop love the strain but never hear anything about it surely I’m not the only one who picked it up at Xmas?! Love the strains Sub and dig the articles Tim!
    Mad respect and peace!
    Dezzer the Oklahoma guru!
    Finally legal!!

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