Cannabis Vaporisers

Cannabis Vaporisers

Vaporisers are devices, usually electronic but also manual, that heat plant material, cannabis or other herbs, without provoking combustion. Because they don't reach the point of burning, they allow us to volatilise the cannabinoids in our cannabis (THC, CBD, CBN, CBG ...) and inhale them in the form of vapour.

By not producing smoke, all the potentially harmful elements derived from combustion are avoided, which makes it possible to have a fully medicinal use, as well as recreational use of cannabis.

Nowadays there are various types of vaporisers, there are desktop and portable models, with both types offering professional vaporisers alongside those more suitable to begin discovering the world of vaping.

The effect from cannabis consumed in vaporisers is a little different from that of traditional consumption via combustion, whether smoking in pipes, bongs or the classic joint. The effect is cleaner and more cerebral when vaporised, without as much physical heaviness, since the compounds found in the smoke are not being inhaled.

Vaporisation is the future of cannabis consumption. With vaporisers you can adjust the temperature of use and thus select the type of cannabinoid you want to consume. As each cannabinoid has its specific evaporation temperature it is possible to graduate it according to need.

How to select the vaporiser that best suits your needs:

Choosing from the wide range of cannabis vaporisersthat can be found in the market can be a bit complicated if you don't know much about the world of vaping.

For experienced medicinal and recreational users, the best tabletop vaporisers are those made of borosilicate glass which produce large clouds of vapour and have adjustable temperature control, such as the well-known Verdamper or Herborizer. As for portable vaporisers, good options for medicinal as well as recreational use are; Mighty, Crafty, Arizer Argo, Arizer Air, Arizer Solo 2, Pax 2, Pax 3, Firefly, DaVinci Micro or the DaVinci IQ vaporiser, among others.

If you're a new recreational consumer, any and all vaporisers are suitable, even for medicinal use, so for your first experiences in vaping, the devices with more economical prices are going to be of most interest: Herba X, Air Vape X, Atmos Aegis, Boundless Tera, Boundless CFX, Boundless Hybrid, Atmos Vid Code 5G, Vital, X Max Starry, among many others that you'll find in this category.

For fans of extractions, we also have vaporisers for cannabis resin concentrates, e-liquid vaporisers and bubblers which fit to vaporisers and offer a smoother, cooler vapour.

Evaporation temperatures of the main cannabinoids:

THC: THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the principal psychoactive element of cannabis and has a volatilisation point of 157ºC or 315ºF.

CBD: CBD or Cannabidiol is the legal cannabinoid in cannabis, not only in Spain but in many other countries, which is sought out by many consumers for its anti-inflammatory effects and stress reduction among many other uses. Its volatilisation temperature is 180ºC or 356ºF.

CBG: CBG or Cannabigerol is a cannabinoid that has a very low volatilisation point of 56ºC or 126ºF and which serves to stimulate the growth of bone and brain cells.

CBN: CBN or Cannabinol is slightly psychoactive and is the most sought after cannabinoid by those medicinal users who find it difficult to sleep. Its volatilisation temperature is 185ºC or 365ºF.

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