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VERDAMPER Reizer Vaporizer

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The Verdamper Reizer Vaporizer, is of Dutch design and manufactured since 1995. This soon became a reference, being one of the most popular machines in CoffeeShops for vapor lovers. This is because of the great vapor quality achieved, and the incredible taste that it produces from our herbs.

It works just like the rest of vaporizers; an electric resistance heats the air to 180º in just 3 minutes. This air heats the dry herbs in the Verdamper bowl as we inhale, without combustion of any kind, producing the vapor as we inhale. Notice that vapor passes through water before reaching our lungs, getting cooler and cleaner. In addition, the steam hydrates, reducing the possibility of sore throat.

Vaporizing is one of the least damaging ways of smoking marijuana, in addition to significantly reducing the monthly cost of weed. As Verdamper can extract up to 90% of cannabinoids - while smoking only extracts 35% - we take more of the active igredients from our buds for a much longer time. We can use a charge for several sessions if needed, satisfying up to 4 smokers at the same time with a single bowl load.

The taste of vaporized marijuana is much more aromatic and intense, and the effect is much more clear and clean, different from the effect produced by smoking cannabis. Besides, we notice a big increase in power. Vaporize the same marijuana that you usually smoke and it will seem three times more powerful!

For cleaning we recommended using pharmacy alcohol or a biodegradable degreaser - KH7 type -, and soft plastic brushes.

Verdamper Reizer Vaporizer features:

  • Body 750ml.
  • Verdamper Heater 12V.
  • Filling chamber with filter.
  • Verdamper breathing tube, made of borosilicate glass.
  • Tube that connects body and filling chamber.
  • Adapter / container for 220v heater. European standard plug.
  • Brushes and grease for maintainance of connection parts.
  • Instructions and certificates.

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