Mac Galactic Mushroom Grow Bag

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MycoBags' Mac Galactic hallucinogenic mushroom grow bags bring to the end user a cultivation method and genetics only seen in labs in Denver, Colorado. The result of an isolation cross between Jedi Mind Fuck x Melmac Galactic delivers an indecent amount of mushrooms and psilocybin.

Mac Galactic Mushroom Grow Bags by MycoBags: the self-cultivation revolution

MycoBags brings to Europe a zero contamination method of cultivation where the self-cultivator can buy already colonised bread, and only wait 10-15 days to get the mushrooms. MycoBags is a brand of Full Canopy, an innovation company based in Denver, Colorado.

what are Full Canopy's Mac Galactic hallucinogenic mushrooms like?

Mac Galactic is a descendant of two great varieties of hallucinogenic mushrooms, Jedi Mind Fuck and Melmac Galactic. One of the most interesting features of this hybrid is the homogeneity in the morphology of the mushrooms, creating specimens of similar sizes between them and facilitating cultivation. Also noteworthy is the same homogeneity in the amount of psilocybin generated by these fruiting bodies, which are similar to each other.

Effects of the hallucinogenic Mac Galactic mushrooms: Potent and introspective

The effects produced by Mac Galactic mushrooms are extremely potent, with a psilocybin level far above the rest. The amount of psilocybin in the mushrooms is around 1.49%, which is extremely high. Intense and introspective effects can be expected, where the consumer will enter into a deep journey of emotions and laughter.

These are the origins of Mac Galactic mushrooms: Straight from Denver

The origin of the Mac Galactic strain comes from DenverSporeCompany, specifically mycologist Eric Bruden was in charge of creating and stabilising it. Full Canopy, in a collaboration with this company, obtained a sample that they were able to transfer to their laboratories. According to Full Canopy, very little in vitro work had to be done to come up with a variety that was different from the first and that they were happy to share.

How Mycobags' Mac Galactic hallucinogenic mushrooms are grown

The Mac Galactic hallucinogenic mushroom growing bags are a new approach to mushroom cultivation with immense benefits. You will only need a stable temperature of 25 degrees to fructify for an unseen yield on the first pull.

Mac Galactic in particular is an ideal genetic for beginners. Its production is extremely high, producing 280 grams of fresh mushrooms in 700 grams of substrate. It is a genetics with a null sporulation, it is difficult to even get the spores when they are fresh, you have to wait once they are dry.

Characteristics of the Mac Galactic growing bags by MycoBags:

  • 2000 ml of substrate
  • Jedi Mind Fuck (JMF) x Melmac
  • Strong but introspective effect
  • Huge yields
  • Fast growing
  • High psilocybin content
  • Stability in the fruiting bodies

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Properties of Mac Galactic Mushroom Grow Bag

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