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Cannabis cultivation and supercropping

Supercropping is a high-stress, high-yield technique aimed at both controlling the structure and shape of plants and increasing their final flower yield. In this post, we'll tell you all about it, how to do it and what benefits it will bring to your crops.

The Maned Wolf and why its urine smells of cannabis

The maned wolf, a large South American canid that looks like a long-legged fox (but is neither fox nor wolf), sprays a distinctive, pungent urine that smells like cannabis. The aromatic resemblance is so close that it could well be mistaken for the smell of cannabis. In fact, police were once called to Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands to look for a weed smoker, only to discover that the person who alerted the officers had been tricked by the smell of maned wolf urine. But what is the reason behind this strange convergence in scent?

The history of Barney's Farm

Whether it's cannabis growers or tourists who have visited Amsterdam, Barney's Farm is a name that goes hand in hand with premium cannabis genetics. Today we tell you the story of this famous Dutch seed bank, also known for its fantastic coffee shop in Amsterdam.

How to make your own cannabis lubricant

More and more women are turning to cannabis as a source of recreation, pain relief or relaxation. Cannabis-infused products have been popping up everywhere in the beauty and wellness sphere, in the form of face masks, creams, serums and even bath salts. And with items like cannabis lubricants, people are finally recognising the benefits of this glorious plant in a sexual context.

Bud Porn: Who's got the biggest?

There is something almost sexy about nature and, thanks to skilled and creative photographers, images of the plant are helping to make the cannabis industry look more modern, stylish, complex and intriguing. This trend of showing weed at its very best is known as 'Bud Porn', beautiful images of different cannabis strains that represent the botany of desire at its best, making the plant irresistible to consumers.

The strangest cannabis strains from our seed banks

Did you know that some cannabis genetics don't look like conventional cannabis plants? These strains take advantage of leaf or flower mutations that cause them to grow in a different shape than standard plants. As a result, if you grow cannabis outdoors, a strain like this can make things a little less suspicious at first glance. Here are some examples of these "strange" genetics that you can find in our seed banks.

Cover Crops, Green Manure & Mulch for cannabis

Sustainable organic cultivation makes great use of cover crops, green manure and mulching - techniques aimed at improving soil structure, increasing fertility and boosting microbial life. In this post, we will examine the advantages of using these methods, which plants to use as cover crops and how to manage them.

20 Vintage photos that prove cannabis was more popular than you thought

Since the invention of photography in the mid-nineteenth century, it is inevitable that cannabis, as a plant that has been accompanying humanity since its dawn, appears in images that show that its use, far from being a problem, was quite a blessing to society. We look at about twenty of those images that take us back in history more than a century and show us that, when talking about cannabis, maybe any time in the past could have been even better.

R-Kiem Seeds tell us all about Banana Dessert

The new strain from R-Kiem Seeds, Banana Dessert, is finally on sale exclusively at Alchimiaweb after having swept the board at the last edition of the Champion's Cup at Spannabis. Today we talk to Angel from R-Kiem to get all the details about this new success from his team.

Be weed, my friend: Bruce Lee and cannabis

Who does not know Bruce Lee, one of the most important actors of his generation and forerunner of the use of martial arts in the seventh art. But Bruce Lee was also a pioneer in the arts of marijuana. In fact, he began using cannabis years before the therapeutic values of this plant were popularized to alleviate the pain associated with injuries caused by filming. Although, also, to calm a personality as explosive as the roles he played.

Thailand is giving away a million cannabis plants for home cultivation

Good news for the global normalization of cannabis home-growing. As of next month, Thailand's Ministry of Public Health will offer one million free cannabis plants to households. The generous gesture from the Minister of Health is to commemorate June 9, when Thais will be able to legally grow cannabis plants in their own homes. In a region known for harsh penalties against illegal drugs, in 2018 Thailand became the first country in Southeast Asia to legalise cannabis for research and medical use.

Viviparity or premature germination of cannabis seeds

Have you ever heard of viviparity? This phenomenon, seemingly uncommon in plants, is actually more widespread than it appears, depending on the environment in which they are found. In this article, we will tell you all about viviparity, the plants that have adapted to this particular form of reproduction, and how it can affect cannabis.

Cannabis in Nepal

Nepal is one of the oldest hashish producers in the world, and also one of the most famous and mystical, thanks in part to its legendary Temple Balls, delicious charas spheres that have captivated everyone who has tried them. Today we'll tell you more about this impressive country and its cannabis culture.

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