4 ways that The Neutralizer can save your ass!

In this post, we will show you how versatile The Neutralizer can be at removing the odours associated with cannabis as we put it to the test in a few different smelly situations. Read on to see how it can bring peace of mind to growers and smokers alike.

July 19, 2019

Introduction to microdosing psilocybin

As we mentioned in our article on psilocybin and its effects, the use of this substance in various therapies is becoming more common, especially in the form of microdoses. Today we offer you a brief but succinct guide on psilocybin microdosing: what it is, how it works, and what are the recommended doses, are only some of the topics we will be discussing below.

July 10, 2019

How to make feminised cannabis seeds

At this point in time, we all know what feminised seeds are, although even today there is some confusion regarding the most common methods to produce them, and how they work exactly. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about feminised seeds and their production for the cannabis market.

June 25, 2019

Cannabis roots: A complete guide

A successful harvest depends to a great extent on the condition of your plants’ roots. In this article you’ll see the most commonly found problems with regard to the root system, and what to do to solve them and get the most out of your plants.

June 13, 2019

After the fire: Interview with Subcool

To celebrate the launch of his new seed bank “The Dank”, we present an exclusive interview with top breeder Subcool, where we talk about the wildfires that devastated his home and business, and how he has risen from the ashes to come back even stronger than before. Sit back, get your bowls, bongs, pipes or vapes prepared and read some words from The Weed Nerd!

June 7, 2019
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Harvest Right freeze dryers for drying hashish

Freeze dryers are being increasingly used to dry large amounts of ice water hash while retaining almost 100% of the terpenes present in the plant material. In this post, we introduce Harvest Right freeze dryers, a range of household freeze-drying machines that allow quick and perfect drying of your favourite resins.

May 17, 2019

Cannabis movies and series (2019)

In this post, the Alchimia team presents a list of different cannabis-themed movies, documentaries, series available to watch on Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime, so you can relax and enjoy weed-themed viewing sessions with our favorite plant in hand.

May 9, 2019
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The Photoperiod of cannabis plants grown indoors

In this post we explain the various photoperiods that we can offer our plants, depending on whether we want them to remain in a vegetative state or if we want them to start flowering. We show you different photoperiods from the classic 18/6h and 12/12h so that you can optimise your indoor garden to suit your needs.

May 2, 2019

Temperatures for Vaporising Cannabis

Vaporizing cannabis is an increasingly common practice among consumers, especially in the case of medicinal users. However, and especially in case of looking for a specific therapeutic effect, it will be necessary to know what compounds we are vaporizing at a certain temperature. In this article we show you the boiling points of the main cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and toxins so that your vaping sessions are as effective as they are tasty.

April 1, 2019
Published at Medical marijuana