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Cartoons that consumed cannabis

We have revisited some of our favourite cartoon series to find out which characters were consuming weed right under our noses. From the veteran Popeye to Brian, the dog from Family Guy, here are some of the most famous fictional stoners in the world of animation.

Chemdog: the story of a legend

Chemdog is probably the cannabis strain that has most influenced the seed market in recent decades. Born almost by chance, this variety has not only become a reference in its own right but has also been used as a parental for the creation of countless strains that have now become true classics. Here we'll tell you all about Chemdog and its origins.

How to make use of the leftovers from your cannabis harvest

You grow weed for its buds, but... do you throw out everything else? In this article we tell you everything you can do with its leaves, stems and roots so that you don't waste anything that this wonderful plant has to offer. From a tadty tea with multiple therapeutic properties to making your own paper and helping to save the planet. Don't miss this guide to making the most out of your harvest and stop throwing away a world of possibilities.

How to make a cannabis infusion

Infusions are a simple and effective way to consume cannabis for recreational or therapeutic use. The active ingredients of this plant are not soluble in water, so it is necessary to use a liquid containing fat, such as whole milk, to extract the cannabinoids more easily. In this article, we present a homemade recipe for making a cannabis infusion with whole milk.

Cannabis for chickens: The latest revolution on the farm?

In the last decade, the uses for medical cannabis have skyrocketed thanks to the legalisation of the plant in many countries. Now it is Thailand's turn, and the country is on the verge of a new use for the cannabis industry and is going viral in the Western media with a new discovery. Could cannabis replace antibiotics in feed for farm animals? What benefits does cannabis bring to poultry feed? We'll tell you all about it in this article.

How to make CBD oil with CBD crystals

Preparing our own CBD oil can be a great solution to treat our ailments anytime, anywhere, by deciding on the desired concentration of CBD and the cannabinoid-bearing plant oil. Today we explain how to do it quickly and easily by using pure CBD crystals.

Silicon in cannabis cultivation

Silicon is a curious element: although it is not essential for the development of plants, its presence in plant nutrition boosts a series of interesting aspects, very important for any grower to take into account as they have great advantages. In today's article, we explain everything you need to know to start benefiting from its properties.

The Hashish-Eaters Club

'Le Club des Hachichins' was a 19th-century French club of hash users dedicated to exploring the depths of the human condition through drug-induced experiences, primarily the resin of the cannabis plant. Its members were a collection of prominent French elites, intellectuals, and literary giants such as Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Charles Baudelaire, Gérard de Nerval, and Honoré de Balzac. Furthermore, Dr. Jacques-Joseph Moreau, founder of the club, was the first psychiatrist to explore the effects of cannabis on the mind with a rather special hashish dessert, dawamesk. The Club decisively influenced future research on medical cannabis, particularly in the field of mental illness.

Snoop Dogg trolls Joe Biden with 'Sleepy Joe OG'

Snoop Dogg, lifelong weed lover and constant consumer of the plant, joked about President Joe Biden over the weekend by linking the bumbling US commander-in-chief to what appeared to be a strain of cannabis called "Sleepy Joe OG", mocking him for his countless gaffes and increasingly questionable mental capacity.

RIP Ann Shulgin, pioneering psychonaut

This weekend we received the sad news that Ann Shulgin had passed away at the age of 91. Famous as co-author (with her late husband Alexander or Sasha) of the two most important books about psychedelic drugs ever published: PiHKAL and TiHKAL, she leaves behind a powerful legacy as a psychedelic ambassador and inspiration to many. In this post we remember and celebrate her life.

What is the Scoville Spiciness Scale?

Have you ever wondered how hot chillies are, or why some peppers taste almost sweet while nibbling on others can set your taste buds on fire? If you like it hot and are passionate about "fiery" flavours, this article explains the Scoville scale, the most common way to measure the degree of hotness of different peppers, which is caused by the presence of a compound called capsaicin.

Nutrients for growing cannabis plants in soil

In this post we will give you important information about the use of fertilisers for cannabis plants, distinguishing between mineral and organic fertilisers and their main features in order for you to decide which type of nutrients to use throughout the growing cycle.

Flushing roots, myth or reality?

Root flushing at the end of cultivation is a common practice among many growers, especially those using hydroponic systems or mineral nutrients. However, in recent years several studies have come to light that would question the effectiveness of this method. Today we delve into this topic and we tell you in detail the conclusions reached by these investigations.

Athena nutrient schedules and how to use their fertilisers

Born in California, the Athena brand of fertilisers and supplements enjoys a solid reputation among some of the world's most demanding commercial growers, such as Jungle Boys. Today we present their range of nutrients and boosters and review their nutrition schedules, a practical tool to learn how to use these professional-quality fertilisers.

Cannabis World Records

Join us on a journey around the world and across thousands of years of history as we bring you the most amazing cannabis records. From the biggest weed brownie to the most potent strain, in this article, we share with you the most bizarre feats that have been achieved with this plant to date. Enjoy the ride!

Two Spanish universities, pioneers in Europe in offering official cannabis studies

The cannabis industry is advancing in leaps and bounds, and proof of this is the wide range of official studies that can be taken today at various universities in countries such as the United States. Today we present the case of two Spanish universities that also offer degrees on our beloved plant, something that we think is wonderful and very necessary in order to normalise the status of cannabis and take advantage of the infinite number of uses offers.

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