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10 benefits of CBD to treat unexpected diseases

It’s important to understand that, in addition to the common pathologies that can be treated with CBD, like pain and anxiety, there’s a host of other conditions that could also benefit from the therapeutic effects of this cannabinoid, such as hair loss, snoring, fungal foot infections, and even stuttering.

Presenting Cult Classics Seeds

Alchimia would like to introduce you to some of the genetics from the US cannabis seed bank Cult Classics Seeds. This seed bank is famous for its range of particularly potent and THC-concentrated genetics, but also with unique organoleptic qualities.

CBD revolution from orange peels

Cannabis CBD extraction isn’t the only way to obtain this increasingly popular cannabinoid. Scientists have developed a sustainable and profitable method to create a molecularly identical CBD out of the natural compounds found in citrus peels, avoiding many of the complexities that prevent the growth of the CBD industry.

Outdoor cannabis harvest: tips and tricks

Harvesting your outdoor plants can be a difficult time if pests or environmental harsh conditions are involved. In this article you'll find some tricks to successfully harvest your outdoor crop, limiting all the negative factors that could work against you when it comes to obtaining maximum quality flowers.

Smoke Report: Punch Out by Purple City Genetics

Today we'd love for you to share a tasting of one of the most surprising plants that we've tried lately: Punch Out from Californian friends Purple City Genetics. With an intense and complex flavour, this variety has captivated us from the first moment, so we wanted to share with you a simple tasting report so that you can get to know it better.

Sustainability & Cannabis cultivation

There are many ways to grow cannabis, some more damaging to the environment than others. Today we are going to delve into this topic and we will tell you what you can do to make your cultivation more sustainable and respectful of nature while still obtaining magnificent harvests, and all while improving the quality of the results at the same time!

Tissue Culture for Cannabis

In vitro plant propagation or micropropagation is a technique that has advanced considerably in recent years. Today we'd like to present a brief introduction to this highly specialised method of cultivation, which, as you will see, opens up many possibilities for cannabis growers.

RIP Frenchy Cannoli, master hashishin

To talk about Frenchy Cannoli is to talk about passion for cannabis and hashish. Sadly, our favourite hashishin left us suddenly on July 18, so today we'd like to pay him a little tribute with this article.

New American strains for Spring 2021

Unsure what to grow for your next crop? Feel like trying some of these new American genetics but not sure which one to choose? In this article, we'll highlight a few of the new US varieties that we've added to our catalogue in spring 2021, of which, as you will see, there have been quite a few!

Indoor cultivation during summer

Summer is undoubtedly the toughest time for most indoor plants in hot climates like southern Europe. Today we want to share a series of tips and tricks to avoid heat stress in our grow space, allowing the plants that must spend the summer indoors, under grow lamps, to continue to develop without setbacks.

High Times, the cannabis reference magazine

The American magazine High Times has been one of most popular cannabis publications in the world for more than 40 years. The loyalty to its editorial line, as well as the quality of the information and good work of its editors and publishers team, have made it into a real classic, with tens of issues and an increasing number of readers. Today we tell you the story of this magazine, and how it became what it's today.

Mila: the life of the hash queen

Today we'd like to introduce you to one of the greatest personalities in the cannabis sector, Mila Jensen, who has had a fundamental influence particularly in the world of resin extractions. At Alchimia we wanted to pay tribute to her fascinating experiences and take a moment to thank her for all her generosity and love for cannabis.

Low-THC Cannabis Varieties

The rise of medical cannabis, and more specifically CBD, has sparked a growing interest in low-THC, high-CBD cannabis strains from both professional growers and the general public. In this article, we will delve into this subject and show you some of the market's best genetics with these characteristics.

Runtz, born under a lucky star

Since its official launching at the end of 2017, Runtz genetics hasn't stopped receiving awards and praise due to its quality and, why not say it?, a great marketing campaign. Today we are going to see in detail this unique plant, and show you some of the options available in case you want to try it. You won't regret it!

Elev8 Seeds, guaranteed authentic US genetics

We're happy to have recently added a new U.S. seed bank to the Alchimia catalogue: Elev8 Seeds, a bank creating exciting new hybrids from the latest generation of elite clones from the American cannabis market with an emphasis on quality over everything else. Find out more about their genetic work in this introductory article.

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