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Amanita muscaria and muscimol

Today we dedicate our article to muscimol, a psychoactive compound present in mushrooms of the Amanita genus such as the popular Amanita muscaria. From curiosities about its use to how it affects the body and what its main effects are, today we tell you everything you need to know about this substance and its psychotropic action.

CBD Cannabis Extracts

CBD extractions have revolutionized the world of medical cannabis, offering a highly concentrated and potent way to harness the therapeutic benefits of this popular compound. These advanced techniques allow CBD to be extracted from the cannabis plant efficiently, creating pure and versatile products that can be used for a variety of applications, from pain relief to stress and anxiety management. Today we tell you everything about the different CBD extraction techniques and the resulting products.

Cannabis Cupcakes

Looking for a creative and delicious way to enjoy cannabis in the kitchen? Cannabis cupcakes are the answer! Today we present you a recipe that combines the sweetness of cupcakes with the effects of cannabis, which you can prepare with just a few ingredients and a little time in the kitchen. Keep reading to find out how to make them and delight your palate with this irresistible cannabis delight!

María Sabina, the mushroom healer

In the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, there lived a woman whose ancestral wisdom and connection with nature made her a legendary figure: María Sabina. Known as the healer of sacred mushrooms, María Sabina challenged the conventions of her time by offering ceremonies of healing and revelation through the ritual consumption of hallucinogenic mushrooms, transcending the borders of her community and attracting the attention of researchers, artists and spiritual seekers of all the world. Today we tell you more details about this famous character from the entheogenic world.

Lit Farms, the best combination of American genetics

Today we introduce you to one of the most recent additions to Alchimia's cannabis seed bank catalogue. This is LIT Farms, a company with roots in California that has been surprising growers and users for years with the impressive results offered by its varieties, which as you will see combine some of the most famous and coveted plants of the moment to offer new and interesting combinations of flavors and aromas.

Piatella hashish, what it is and how to make it

Piatella hashish burst onto the scene of cannabis resin concentrates some time ago as one of the most delicate ways of consuming this product, with first-class organoleptic qualities and an absolutely spectacular appearance. Today we tell you everything about this hashish production technique that is revolutionizing the panorama of resins made without solvent.

Smart farming, technology and agriculture go hand in hand

Smart farming represents a revolution in modern agriculture by offering a wide range of innovative technologies and tools that can transform the way food is grown. From optimizing resources to improving productivity and sustainability, smart farming offers numerous benefits for farmers, communities and the environment at large. In this article we will see all these advantages in more detail.

Emerson effect, red light and cannabis

Improving yield and increasing plant development is usually the goal of every grower, something that is not always easy to achieve. Today we will talk to you about the Emerson effect, a phenomenon by which photosynthetic activity is increased and thanks to which you can achieve it in a much easier way than you think.

What is anandamide?

Today we are going to talk to you about the close relationship that exists between an endocannabinoid produced by your body, anandamide, and phytocannabinoids produced by plants such as cannabis. What functions do each of them perform? What relationship do they have? We answer these questions and many more in this article.

Types of magic mushrooms

How many types of magic or hallucinogenic mushrooms are there? Do only psilocybes produce psilocybin? Are there more genera and species of mushrooms with psychoactive effects? In today's article we will answer all these questions and many more, and we will explain which mushrooms have these types of effects and what their main characteristics are.

10 cannabis strains to improve sleep

Falling asleep and getting a restful rest is something that for some people is not so easy to achieve. Today we present 10 varieties of cannabis that can help you improve the quality of your sleep, combat anxiety or stress and give you the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility that a deep rest provides.

How to use Grotek feeding charts

The Grotek brand of fertilizers and additives has a long history in the cannabis cultivation sector. This Canadian company offers a complete range of top quality products formulated to get the most out of your plants, and today we present the growing tables for each of its nutrient lines: Solo-Tek, Precision, Green Line and Impact.

International Cannabis Awards 2024 results

Today we present the results of the International Cannabis Awards 2024, a gala held just before Spannabis in Barcelona and which brought together some of the most important personalities in the sector. A first class event where the good atmosphere and the spectacular setting were also protagonists. Congratulations to all the winners!

What is auto-flowering cannabis?

Automatic seeds are characterized by flowering independently of light and dark cycles. Due to their characteristics, they are ideal for quick harvests and for growing in pots on the balcony or small growing spaces. If you want to know more about autoflowering cannabis, you can't miss this article!

Contamination in magic mushroom cakes, what to do and how to prevent it?

Contamination in mushroom cakes is one of the main headaches for every mushroom grower, as it usually ruins their enthusiasm and efforts in a matter of hours. Today we will explain to you what the main types of contamination are, what you can do to avoid them and how to act if your cake shows symptoms of infection by other fungi or bacteria.

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