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Selecting cannabis mother plants

Choosing a good mother plant is not easy, especially if you have very specific goals in mind. To make it simpler, this article covers the main factors that are usually considered when selecting a mother plant; which, as you will see, can vary a great deal depending on the type of grower.

The origins of blunts

Though not very well known just a few years ago, now it's unusual for cannabis smokers not to have heard of the blunts. This type of cigarette derives from using the cigars’ outer tobacco leaves to roll marijuana cigarettes, something that became very popular in the Caribbean more than a century ago, and later in United States and the rest of the world.

Compost Tea in the Cannabis Garden

Compost tea is an essential component in organic gardening, a homemade plant supplement and soil improver that inoculates the substrate with beneficial microbes. In this post, we talk about its popularity among naturally-minded cannabis growers and tell you how to make your own actively aerated compost tea!

Myrcene: a terpene that enhances cannabinoid activity

Myrcene is one of marijuana plants’ main terpenes, and it’s found in a significant number of different strains. Its medicinal effects and influence on cannabinoid receptors, which improve the absorption of compounds like THC and CBD, make it a great ally for all types of cannabis users. In this article we tell you more about this interesting terpene.

Fermented compost: Cannabis and Bokashi

Bokashi or Bocashi is a high quality and 100% organic fertilizer which is easy to make at home, and the result of a fermentation process. Originally from Japan, this technique allows the grower to obtain an ecological fertilizer in record time, only 2-3 weeks. In this article we tell you everything you need to know to make it yourself.

Cannabis Re-Vegging

In this article, Alchimia presents you with a technique to save the genetics you thought lost. Re-vegging, or regeneration, consists in reverting the flowering plants back into the growing phase, in order to be able to take cuttings and to produce mother plants. You will learn all the necessary steps to perform a regeneration and the best way to implement this technique.

Deep cleaning your grow room or tent

Many growers choose to halt indoor growing during the hottest months of the year. In this post, we tell you how to make the most of this summer break to clean and renew your cultivation area, leaving it fully prepared for the autumn.

Top 5 portable vaporizers for 2020

Check the top 5 portable vaporizers of 2020 available in the Alchimiaweb catalogue. Consumers’ needs are changing, so we are offering a selection of 5 different devices, all with interesting features, for every type of use you wish to give to your vaporizer.

Cannabis decarboxylation

Today we are going to delve into the cannabis decarboxylation process, by which cannabinoids lose their acid form and "activate" many of their properties. This is an essential process when preparing cannabis edibles, so they have the desired effect, and a basic step to make the best recipes.

How to optimise your cannabis grow with CO²

Controlling the carbon dioxide (CO²) levels of your indoor grow space can give incredible results. In this article we explain the importance of CO² concentration in cannabis cultivation and how to optimise these levels to boost the health and production of your plants.

Old School Genetics available on Alchimia

Alchimia presents Old School Genetics, a multiple winner of prestigious competitions such as the ICMag Cup. In this article we tell you more about the origins of this seed bank’s genetics and review the different series that form its complete catalogue.

Plant Quarantine: Isolation is prevention!

Today, and mainly caused by the increase in clone and plant trading, plant isolation is essential in order to keep your garden free from pests and diseases. Today we tell you how to schedule a quarantine program for your new plants, also for any infected plant that might need special care.

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