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Welcome to the Alchimia Growshop blog, with our growing guide and all sorts of cannabis news

Cannabis literature for lockdown

Alchimia brings you a list of different books on marijuana that are ideal to disconnect and have a good time. We can use this lockdown to broaden our cannabis knowledge or simply to relax thinking about our favourite plant.

10 cannabis ideas for the coronavirus lockdown

The current situation due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) has forced millions of citizens from various areas and countries to be confined at home in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus. Today we want to give you several ideas so that you can make the most of these days of lockdown at home, as you'll see, we don't intend to waste a moment of our precious time!

Plagron feeding charts

Today we bring you the feeding charts for the whole range of Plagron nutrients, a company that needs no introduction. From 100% organic crops to hydroponic systems, here you will find the recommended doses of Plagron fertilizers for the most popular cannabis growing media.

Cannabis grow guide

Alchimia will not attend Spannabis 2020

The recent Covid-19 Coronavirus concerning development has caused many companies, including us, decide not to attend Spannabis 2020. Our company appeals to the responsibility following the health authorities’ recommendations that advice containment since an event of that nature can be a breeding ground to spread this possible pandemic. Alchimiaweb and Philosopher Seeds have decided not to move from our facilities and to get to work in order to face the coming season and postpone all the work done for the 2021 edition

Tips for growing autoflowering cannabis plants

Growing automatic strains is very popular among many growers taking their first steps in the cannabis world. Learn about the needs of autoflowering plants to get the most out of them and achieve the best quality and production, so you can enjoy an easy and problem-free process.

R.I.P. Subcool

The news of Subcool's death shook the cannabis world this past weekend, as one of the most talented breeders on the scene left us. In this article we tell you more and pay tribute to this unique breeder, creator of varieties of a quality and fame achieved by very few.

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pH meters and cannabis cultivation

An adequate control and adjustment of the nutrient solution's pH value is essential to achieve the best results from your grow, and to make the most of the nutrients you give to your plants. In this article we take a look at some of the best pH meters on the market, as well as the materials used to adjust the water pH to the desired level.

Panakeia, new THC-free strain with high CBG

Panakeia, the new cannabis strain rich in CBG and developed by Hemp Trading and the UPV, was recently introduced to the US market. With up to 18% of CBG and 0% of THC, this new specimen is one of the most interesting medicinal strains available, something which no doubt will generate many benefits. In this article we tell you more about it.

News and Events

Cannabis Moon Rocks and Sun Rocks

In recent years, everyone within the international cannabis community has been talking about a new product called Moon Rocks which has taken many places by storm, mainly due to its astonishing potency. In this article we explain their origin, how to make them, and different ways to use these amazing marijuana Moon Rocks.

Properties of Neem oil

The products derived from the neem tree, especially the oil obtained from the seeds, acts as an effective insecticide and fungicide agent for numerous crops, and also, of course, for cannabis plants. In this article, we tell you everything about neem oil, from how to get it to how to use it, as well as its composition and the main pests against which can be effective.

Grow report of Key Lime Pie x Do-Si-Dos by Philosopher Seeds

Here is a grow report on one of the best varieties that we've recently tested: Key Lime Pie x Do-Si-Dos by Philosopher Seeds. In this stress test, we subjected the plants to adverse growing and feeding conditions with a result which, it must be noted, was jaw-dropping. We share all the information in this article.

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