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Vertical farming and cannabis

When it comes to growing marijuana indoors, making the best use of space is essential. What if we told you that there is a method that can generously increase the yield of your crop in the same space that you use now? In this article, we explain everything about vertical cultivation and its many advantages or disadvantages.

Green lights for growing cannabis

What are green lights used for in indoor cannabis cultivation? Do we need them to be able to cultivate? In this article, you'll find the answer to these questions and much more information about using this type of light when growing indoors, which is a great help for growers during their plants' flowering period.

Properties and effects of Delta-8-THC

Delta-8- THC is a minor cannabinoid of the cannabis plant that has seen an increase in popularity in recent years. That it offers certain advantages compared to Delta-9-THC, especially at a medicinal level, is indisputable, and this has not gone unnoticed by many researchers. Today we tell you everything you need to know about this interesting compound.

The Vavilov Institute, the first seed bank in history

The Vavilov Institute in St. Petersburg has one of the largest and oldest collections of plant genetic resources in the world, as well as the most comprehensive collection of cannabis seeds known to exist. Although it has passed through difficult and tragic moments during its existence, its mission remains intact: to preserve a gene pool of plants that can end hunger in the world, something that was always the ideal of its director, the botanist and geneticist Nikolai Vavílov.

Draw of 3 Alchimia's Golden Tickets

Alchimia celebrates its 20th anniversary, Christmas is coming ... this smells like gifts !! Indeed, to close the celebrations that we have been doing throughout the year, we have decided to include 3 Golden Tickets in the orders placed on our website until the end of the year ... we hope you are one of the winners!

Malta - Europe's first country to legalise recreational cannabis

In a truly historic move, a positive vote in Malta's parliament has meant that Europe's smallest country can now also boast of being its first country to legalise recreational cannabis. In this post, we'll look at what's changed with the new cannabis legislation and what it means for smokers and growers in Malta.

‘Blockchain’ and cryptocurrencies in the cannabis industry

The blockchain concept and digital currencies (tokens) have become buzzwords in many sectors, including cannabis. Indeed, cryptocurrencies and cannabis are products with similar perceptions: not so long ago, many people were concerned about using cannabis and adopting cryptocurrencies. But in recent years, public acceptance of both has become a more widespread trend. So, how is blockchain technology helping to push cannabis into the digital age and what does it mean for the industry?

New American strains for Autumn 2021

Today we have prepared a new instalment of our articles with the latest news regarding the new American varieties that have entered the Alchimiaweb catalogue. And this time we've got some really cool stuff to show you from breeders like MZ Jill, Cult Classic Seeds and Dungeon's Vault Genetics, so don't miss out!

What was the first thing sold online? Cannabis, of course!

The Internet has been a boon for e-commerce. But just half a century ago, when the network of networks was no more than a collection of bulky computers and mysterious digital tubes, young entrepreneurs from Stanford University made the first online sale in history. It was, naturally, a bag of weed and this initial deal paved the way for decades of profitable digital businesses.

ACE Seeds' Sativa varieties

Sometimes, and for reasons related to the photoperiods in certain areas, many cannabis plants tend to flower before reaching an optimal size, which results in harvests smaller than expected. Today we want to recommend some of Ace Seeds' strains that grow particularly well in these regions.

What is Dry Farming?

The explosion of cannabis grows in recent decades in the United States, and more specifically in the so-called ‘Emerald Triangle’, has caused many to worry about the ecological footprint that this causes. In Humboldt, a county in northern California, some cannabis growers have found a solution to minimise the impact of cannabis cultivation on the environment: 'dry farming'.

History of cannabis prohibition

For centuries, cannabis has had a somewhat tumultuous relationship with the legislatures of different cultures. Although accepted in most places for hundreds of years, in the 19th century a trend towards the prohibition of this plant began to be observed, which led to the worldwide prohibition established during the 20th century. Today we will look at the main factors that led to this situation, its background, and how it was possible to displace cannabis in all its fields, from recreational to industrial or medicinal.

Plants that interact with the endocannabinoid system

The discovery of the endocannabinoid system is relatively new, and has helped us to better understand how our body works and why it becomes ill. Cannabis medicinal properties, which have been used since ancient times, are due to the interaction of its compounds with this receptors system in our body. But… what if we told you that cannabis is not the only plant that interacts with the endocannabinoid system?

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