Cannabis Seedbanks

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The cannabis seed catalog that we offer you is made ??up of more than 40 seedbanks from around the world and more than 500 marijuana strains.

You can find all types of natural cannabis seeds, feminized and autoflowering seeds. The criteria we have followed to select them has been germination, stability, reliability of the seedbank where they come from and, above all, the experiences - from us and also from our customers and colleagues - during their growing.

Within our marijuana seeds catalog you will find from the most indomitable and endless flowering Sativa strain, to Indica/sativa hybrids with reduced flowering time and size, without forgetting the excellent Super Silver Haze , the multiple Skunk hybrids like Super Skunk , or the outstanding White Widow and all her relatives from the White family, not to mention the Blueberry polyhybrid and all her resulting crossings.

We also include crossings made with Cannabis Sativa Ruderalis genetics, that result in auto-flowering seeds.

Here are some of the marijuana seedbanks available: Sweet Seeds, Female Seeds, Greenhouse Seeds, Barney's Farm, Mr Nice, Dinafem, Serious Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Dutch Passion, Eva Seeds, Medical Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Reggae Seeds, Philosopher seeds, Mandala Seeds, Genetic Collections (Magus Genetics), TGA Subcool, Tiki Seeds, Grassomatic, Ace Seeds, Delicatessens, ...