Trichome Jungle Seeds

Trichome Jungle Seeds

Trichome Jungle Seeds is a cannabis seedbank originally from the UK and now based in southern Spain, producing regular and feminised seeds and specialising in the creation of highly original cannabis hybrids with an emphasis on exotic and unique terpene profiles and medicinal effect.

Trichome Jungle Seeds' varieties are cup-winners, having been the recognised at prestigious cannabis competitions such as Spannabis in 2015 & 2017, as well as garnering multiple prizes at the IC Mag Breeder's Cup over the years. 

Breeding cannabis since 2007, Trichome Jungle Seeds is committed to bringing growers the very finest genetics on the market, with seeds lovingly produced organically and thoroughly tested for resistance to pests and pathogens in indoor and outdoor cultivation. 

Among the hybrids created by Trichome Jungle Seeds you can find a wide range of genetic influences, from modern US genetics to authentic landraces and cannabis classics. The result is a range of crosses quite unlike those offered by other breeders, all with the unmistakable hallmarks of their creator: vigour, flavour and potency. These attributes convey Trichome Jungle Seeds hybrids with great therapeutic potential as well as making them highly suitabe for use in resin extractions of all kinds. 

Shiva's Soul - Trichome Jungle Seeds

Alchimia is delighted to present Shiva's Soul by Trichome Jungle Seed, an Indica Sativa hybrid that can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It offers a flowering period of about 9 weeks indoors, delivering an interesting yield. Certainly, a gene [...]

  • 6 seeds (Out of stock)70.00€

Sour Fusion - Trichome Jungle Seeds

Trichome Jungle Seeds presents Sour Fusion, a new feminised cannabis hybrid that crosses Sour Neo with Soul Mate to give a plant with high THC levels and an intensely sour terpene profile. Available at Alchimiaweb now in our feminised seed catalogue. [...]

  • 6 seeds70.00€

Tropical Orange Soul - Trichome Jungle Seeds

Here at Alchimia we are very happy to offer you a new feminised strain from Trichome Jungle Seeds called Tropical Orange Soul, a cross of Gummy Berry Juice #1 and Soul Mate that has an exotic terpene profile of tropical oranges and sweet mandarins. N [...]

  • 6 seeds70.00€

Pineapple Soul - Trichome Jungle Seeds

Here at Alchimia we are very pleased to present Pineapple Soul, a new feminised variety from Trichome Jungle Seeds, an exotic indica/sativa hybrid combining Gummy Berry Juice #3 with Soul Mate with intensely tropical aromas of pineapple and mango. No [...]

  • 6 seeds70.00€

Rose Soul - Trichome Jungle Seeds

New at Alchimia: Rose Soul, a new feminised hybrid by Trichome Jungle Seeds, combining 100 Hand Slap with Soulmate to create a well-balanced Indica/Sativa variety with a rosewater and kush flavour, suitable for growers of all levels of experience and [...]

  • 6 seeds70.00€

Cherry Soul - Trichome Jungle Seeds

Alchimia presents Cherry Soul by Trichome Jungle Seeds, an Indica Sativa hybrid that adapts to all situations and cultivators. A strain that can be grown both indoors and outdoors if the weather conditions are suitable. It shows a flowering period of [...]

  • 6 seeds (Out of stock)70.00€

Pink Pineapple - Trichome Jungle Seeds

Here at Alchimiaweb we're proud to offer you Pink Pineapple, a new regular hybrid from Trichome Jungle Seeds. Combining Pink Candy with Lillt, this is an indica/sativa cross with a complex flavour profile containing notes of spices and Parma violet c [...]

  • 12 seeds80.00€

Pineapple Gummy - Trichome Jungle Seeds

New in our regular seed catalogue: Pineapple Gummy by Trichome Jungle Seeds, a seriously fruity-flavoured sativa/indica hybrid created by crossing Gummy Berry Juice #5 with Lillt. Now available online at Alchimiaweb. You will be enchanted by the int [...]

  • 12 seeds80.00€

Lillt Bx - Trichome Jungle Seeds

Trichome Jungle Seeds present one of their most popular and impactful hybrids of recent times in regular seed format: Lillt Bx, a sativa/indica cross of Passion Flower x Jungle Kush with a unique and exotic terpene profile of tropical fruit and straw [...]

  • 12 seeds (Out of stock)80.00€

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