BioCanna fertilizer Kit

Bio Canna is the best-selling Dutch bio-fertilizer brand of our catalog, and probably of the Spanish market. Since its emergence, this company has constantly enhanced its reputation. The ease of use of its products and the simplicity of its implemen [...]

  • 62.40€

Canna Start by Canna

Give your plants the best start with CannaStart, a single component fertiliser intended for use with seedlings and rooted cuttings and specially formulated for the initial phases of growth of young plants. It is perfectly balanced for use from the ve [...]

  • 0.5 L13.35€

CANNA Bio Rhizotonic

The most powerful root stimulantor for organic crops. Bio RHIZOTONIC from CANNA is a 100% natural root stimulant with biological certificate (OMRI). It is composed of several vitamins, including vitamin B1 and B2. CANNA Bio RHIZOTONIC favours the de [...]

  • 250ml17.45€
  • 1 L38.70€

CANNA Bio Vega (Growth)

Bio Vega from BIOCANNA has been specially developed for the growth phase of the plant. Bio Vega is rich in Betaine nitrogen, which is absorbed according to the needs of the plant. Its bioactive components stimulate both a vigorous root development a [...]

  • 1 L17.65€
  • 5 L77.70€

CANNA Bio Flores (Bloom)

Bio Flores from CANNA has been specially developed for the flowering period of fast growing plants. This fertiliser contains hop extract, which provides many of the needed minerals for a great flowering of the plant in adequate proportions. The hop [...]

  • 1 L17.65€
  • 5 L77.70€

CANNA Bioboost

BioBOOST from BIOCANNA - developed by CANNA-Research with extracts of plants from tropical rain forests - is a true help for our plants. The bioactive components enhance their metabolism, something cricual for an abundant bloom. The plants produce [...]

  • 250 ml18.60€
  • 1 L47.60€

Canna Hydro Vega A+B

Canna is one of the pioneer companies in the growing in loss solution or recirculation systems, and Canna Hydro A + B range is the most used in the Netherlands for several years. Contrary to Canna Aqua range, which is used in hydroponic circuits with [...]

  • 20.65€

Canna Hydro Flores A+B

CANNA Hydro Flores A + B 1L is one of the most recent flowering nutrients developed for growing in lost solution or recirculation systems. Moreover their unique formulation make them perfect for use with tap water, as they prevent accumulation of sa [...]

  • 20.65€

CANNA Rhizotonic

RHIZOTONIC from CANNA, is a potent root stimulator for cannabis plants. It promotes the development of roots, increases the resistance to diseases and stimulates the internal and external quality of the plant. RHIZOTONIC is used during the first wee [...]

  • 250 ml19.10€
  • 1 L41.35€
  • 5 L177.30€

CANNA Cannazym

CannaZYM from CANNA contains more than 15 different high quality enzymes, used for the disintegration of (hemi) - cellulose and to stimulate microbial life. CannaZYM has been enriched with specific vitamins and extracts from desert plants. CannaZYM [...]

  • 1 L22.20€
  • 5 L100.65€

CANNA Terra Vega (Growth)

A plant must be healthy and strong to perform a vigorous growth. For this reason CANNA has developed Terra Vega. This nutritious product for plant growth is adapted for pre-fertilised soils, but can also be applied in poor soils. Terra Vega from CAN [...]

  • 1 L14.10€
  • 5 L55.50€

CANNA Terra Flores (Bloom)

Terra Flores from CANNA is the ideal fertiliser to get large buds and optimal resin production. CANNA Terra Flores stimulates the formation of buds and contains all the needed nutrients by the plant during the flowering period. During this stage, t [...]

  • 1 L14.10€
  • 5 L55.50€


CANNABOOST is one of the best flowering stimulators on the market today, it's formula has been specially developed by CANNA to boost the metabolism and photosynthesis functions of cannabis plants and significantly increase the quantity and quality of [...]

  • 250 ml29.85€
  • 1 L74.00€

CANNA PK 13-14 - Flowering Stimulator

CANNA PK 13-14 is a pure mixture of phosphate and potassium. Its high quality allows the preparation of a perfect nutrient solution, directly absorbable by the plant. This solution provides the plant the needed nutrients to develop buds with enhance [...]

  • 1 L17.45€
  • 5 L72.75€

Canna Orchid Special

Alchimia presents Canna Orchid Special, a fertiliser specially formulated to increase orchid growth and prolong flowering. It is formulated with pure nutrients and chelates. Presented in 100% recyclable PVC and cadmium free packaging. Canna Orchid S [...]

  • 500 ml9.92€
  • 1L17.05€

Canna Flush

Canna Flush from Canna is an additive that breaks down excess nutrients on plants and substrates. Canna Flush can be used with all growing media. It's highly recommended in cases of over-feeding because it purifies the substrate without eradicating t [...]

  • 1L13.95€

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