Tatandi Magic Mushrooms

Tatandi Magic Mushrooms

Tatandi is a Spanish company that works in an artisan tradition. A production process in which they do their best to ensure that all products come from organic and local origins. Tatandi has its own cloned strain bank, so they do not work with multi-spores. They are constantly trying to improve the genetics of their varieties.

The team is composed of a mycologist expert in psilocybe and a designer of materials and supplies for mycology, working in the most traditional and local way possible.

Tatandi, a wide catalogue of handcrafted magic mushrooms

Tatandi offers a wide range of varieties, both magic mushrooms and truffles, from different locations around the world such as Mexico, Ecuador or Brazil. Also, varieties as rare and striking as Kho Samui Classic for its size and shape or Red Boy with huge mushrooms but with a mild effect, ideal for beginners.

Another example of Tatandi excellent genetic work is the variety Tatandi Leucistic, with its enormous effect and size make it one of the most interesting in its catalogue.

Alacabenzi magic mushroom kit - Tatandi

Alchimia presents Alacabenzi Mushroom Grow Cake Kit by Tatandi, with a capacity of 1200ml, based on sterilised substrate inoculated with high quality fresh mycelium. Alacabenzi magic mushroom cake is very easy to set up and contains all the necessary [...]

  • 1200 ml35.20€

Mexican Magic Mushrooms Kit Tantandi

Alchimia presents the famous Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana, a magic mushroom strain native to Mexico, undoubtedly responsible for much of the pre-Hispanic art and philosophy. Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana, respected and revered by the pre-Hispanic cultu [...]

  • 1200ml35.20€

Penis Envy magic mushroom kit - Tatandi

Penis Envy, Terrence Mckenna's favourite hallucinogenic mushrooms Penis Envy, among the most common endogenous mushroom varieties, is one of, if not the most, powerful. It is said to be the first strain that the entheomycologist Terrence Mckenna wo [...]

  • 1200ml55.00€

Koh Samui Classic magic mushroom kit - Tatandi

Koh Samui Classic Hallucinogenic Mushrooms, a variety of high potency and distinctive shape Alchimia presents Koh Samui Classic Magic Mushroom Grow Cake, a variety with a distinctive size and shape, as well as offering high potency. This variety wa [...]

  • 1200ml49.50€

Yeti magic mushroom kit - Tatandi

Alchimia presents the Yeti Mushroom Grow Cake Kit by Tatandi, a rare and original variety that develops white, dense and compact mushrooms that acquire an intense blue colour when cut or handled. Yeti mushroom cake, a True Albino Teacher's variant [...]

  • 49.50€

Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom kit - Tatandi

Alchimia presents the Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Grow Cake by Tatandi, a psilocybe variety famous for its ease of cultivation and generous yields Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Grow Cake This 1200ml cake is inoculated with the Golden Teacher psil [...]

  • 1200 ml35.20€

White Rabbit Magic Mushroom Grow Cake - Tatandi

White Rabbit, a cross between Albino Penis Envy and Moby Dick, a very powerful strain White Rabbit is a very potent and easy to grow variety of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Created by a group of mycology enthusiasts in Holland. It is the result of a ge [...]

  • 1200ml49.50€

Moby Dick magic mushroom kit - Tatandi

Moby Dick endogenous mushrooms, a powerful cross between Golden Teacher and Albino A+ We present Moby Dick Magic Mushroom Grow Cake, a genetic cross between Albino A+ and Golden Teacher. Moby Dick inherits many of the characteristics of its great pa [...]

  • 1200ml (Out of stock)35.20€

Magic mushrom kit Tatandi Leucistic - Tatandi

Tatandi Leucistic hallucinogenic mushrooms, high potency and easy to cultivate We present Tatandi Leucistic hallucinogenic mushroom cake. It is the result of a great work conducted by Tatandi, by means of genetic isolation. It is undoubtedly one of [...]

  • 1200ml (Out of stock)35.20€

McKennaii Magic Mushroom kit

Tatandi presents here McKennai Magic Mushroom Grow Cake, a mushroom variety quite sensitive to variations in cultivation parameters such as heat and humidity. Despite this, it rewards the grower with an above average potency. Now available at Alchimi [...]

  • 1200 ml35.20€

Thai Pink Buffalo magic mushroom kit - Tatandi

Thai Pink Buffalo, endogenous mushrooms with above average psilocybin Thai Pink Buffalo is a high potency magic mushroom strain, now available in Tatandi's catalogue. Thai Pink Buffalo, like Kho Samui Classic hallucinogenic mushrooms, was found on t [...]

  • 1200ml35.20€

Ecuador Magic Mushroom kit

Tatandi presents here its Psilocybe Cubensis Ecuador Magic Mushroom Grow Cake 1200ml. A mushroom characterised by its resistance to cold and ease of cultivation, now available at Alchimia! Psilocybe Cubensis Ecuador Grow Cake Psilocybe Cubensis Ecu [...]

  • 1200 ml35.20€

Brasil Magic Mushroom kit - Tatandi

Tatandi presents here its Psilocybe Cubensis Brasil Magic Mushroom Grow Cake 1200ml. An easy to grow and fast fruiting strain, now available at AlchimiaWeb! Psilocybe Cubensis Brasil Grow Cake This 1200ml mycelium cake is inoculated with Psilocybe [...]

  • 1200 ml (Out of stock)35.20€

B+ Magic Mushroom kit - Tatandi

Tantandi presents here the B+ Magic Mushroom Grow Cake, a very famous Psilocybe Cubensis strain due to its ease of cultivation, adapting well to different environments. Now available in our Magic Mushroom Cakes catalogue at Alchimia. Psilocybe Cuben [...]

  • 1200 ml35.20€

Treasure Coast Albino magic mushroom kit - Tatandi

Treasure Coast Albino, slow growing magic mushrooms with powerful visual effects Treasure Coast Albino is a pale coloured, highly potent strain notable for its powerful visual effects. It is the result of isolating Treasure Coast, originally from th [...]

  • 1200ml35.20€

Red Boy magic mushroom kit - Tatandi

Red Boy Magic Mushrooms, reddish spores and huge production Red Boy by Tatandi is a variety of hallucinogenic mushrooms which is distinguished from many others by a rather simple appearance. Once their cream caps open, they release a distinctive, re [...]

  • 1200ml35.20€

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