We call GrowShop  those specialized gardening shops offering all the tools, cannabis seeds nutrients and other utensils you may need for marijuana home cultivation, while serving as meeting point for growers and a place to exchange knowledge and opinions.

From Alchimia we strive to provide you with everything you need, because we want to be your favorite online Grow Shop, and for this reason we offer the best  quality available products, struggling to keep abreast with the new articles released on market.

In our catalog you will find a wide range of fertilizers, with top brands like Biobizz , GHE, ATA Organics,... as well as multiple additives and stimulator supplements that will get the best from your plants.

But not all is nutrition in cannabis growing, because without a quality substrate - with or without nutrients -, proper tools or the necessary installation, we can hardly succes with our crop..

Of course, we are not forgetting the harvest of buds, that long-awaited phase of the growing cycle, when we begin to see the fruits of our work and  in our mind we are already tasting our dense flowers, still humid. We also have ready for you all those tools that can facilitate the drying and manicuring process , so everything is easy.

In conclusion, whether if you grow indoors or outdoors, or if you use hydroponic, aeroponic or soil setups, or if maybe you just need accessories for your custom installation, definitely this is your section.

Happy growing!

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