Grow Shops are specialized gardening shops offering all the tools, cannabis seeds, nutrients and other equipment necessary to successfully grow your own cannabis at home. They're also an ideal meeting point for growers and a place to share knowledge and opinions.

Alchimia wants to provide you with everything you may need, offering online assistance and the latest products on the market...we want to be your favorite online Grow Shop, and for this reason we offer the best available products, tested and approved by our team.

In our catalog you will find a wide range of nutrients, with top brands like Biobizz, GHE, ATA Organics,... as well as multiple additives and supplements that will boost the development and performance of your pants.

Apart from a balanced nutrition, you'll also need a quality substrate - with or without nutrients - proper tools or the necessary installation.

Of course, we are not forgetting one of the best moments for a grower...harvest time!! You also have available several tools and devices for drying and manicuring your plants easily and fast.

In short, whether you grow indoors or outdoors, or if you use soil, hydroponic or aeroponic systems, you'll find everything you need in this section.

Happy harvests!

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Vegamatrix Starter Kit

Vegamatrix Starter Kit

  • 89.00€ There are only 4 units
Lighting kit LEC SunBurst CMH 315W 3100k

Lighting kit LEC SunBurst CMH 315W 3100k

  • 399.00€ There are only 5 units

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Portable air conditioning

Portable air conditioning

  • Model: PC9-DM2A 379.00€