Cannabis irrigation

You will find here our selection of products for either automatic or manual watering of your plants.

From pH and EC meters to calibration and correction solutions, you'll also find water pumps, air pumps, reverse osmosis filters, water heaters, etc.

Featured products in Cannabis irrigation

UP TO 10%
Tropf-Blumat Automatic Irrigation System
Floraflex Matrix System Kit

From 4.78€ 5.63€

UP TO 30%
FloraFlex Tubing 1/4
Floraflex nutrients V1

13.60€ 18.14€

Latest in Cannabis irrigation

Biobizz Bio-UpBio Up

8.36€ 11.15€

Biobizz Bio Down

From 9.00€ 12.00€

UP TO 10%
Tropf-Blumat Automatic Irrigation System
Tube 7mm 26cm with sprayer
Bluelab Truncheon EC meter

92.15€ 95.00€

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