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In this section you'll find everything you need for your automatic watering system: different models of water pumps, drip stakes, pvc hose, pipes, water timers and barbed connectors.

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Tropf-Blumat Automatic Irrigation System

Tropf-Blumat is an astoundingly simple and innovative automatic drip irrigation system that waters your plants only when they need it, without using electricity, b [...]

  • 3m kit for 12 plants 75.00€ 60.00€
  • 10m kit for 40 plants 290.40€ 232.30€

Tee Connector

Tee piece, barbed connection for rapid assembly of small automatic watering systems. With inner security ring that allows secure installation without the use of clam [...]

  • 16 mm 0.20€
  • 20 mm (Out of stock) 0.56€
UP TO 20%

Elbow Connector

Elbow Connector for quickly assembling small automatic irrigation systems. With inner security ring that allows installation without the use of clamps. [...]

  • 16 mm 0.30€
  • 20 mm 0.70€ 0.56€

Inline Flow Valve

inline flow valve for installation of small automatic watering systems. This piece controls the flow rate of the irrigation water in the system. [...]

  • 16 mm 1.10€
  • 20 mm 2.50€

Aquaking HX2500 1000l/h water pump

Now available online at, the Aquaking HX2500 water pump with 1000l/h capacity, perfect to set up an automatic watering system or for [...]

  • 29.90€ 23.90€

Aquaking HX4500 2000l/h water pump

Now available online at Alchimia Grow Shop, the Aquaking HX4500 water pump with a capacity of 2000 litres per hour, perfect for setting up an automatic irr [...]

  • 54.00€ 51.30€

Water pump

Aquaking present their range of high performance, high quality centrifugal water pumps for hy [...]

  • 5000 L 64.00€ 51.20€
  • 7000 L 69.00€ 55.20€

Ata Clean

Ata Clean is a product by the famous brand Atami which is essential for the optimal functioning of our drip irrigation [...]

  • 250 ml 10.60€ 9.00€

Drip stakes

Polyethylene drip stakes ideal for automatic watering systems. Delivers a flow rate of 50ml per minute. Easily fitted, neither adapters nor nipples [...]

  • 0.25€ 0.23€

Polyethylene Tube 16mm - 1 m

Polyethylene tube for assembly of small automatic watering systems. Specifications: 1 meter long, 16 mm diameter. [...]

  • 16 mm 0.55€

PVC hose - 1 m

Flexible PVC Hose for setting up small automatic irrigation systems. One meter length. [...]

  • 3/4 Inch (Out of stock) 3.30€


End-plug for the assembly of small automatic irrigation facilities. [...]

  • 16 mm 0.10€
  • 20 mm (Out of stock) 1.00€
UP TO 20%

Hose thread adapter

Adapter tube of 16 or 20mm threaded 1/2 inch for small assemblies of automatic irrigation systems. It has internal security ring that allows its installation withou [...]

  • 20 mm 0.50€ 0.40€
  • 16 mm (Out of stock) 0.70€

Dripper for Microtube

This plastic dripper is ideal for the automatic watering systems used by many growers use in their ind [...]

  • 0.10€

Day/Night GSE Water Timer 8A

Alchimia presents here the GSE Systems Water Timer 8A irrigation controller, designed to automate the watering of your [...]

  • 110.00€ 104.50€

Medusa TopSpin 12 drippers

The Topspin 12 dripper assembly allows you to equally distribute the nutrient solution to your plants in the easiest way. Automated feeding is really useful when growing in hydropo [...]

  • (Out of stock) 24.90€ 23.65€

Punch with expeller

This small accessory will make life easier, ideal for making small holes in microtubes, now available online here at Alchimiaweb In your cannabis gardening, this pen shape [...]

  • (Out of stock) 13.50€

Scissors Cutter

These scissors are perfect to assist you in your indoor cannabis gardening, helping you to work on your automatic irrigation systems by cutting the microtubes easily and cleanly. N [...]

  • 22.90€

Dropper N.G.E. Anti-drip

Now available at the N.G.E. Antidrainage dropper, perfect for hydroponic cannabis crops th [...]

  • 0.35€

NR 0-70l/h adjustable dripper

Here at you can now find the NR 0-70l/h adjustable dripper with a flow rate from 0 o 70 litres per hour, to use with the automatic irrigation system in your [...]

  • 0.15€

16mm ringed branch connection

16mm ringed adaptor, ideal to branch your indoor cannabis gardening automatic irrigation system pipe [...]

  • 0.15€ 0.12€

Medusa 12l/h dripper w/6 outputs + stakes presets this Medusa 6 output dripper with microtubes and stakes included, a kit that offers you automatic irrigation for up to 6 plants in a simple and effective wa [...]

  • 22.20€ 19.95€

Microtube inserter with 5mm connection

Now available at this microtube inserter, a device with which to drill the rigid irrigation tube and insert in it the [...]

  • 34.50€ 27.60€

Small Stainless Jubilee clip/Hose clamp

Stainless steel Jubilee clip / Hose clamp available online now at These small stainless steel clamps are hugely practical during the installation of automat [...]

  • 12-22mm 0.65€ 0.52€
  • 8mm-16mm 0.65€ 0.52€

TopSpin dropper cap

The TopSpin dripper irrigation system has 12 drippers which can be disabled according to the grower's needs in case does not want to use them all at once. [...]

  • 1.00€

Tube 7mm 26cm with sprayer

Alchimia presents this tube for hydroponic cultivation systems, perfect for the installation of automatic irrigatio [...]

  • 2.50€
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