Automatic irrigation

Dropper N.G.E. Anti-drip

Now available at the N.G.E. Antidrainage dropper, perfect for hydroponic cannabis crops that require high precision irrigation. This plastic dropper has a labyrinth inside that retains any impurities present in the nutrient solution. [...]

  • 0.20€

NR 0-70l/h adjustable dripper

Here at you can now find the NR 0-70l/h adjustable dripper with a flow rate from 0 o 70 litres per hour, to use with the automatic irrigation system in your indoor cannabis garden. The dripper is designed to be inserted in the lower [...]

  • 0.10€

Irrigation tube 1/2'' (13-16mm.) 25m.

Irrigation tube 16mm - 25m, ideal for automatic irrigation systems. It is the main tube to which the ¼" micro tubes are assembled and the irrigation pipes inserted. This resistant 1/2'' tube allows creating indoor irrigation circuits by means [...]

  • with Drippers (Product sold out)46.40€

Tube 7mm 26cm with sprayer

Alchimia presents this tube for hydroponic cultivation systems, perfect for the installation of automatic irrigation in our garden. It is a tube equipped with a sprayer, 7 mm in diameter and 26 cm long. [...]

  • 2.20€

Scissors Cutter

These scissors are perfect to assist you in your indoor cannabis gardening, helping you to work on your automatic irrigation systems by cutting the microtubes easily and cleanly. Now available at Now it's really simple and convenient [...]

  • 19.90€

Super Ego Micro-tube 1/4

Micro tube Super Ego ¼"(4-6mm) 20m, it is the ideal microtube for automatic irrigation systems both outdoors and indoors, to provide to the plant an important amount of water in a short time. The coil micro tube has 20m and can be cut to the [...]

  • (Product sold out)34.75€

Connection Microtube 5mm (4.5 -6.5)

Alchimia offers you these 5mm microtube connectors. They are of great use to indoor cannabis gardeners using automatic irrigation systems. They can be used with microtubes with a diameter from 4.5mm to 6.5mm. [...]

  • 0.08€

T for Microtubs 4.5-6mm

Alchimia offers you these T-shaped connectors for microtubes with a diameter from 4.5mm to 6mm. They are an essential element in indoor gardening when using automatic irrigation systems assembling correctly all the installation. [...]

  • 0.10€

Punch with expeller

This small accessory will make life easier, ideal for making small holes in microtubes, now available online here at Alchimiaweb In your cannabis gardening, this pen shape tool will help by easily and quickly perforating the irrigation microtubes of [...]

  • 6.50€

Small Stainless Jubilee clip/Hose clamp

Stainless steel Jubilee clip / Hose clamp available online now at These small stainless steel clamps are hugely practical during the installation of automatic irrigation such as hydroponics growing systems. The pipes are securely fix [...]

  • 8mm-16mm (Product sold out)0.50€
  • 12-22mm0.50€

Flexible Transparent Microtube 4-6mm

Alchimia offers these flexible transparent microtubes with a 4 to 6 mm diameter, to be used with your automatic irrigation system in cannabis gardening. They are sold by meters (1 unit = 1 tube meter) [...]

  • 1 m (Product sold out)1.20€

Claber Timer Kit 20 Pratico

Now at Alchimia Grow Shop Claber's 20 Pratico Timer Kit, including all the necessary equipment to water 20 plants independently in our indoor or outdoor cannabis grow. It consists of a Pratico programmable timer, very simple to operate and powered b [...]

  • (Product sold out)71.75€

TopSpin dropper cap

The TopSpin dripper irrigation system has 12 drippers which can be disabled according to the grower's needs in case does not want to use them all at once. To use the stopper, simply open the TopSpin and place the stoppers on top of the water diffusi [...]

  • 1.00€

Medusa TopSpin 12 drippers

The Topspin 12 dripper assembly allows you to equally distribute the nutrient solution to your plants in the easiest way. Automated feeding is really useful when growing in hydroponic substrates like coco coir . Each tube is made of flexible rubber [...]

  • 24.90€

Day/Night GSE Water Timer 8A

Alchimia presents here the GSE Systems Water Timer 8A irrigation controller, designed to automate the watering of your indoor cannabis crop, with an in-built light sensor for differentiating daytime and nightime watering. This water controller is bo [...]

  • 110.00€

PLANT IT Water timer

Already available in Alchimiaweb, the new Plant IT outdoor irrigation timers are designed to work with two AAA batteries, being perfect for using them either with gravity irrigation tanks or connected to an outdoor faucet without the need of using el [...]

  • (Product sold out)29.00€

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