Like the flowers harvested from cannabis, magic mushrooms or entheogenic fungi have been consumed as a tool for spiritual use since time immemorial, to communicate with the gods in religious or shamanic rituals.

There is evidence that they were already in use in prehistoric times (9,000 B.C.), as represented in rock paintings, and they were significant in the Maya, Aztec and pre-Columbian cultures, represented by statues and symbols representing them as "meat of the gods" or teonanácatl.

Entheogenic fungi, "meat of the gods"

These days, they are used for journeys of self-discovery by psychonauts, those who seek inner knowledge and wisdom by experimenting with the psychedelic potential of psilocybin.

They are also a fascinating field of study for mycologists, to observe the differences between the different families of fungi, depending on the environmental characteristics of their area of origin, just as growers do with cannabis genetics.

Grow magic mushrooms easily with entheogenic mushroom kits

There are a multitude of magic mushroom strains (more than 70 are listed), the best known are Psilocybe Cubensis, like Mexicans, B+ or Golden Teacher, but we can also find other spores such as Copelandia or Panaeolus , as well as truffles, which are an agglomeration of mycelium rich in psilocybin.

If you want to discover how these little pieces of natural magic develop, and walk in the footsteps of the great mycologists and ethnobotanists who discovered them, you can now do it at home, to accompany your indoor or outdoor cannabis grow.

Grow entheogenic mushrooms and marvel at the power of nature with the kits and mushroom cakes available at Alchimia Grow Shop.

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