Hallucinogenic mushroom growing kits

Hallucinogenic mushroom growing kits

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Heated mini greenhouse Freshmushrooms growing kit

Alchimiaweb.com offers you this mushroom growing kit with a heated mini greenhouse, ideal to make the mushroom fruiting process as easy as it is effective. The main element of this kit is the FreshMushroom cake, inoculated with Psilocybe mushroom sp [...]

  • Thai (Product sold out)85.00€ 76.50€
  • B+ (Product sold out)85.00€ 76.50€
  • Colombian (Product sold out)85.00€ 76.50€
  • Ecuadorian (Product sold out)85.00€ 76.50€
  • Golden Teacher (Product sold out)85.00€ 76.50€
  • Mazapatec (Product sold out)85.00€ 76.50€
  • McKennaii (Product sold out)85.00€ 76.50€
  • Cambodians (Product sold out)85.00€ 76.50€
  • Mexican (Product sold out)85.00€ 76.50€

Setnatur mushroom cultivation kit with heated mini-greenhouse

Alchimiaweb.com is glad to present the Setnatur mushroom cultivation kit with heated mini-greenhouse, designed to ensure a safe and effective mushroom bread fructification. Setnatur mushroom cultivation kit with heated mini-greenhouse Setnatur mush [...]

  • Amazonian (Product sold out)72.00€ 64.80€
  • B+ (Product sold out)72.00€ 64.80€
  • Colombian (Product sold out)72.00€ 64.80€
  • Equatorian (Product sold out)72.00€ 64.80€
  • Golden Teacher (Product sold out)72.00€ 64.80€
  • Mazapatek (Product sold out)72.00€ 64.80€
  • McKenaii (Product sold out)72.00€ 64.80€
  • Panamerican (Product sold out)72.00€ 64.80€
  • Mexican (Product sold out)72.00€ 64.80€
  • Thai (Product sold out)72.00€ 64.80€

Mini greenhouse Freshmushrooms growing kit

Alchimia Grow Shop offers you this magic mushroom growing kit + mini-greenhouse, designed to facilitate mushroom fruiting to the maximum. The kit includes a FreshMushrooms cake colonised with high-quality mycelium, inoculated with the best Psilocybe [...]

  • Thaï (Product sold out)65.00€ 58.50€
  • B+ (Product sold out)65.00€ 58.50€
  • Colombian (Product sold out)65.00€ 58.50€
  • Ecuadorian (Product sold out)65.00€ 58.50€
  • Golden Teacher (Product sold out)65.00€ 58.50€
  • Mazapatec (Product sold out)65.00€ 58.50€
  • McKenaii (Product sold out)65.00€ 58.50€
  • Mexican (Product sold out)65.00€ 58.50€
  • Cambodian (Product sold out)65.00€ 58.50€

Mini greenhouse Setnatur growing kit

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Setnatur mushroom growing kit + mini greenhouse, designed to ensure a safe and effective mushroom bread fructification. The Setnatur mushroom bread contains high quality fresh mycelium, obtained from inoculation with [...]

  • Amazonian (Product sold out)55.00€ 49.50€
  • B+ (Product sold out)55.00€ 49.50€
  • Colombian (Product sold out)55.00€ 49.50€
  • Ecuatorian (Product sold out)55.00€ 49.50€
  • Golden Teacher (Product sold out)55.00€ 49.50€
  • Mazapatek (Product sold out)55.00€ 49.50€
  • McKenaii (Product sold out)55.00€ 49.50€
  • Panamerican (Product sold out)55.00€ 49.50€
  • Mexican (Product sold out)55.00€ 49.50€
  • Thai (Product sold out)55.00€ 49.50€

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