Hallucinogenic mushroom growing kits

Psilocybe magic mushrooms are very easy to grow if you follow proper hygiene procedures and provide them with optimal environmental conditions, quickly rewarding us with their fascinating development.

All that's needed is to be totally clean and careful, with maximum hygiene in the room and in the growing area, maintaining temperatures between 21C and 24ºC, alongside a high relative humidity to initiate fruiting, in a very similar way to how we germinate our cannabis seeds.

Cultivate mushrooms professionally

Once fruiting starts, all we need to do is to look in once or twice a day to check that the process is running its normal course, ventilating the cake if necessary or adding moisture or heat when needed, and that's all.

Commercial mushroom cultivation kits include all the necessary tools to get them up and running as soon as you receive them, but by replacing some of these accessories with better options, we can simplify the process and achieve the best results, even easier.

Mushroom grow kits with mini-greenhouse for maximum performance

Replacing the cultivation bag with a heated mini-greenhouse makes handling the cake and climate control much more comfortable, maintaining a much more stable temperature in its interior.

In addition, by using an Alchimia digital thermo/hygrometer with probe we can monitor conditions with greater accuracy, and can also control the humidity, which guarantees complete climate control over the crop.

In this category of Alchimiaweb.com, we have prepared a selection of grow kits to choose from, heated and unheated, with various brands of cakes from different mushroom genetics, so that you begin to cultivate hallucinogenic mushrooms in a technical and professional way, and get the best results from your harvest.


Heated mini greenhouse Freshmushrooms growing kit

Alchimiaweb.com offers you this mushroom growing kit with a heated mini greenhouse, ideal to make the mushroom fruiting process as easy as it is effective. The main element of this kit is the FreshMushroom cake, inoculated with Psilocybe mushroom sp [...]

  • Thai75.99€ 73.71€
  • B+75.99€ 73.71€
  • Colombian75.99€ 73.71€
  • Ecuadorian75.99€ 73.71€
  • Golden Teacher75.99€ 73.71€
  • Mazapatec75.99€ 73.71€
  • McKennaii75.99€ 73.71€
  • Cambodians75.99€ 73.71€
  • Mexican75.99€ 73.71€

Tatandi mushroom cultivation kit with heated mini-greenhouse

Alchimiaweb.com is glad to present the Tatandi mushroom cultivation kit with heated mini-greenhouse, designed to ensure a safe and effective mushroom cake fructification. Tatandi mushroom cultivation kit with heated mini-greenhouse Tatandi mushroom [...]

  • Mexican69.87€ 67.77€
  • Golden Teacher69.87€ 67.77€
  • B +69.87€ 67.77€
  • Alacabenzi69.87€ 67.77€
  • McKennai (Out of stock)69.87€ 67.77€
  • Coast Albino69.87€ 67.77€
  • Leucistic69.87€ 67.77€
  • Moby Dick69.87€ 67.77€
  • Yeti85.33€ 82.77€
  • Penis Envy87.69€ 85.06€
  • Koh Samui87.69€ 85.06€

Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom Growing Kit + Heated Mini Greenhous

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Copelandia Hawaiian mushroom growing kit + heated mini greenhouse, designed to make the mushroom fruiting process as easy as possible. It includes a Copelandia Hawaiian mushroom cake by Grow Kit, and colonised with high-q [...]

  • Thaï (Out of stock)96.64€

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