Magic mushroom kits

Magic mushroom kits

Find out just how easy and exciting it is to cultivate your own magic mushrooms or entheogenic fungi (from the Greek "Enthenos" and "Genos" meaning "with a god inside" and "time of birth", ie "be reborn thanks to the knowledge of the gods").

Magic entheogenic mushroom cultivation kits on

To do this, we can use "mycelium cakes" and starter grow kits, with spores and all the necessary material (sterilised grain, container with air filter, tools, etc.) to experience the cultivation process, and get a homegrown harvest in a simple way.

Also, if you're interested in carrying out the entire process from start to finish, as a true mycologist would do, we offer the option to buy all the various elements needed to prepare your own substrate, such as prints and spore syringes, to produce your own homemade cakes, Bulk or PF-Tek, and oversee the whole process yourself.

Spores, prints, mushbags... everything you need to grow magic mushrooms

These days it's very easy and convenient to start to grow ethneogenic fungi, as there are a multitude of manufacturers offering the necessary products for cultivating magic mushrooms, such as Fresh Mushrooms, Tatandi or Innervisions, who also offer spores of almost all existing strains of fungi.

In this section of you can select your favourite varieties and the cultivation method that best suits your needs, so that you can experience the magic of the mycological world in the comfort of your home.

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