Whitebilly mushroom culture bag

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Whitebilly is a variety of hallucinogenic mushrooms from the MycoBags brand, derived from the famous Hillbilly Pumpkin that is striking for its albinism. Its fruits are ideal for beginners, both for their easy cultivation and their potency. This characteristic also makes them ideal for microdosing or for enjoying a party without a big high.

Whitebilly hallucinogenic mushrooms: albino Hillbilly Pumpkin mutation

The morphology of Whitebilly mushrooms is most peculiar. Their name best defines their shape. Huge, thick, dense feet, often larger in diameter than the cap, clearly reminiscent of pumpkins.

Whitebilly is very similar to Hillbilly Pumpkin in terms of cultivation profile, alkaloid content, growth chronology, sporulation and appearance.

Both Whitebilly and Hillbilly Pumpkin are easy to grow. Growth will be explosive, with huge specimens. It is worth mentioning that this particular selection produces larger and more monstrous specimens than the original Hillbilly, and the usual yield is around 600 g fresh per bag.

Whitebilly variety of hallucinogenic mushrooms: perfect for microdosing

As a side note, a sample of some Hillbilly was the winner in the microdosing category of the Hyphae Cup, thanks to its moderate but pleasant effects. The sample was submitted by a contestant named Chong. The sample he submitted, under the name SYE, reached 4.93 milligrams per gram of total tryptamines.

Learn how to grow MycoBags Whitebilly grow bags in 3 easy steps

Growing a MycoBags Whitebilly grow bag is very simple, much easier than any brand of bread. Just place it in a space with a temperature between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius, with 25 degrees Celsius being the recommended temperature. Once there, it will take 10-20 days for the first mushrooms to appear, but remember not to open the bag until they are fully grown.

Cultivation of MycoBags Whitebilly bags: minimum contamination guaranteed

They have a zero risk of contamination, as the bag with which they are sold should not be opened until the mushrooms are harvested. Again, at no time during cultivation, only to pick them once they are ripe. They are specially selected to be able to grow and develop in this environment.

If you follow the instructions to the letter, and re-hydrate the bag by spraying water inside, you can get up to 5 cycles of good production.

Characteristics of Mycobags Whitebilly grow bags

  • 2000 ml of substrate.
  • Albino version of Hillbilly Pumpkin.
  • 600 g fresh per bag.
  • Pleasant and moderate effect.
  • Perfect for microdosing.
  • Do not open the bag at any time.

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Properties of Whitebilly mushroom culture bag

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Opinions about Whitebilly mushroom culture bag and questions


Alwin 18-07-2024 Has bought this article

To be honest, this is the best kit I have had so far. It requires 0 effort, and has produced 56 gram dried for me, still going. My only feedback would be a more effective way to reclose the bag after harvesting. Also the mushrooms I harvested didn't look albino, but were the largest ones I have yielded, and looked really cool. 4,5/5 stars for me. Maybe add some clips, so people don't have to find their own to reopen. Thank you for this product still


DOUG 02-07-2024 Has bought this article hi, just received my first whitebilly mushroom culture bag, the instructions are easy to follow but i have a question. Do they need sunlight or can they be grown in the dark? I'm in Spain and the temperatures are well above the recommended 25 degs but i have a storeroom which will have the perfect temperature conditions but no sunlight, is this suitable to grow


Alchimia Grow Shop 03-07-2024

Hello Doug, mushrooms do not need sunlight, so it would be better in the storeroom with colder temperatures. Best regards!


Alwin 23-06-2024 Has bought this article I have a question; how do you reseal the bag after the first harvest?


Alchimia Grow Shop 26-06-2024

Hello, after making one or several folds on the top of the bag, it's doable with sterilized paper clips, sterilized closure sticks, or adhesive tape.

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