Lighting Systems

Lighting Systems

Lighting systems are certainly the key to success for indoor growers.

In our catalog you can choose between different types of lighting systems. On one hand you can find our Lighting kits, with multiple options like our Standard kits (fantastic value for money), Deluxe kits, created with the best components on the market, Adjust a Wings kits and Cooltube kits. The latest addition to our catalog are Electronic Ballast kits, which are more efficient than magnetic ballasts. If power consumption is one of your concerns, we also have Low Consumption kits for you.

Naturally, you'll also find here 250, 400 and 600W high-pressure sodium or metal halide bulbs, 125, 200 and 250W low-consumption lamps, fluorescent tubes for rooting clones, green light lamps and efficient LED systems.

Finally, we also offer you a wide selection of reflectors and power units - ballasts - light rail systems, timers to set the photoperiod, luxometers, adaptors, wiring...everything you need to provide your plants with optimal lighting.

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