Grow light reflectors

Quality reflectors are essential to get the most out of your lamps and thus optimize the results of our indoor grow room.

Here you can find several models, from basic stucco or smooth reflectors to Prima Klima and Protube air cooled reflectors (Cooltubes), without forgetting the world famous Adjust a Wings (Defender, Enforcer and Avenger) or the amazing Northstar reflector.

You'll also find lampholders, HID to CFL converters and Super Spreaders.

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Garden HighPro Pearl-Pro MicroDot Aluminum Reflector - Grow light reflectors

Alchimiaweb presents the Pearl-Pro MicroDot Aluminium Reflector by Garden HighPro, a perfect equipment to start [...]

  • + Shucko cable to install (energy saving lamp) 19.00€ 17.10€
  • + standard cable (1.5Mt) to install on the ballast 19.00€ 17.10€
  • + long cable installed (4m) for ballast 25.90€

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger XL - Grow light reflectors

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger XL is a shade with adjustable wings for 600w and 400w lamps (1 or 2 lamps), with an advanced scientific design, unbeatable [...]

  • 1 Lampholder 138.00€
  • 2 lampholders 183.00€

Adjust-A-Wings Defender - Large, White - Grow light reflectors

The Adjust-A-Wings Defender Large White is the largest reflector of the Adjust-A-Wings Family. It is composed of two large wings that cover a 1.80 x 2.2 m [...]

  • 1 lampholder - With Plug&Play cable 117.00€
  • 2 Lampholder - With Plug&Play cable (Out of stock) 161.50€

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Non-return flap - Ventilation Accessories

The non-return flap allows the outflow of air to the outside, but it prevents the entry of air from the outside to the growing space. [...]

  • 100 mm (Out of stock) 12.50€
  • 125 mm 14.00€
  • 150 mm 15.00€ 11.25€
  • 200 mm 20.00€ 18.00€
  • 250 mm 25.00€ 16.25€
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