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The nutritional needs of cannabis plants vary as they develop, and growth fertilisers provide the basic nutrition that they require during the first stage of life. In this first phase they demand a large amount of nitrogen and phosphorus to help the plants create an excellent structure, with strong and robust stems, leaves, petioles, roots and branches that allow the plants to grow vigorously.

At Alchimia we have a wide range of growth nutrients from different brands and with different ratios of NPK, together with micronutrients, which are all balanced for ease of use and exuberant growth in cannabis plants.

Liquid or solid fertilisers for growth

Growth fertilisers are available in two main formats: liquid fertilisers and solid fertilisers, powdered or granular. Liquid fertilisers must be diluted in water and applied via irrigation, adjusting the dosage according to the size of the plant.

Powdered or granulated fertilisers are ideal for mixing with the substrate at the beginning or when transplanting, meaning the grower only needs to think about watering. Solid nutrients are recommended for both beginners and the most expert cannabis cultivators.

Organic or mineral growth fertilisers

As well as differentiating between liquid and solid nutrients, we can also take choose between organic and mineral fertilisers. Organic nutrients come from natural sources, and can be of animal or vegetable origin, for example guano, earthworm humus, Nutrihemp, etc.

Mineral fertilisers are generally synthesised in laboratories from raw elements, meaning the nutrients are in a form that's directly assimilable by plants.

Basic differences between organic and mineral fertilisers

The principal difference between organic and mineral fertilisers is that plants grown with organic nutrients will tend to develop a more complex terpene profile than those cultivated with mineral fertiliser.

Organic fertilisers must be complemented with beneficial microbes and other elements to help the plants offer similar or improved yields compared to using mineral fertilisers. Typically, mineral nutrients usually offer higher production, simply because they allow faster nutrient uptake by the plants.

It's worth mentioning that plants fed with organic fertilisers will suffer far fewer problems from nutrient excesses or lockouts compared to mineral fertilisers, which due to their rapid uptake can easily lead to over-fertilisation of the plants.

We can find growth fertilisers from all nutrient brands. It should be noted that some brands of mineral nutrients do not have separate growth and flowering fertilisers but instead are supplied as two bottles, A+B, which are mixed together to form the base nutrient throughout the life of the plant.

Other elements to complement fertilisers

Growth fertilisers can be complemented with enhancers, stimulators, beneficial microbes, and other additives for cannabis cultivation thus making up a complete diet and getting the best results from your grow, whether indoors or outdoors.

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BioCanna fertilizer Kit

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Metrop Start Kit 1L

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pH Perfect Sensi Grow Hobbyist Kit
BioTabs Starter Pack

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Banana Dessert

Banana Dessert

R-Kiem Seeds

From 40.00€

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Canna Coco A+B

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TRABE Nutrihemp

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ASTURHUMUS Worm Humus 100% Organic
Plagron Coco A+B 1L

15.81€ 18.60€

Plagron Terra Grow

9.70€ 12.15€

Latest in Growth Fertilisers

Banana Dessert - R-Kiem Seeds

Alchimiaweb is proud to present the feminized version of the regular Banana Dessert, a strain that, until now, was only available in this regular format. This plant is known for its fantastic production of trichomes and terpenes with tropical aromas [...]

  • 3 seeds40.00€
  • 5 seeds65.00€
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Lurpe Green Sunrise

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Lurpe Green Sunrise, a mixture of natural ingredients developed to produce compost tea for the plants growth stage. It can be used both outdoors and in an indoor grow tent. Lurpe Green Sunrise, based on beneficial plants [...]

  • 1L34.30€ 27.40€
  • 4L105.00€ 73.50€

Metrop Cutting Kit

Metrop Cutting Kit is a set of products designed to facilitate marijuana seeds germination and cuttings rooting process. It is already available in our catalogue at Metrop Cutting Kit, for the first stages of plant development This [...]

  • 250ml71.39€ 64.25€
  • 1L143.99€ 129.59€

True Iguana Juice Organic Grow

Alchimia presents True Organics Iguana Juice Grow by Advanced Nutrients, a base fertiliser that needs no introduction. It offers excellent results known by many growers all over the world. It is considered one of the best organic cannabis fertilisers [...]

  • 1 L42.35€ 33.85€

Banana Dessert - R-Kiem Seeds

Alchimiaweb is proud to present the feminized version of the regular Banana Dessert, a strain that, until now, was only available in this regular format. This plant is known for its fantastic production of trichomes and terpenes with tropical aromas [...]

  • 3 seeds40.00€
  • 5 seeds65.00€

Metrop Substrate Plus presents Metrop Substrate Plus, a product to enrich mineral organic substrate improving the structure and nutritional reserves of such cannabis substrates. Its formula is designed to be used with both peat and coconut, even with subs [...]

  • 3,5 Kg44.45€ 35.55€
UP TO 30%


Alchimia Grow Shop presents Derdekea by The Hype, a bio-mineral growth fertiliser designed to promote lush and healthy plant development. It is a product for our cultivation outdoor or in an indoor grow tent. Derdekea, growth fertiliser with bio-stim [...]

  • 500ml (Out of stock)18.00€ 12.60€
  • 1.25 l (Out of stock)24.00€ 20.40€

Top Crop TriPack

Top Crop TriPack is a fertiliser kit intended to be used in the various plant stages, rooting, growth and flowering. The kit comprises three different products: Deeper Undergrown is a fertiliser formulated for the initial plant development, promoti [...]

  • 250 ml18.00€ 12.60€

Biobizz Try-pack Outdoor

Biobizz has changed its image, and with it, their packs; they are now called Try-pack, and they are specifically prepared for different growing methods. We talk about the Try-pack Outdoor, which contains three products that, in combination, will be [...]

  • 18.08€ 14.45€

Kit DualPart Complete - Terra Aquatica

Alchimia presents the Dualpart Complete Kit by Terra Aquatica, a set that includes a base fertiliser and all the necessary nutrients to complement the cultivation by promoting microorganisms, boosting roots and branches, etc. This kit is designed to [...]

  • 128.70€ 115.83€

Biobizz Bio Grow

Biobizz Bio Grow is a liquid growth fertiliser that promotes lush growth and can be used in almost all soil types. Biobizz Bio Grow is a fertiliser and a substrate activator, and can be used in automated watering systems. Bio Grow can also be used a [...]

  • 1 L12.17€ 9.70€
  • 5 L53.66€ 42.90€

BioCanna fertilizer Kit

Bio Canna is the best-selling Dutch bio-fertilizer brand of our catalog, and probably of the Spanish market. Since its emergence, this company has constantly enhanced its reputation. The ease of use of its products and the simplicity of its implemen [...]

  • 69.85€ 55.88€

Biobizz Fish Mix

Biobizz Fish Mix has always been a close friend of organic growers because it conditions the soil, stimulating microbial activity and accelerating the growth of the plant. Biobizz Fish Mix also can be used as a foliar tonic, diluting it in water. [...]

  • 250 ml4.75€ 3.80€
  • 1 L12.17€ 9.70€
  • 5 L51.51€ 41.20€
UP TO 30%

Bio Technology Auto A+B

Alchimia presents Bio Technology's Auto A + B fertilisers, specifically developed to meet the nutrient requirements of autoflowering plants throughout the entire crop cycle. This mineral fertiliser is fully compatible with cultivation in soil, coco, [...]

  • 250 ml (Out of stock)11.00€ 7.70€
  • 500ml12.90€ 11.61€
  • 1L22.00€ 19.80€
  • 5L80.00€ 72.00€

Lurpe Hydrolyzed Kelp

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Lurpe Hydrolyzed Kelp, a water-soluble kelp meal designed to be administered in irrigation or by foliar application to our plants both outdoors and in an indoor grow tent. Lurpe Hydrolyzed Kelp, stimulates plant developme [...]

  • 200g21.50€ 17.20€

CANNA Bio Vega (Growth)

Bio Vega from BIOCANNA has been specially developed for the growth phase of the plant. Bio Vega is rich in Betaine nitrogen, which is absorbed according to the needs of the plant. Its bioactive components stimulate both a vigorous root development a [...]

  • 1 L17.09€ 13.65€
  • 5 L68.35€ 54.65€

Top Veg

Top veg is the base growth fertiliser developed by Top Crop. It is formulated with an NPK 9-4-8 compound together with other elements such as humic acids, fulvic acids, alginic acid, mannitol, potassium humates and micro nutrients. The result is a ba [...]

  • 1L12.00€ 8.40€
  • 5L43.00€ 30.10€

Athena Grow A + B

Alchimia presents Grow A+B by Athena, a growth fertiliser formulated in two different components. It is a product indicated for the vegetative growth stage of cannabis plants, resulting in healthy and vigorous plants. Athena Grow, growth fertiliser, [...]

  • 3,78 L106.00€ 95.40€

Lurpe Natural Solutions Azomite volcanic ashes presents Lure Natural Solutions Volcanic Ash, a natural mineral flour that enriches the soil for marijuana or your compost tea formula. Lurpe Volcanic Ash, with 70 different minerals This ash is 100% Azomite powder. Silicon originat [...]

  • 1kg17.70€ 14.15€

Canna Hydro Vega A+B

Canna is one of the pioneer companies in the growing in loss solution or recirculation systems, and Canna Hydro A + B range is the most used in the Netherlands for several years. Contrary to Canna Aqua range, which is used in hydroponic circuits with [...]

  • (Out of stock)17.40€ 13.92€

Floraflex nutrients V1

Floraflex Nutrients presents V1, a growing fertiliser designed by Floraflex team to offer the cultivator a quality, versatile and simple to use nutrient. It provides all necessary elements for a cannabis plant perfect development. This fertiliser ha [...]

  • 0.46L18.14€ 13.60€

Floraflex Nutrients V2

Floraflex Nutrients presents V2, a growth fertiliser formulated by Floraflex team. A product that offers the cultivator a quality, versatile and simple to use nutrient with all the necessary elements for our cannabis plants perfect development. This [...]

  • 0.46L24.19€ 18.10€


SUPERthrive, the world-renowned additive, is the ultimate vitamin solution and general growth promoter that every cannabis grower needs. SUPERthrive is famous for its efficacy in cannabis plants yet can also be used in a wide range of plants, ensuri [...]

  • 120 ml20.00€ 18.00€

CANNA Terra Vega (Growth)

A plant must be healthy and strong to perform a vigorous growth. For this reason CANNA has developed Terra Vega. This nutritious product for plant growth is adapted for pre-fertilised soils, but can also be applied in poor soils. Terra Vega from CAN [...]

  • 1 L12.86€ 10.25€
  • 5 L47.34€ 37.85€

KIT PH Perfect Sensi Grand Master Grower

Advanced Nutrients presents the pH Perfect Sensi Grand Master Grower Kit, the most complete set by this renowned fertiliser brand specialised in cannabis cultivation. This kit contains all the compounds presented in the Grand Master Grower growing c [...]

  • 595.71€ 446.78€

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Professional Grower Kit

Alchimia presents pH Perfect Sensi Professional Grower Kit by Advanced Nutrients, one of the complete sets of this well-known brand specialised in fertilisers for cannabis cultivation. It includes all the components of the Professional Grower cultiv [...]

  • 434.11€ 325.58€

Kit Cannaboom Boker

Cannaboom Boker, the ideal set for growers looking for mineral fertilisers to obtain high yields. It is a kit with all the necessary nutrients to enjoy an excellent cultivation, and not having to think about which fertilisers or supplements to use i [...]

  • 112.50€ 101.25€

Pro Organic Complete Kit - Terra Aquatica

Alchimia presents the Pro Organic Complete Kit by Terra Aquatica, a set of organic fertilisers and all the nutrient supplements to maximise your cultivation. Other Terra Aquatica kits are also available on our website, developed to save you from acq [...]

  • 145.30€ 123.51€

pH Perfect Sensi Grow Expert Grower Kit

The pH Perfect Expert Grower nutrient kit is designed for growers who want to take their cultivation to the next level, and includes various products to give plants better growth and a greater capacity to produce higher yields of bigger, tastier and [...]

  • 321.57€ 241.18€

B.A.C. Sugar Candy Syrup

Sugar Candy Syrup from B.A.C. is a powerful flowering biostimulator and stress reliever for cannabis cultivation, it increases flower and resin yields, also improving aromas and flavours. Now available in Alchimia. Sugar Candy Syrup by BAC, larger a [...]

  • 500 ml32.10€ 27.25€

Bio Technology Grow/Bloom Starter Pack

Alchimia presents Bio Technology's Grow/Bloom Starter Pack, containing all the fertilisers and additives needed for healthy, vigorous growth and flowering of cannabis plants. To start with, Roots root fertilisers (50ml) and Grow A + B vegetative fe [...]

  • (Out of stock)59.00€

Atami B'Cuzz Soil A+B

Alchimia Grow Shop is happy to present the professional B'Cuzz TSoil A + B biomineral fertilisers. A product designed to ensure balanced and rapid growth in cannabis plants when cultivated in high quality cannabis cultivation soil. The formula of the [...]

  • 1L16.00€ 12.80€
  • 5 L61.24€ 48.99€

Tribac Organic by B.A.C.

Alchimia presents the Tribac Kit by the famous and reputable fertiliser company BAC. This set contains three products, Grow, Bloom and PK, everything you need for an optimal cultivation. BAC has specially developed this set of fertilisers to ensure t [...]

  • 32.98€

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