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B'Cuzz 1-Component Soil 1l

Now at Alchimia Grow Shop catalogue, the BCuzz 1-Component Soil Nutrition mineral fertiliser. A product designed to provide all nutrients to plants cultivated professionally on cannabis soil. This biomineral fertiliser is assimilated quickly by the [...]

  • 11.83€ 9.45€

Pro Grow Athena

Athena presents Pro Grow, a growth fertiliser. It is a dry nutrient that boosts the root system for a good foliage development. This product is a balanced mixture of soluble fertilisers with low heavy metal content that provides the plant with essent [...]

  • 4.53Kg128.00€ 108.75€

Vegamatrix Starter Kit

Now available in the online nutrient catalogue at Alchimiaweb, this great Starter Kit from Vegamatrix, a comprehensive kit including the full range of fertilisers offered by this US brand, perfect to start your veganic cultivation of cannabis in the [...]

  • (Product sold out)89.00€

pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow A+B

pH Perfect® Connoisseur® Grow A + B from Advanced Nutrients are fertilisers that have been designed for high-end crops which produce high quality harvests and excellent yields, as well as enhancing the aromas and flavours of the buds, creatin [...]

  • 1L33.00€

Canna Aqua Vega A+B

AquaVega CANNA A + B 1L is one of the most recent nutrients for growth developed to cultivate in recirculation systems such as NFT, Aeroponic, and Ebb & Flow. The successful and balanced formulation of the Aqua nutrients is translated into less [...]

  • 1 L20.10€

Canna Coco A+B

CANNA COCO A & B is a complete mineral nutrient system specifically developed for cultivating cannabis in coco substrate and created for professionals by CANNA. The result of extensive research and development into plant growth, substrates and d [...]

  • 1 L18.25€
  • 5 L64.35€

Orga Grow

Bio Technology present Orga Grow, a bio-mineral growth fertiliser created so that your cannabis plants will grow healthy and vigorously, now available online at Alchimia Grow Shop. Orga Grow de BioTechnology, NPK 3.5-1.5-4 and rich in sulfur and mag [...]

  • 250 ml9.00€
  • 1L18.00€
  • 5L65.00€

pH Perfect Micro

pH Perfect Micro by Advanced Nutrients is a 3-part Grow, Micro, Bloom fertiliser component, which is the only nutrient product in this format created using the new pH Perfect technology. Ph Perfect maintains the nutrient water's pH status at optimum [...]

  • 1L15.49€

Top Auto

Top Auto by Top Crop is a fertiliser specially formulated to provide auto-flowering cannabis plants with all the nutritional requirements from day one, both for the growing and the flowering stages. Top Auto boosts auto-flowering strains with a vigor [...]

  • 250 ml7.00€
  • 1L15.00€

pH Perfect Grow

pH Perfect Grow by Advanced Nutrients is the only three-part fertiliser that contains the new pH Perfect® technology which always maintains the pH of the nutrient water in optimal conditions for the best development of plants. The formulation of [...]

  • 1L11.49€

Top Vulcan

Top Vulcan by Top Crop is a mineral fertiliser made from ground volcanic rock originating from the island of Java. It is rich in essential trace-elements that enhance marijuana plant development and flowering. Top Vulcan increases plant resistance t [...]

  • 700 gr7.90€
  • 4 kg28.00€

Kit Grow Micro Bloom - Terra Aquatica

In this kit you can find the three basic fertilisers from the TriPart range, a system designed by Cal Herrman, formerly a chemist at NASA and the University of Berkeley in California, for over 20 years. It offers the three essential components to me [...]

  • 1L28.56€


Only in Alchimiaweb, Pro-XL Mini Pack is a complete range of nutrients for cannabis plants, easy to use and extremely efficient. These concentrated mineral fertilizers offer excellent results in all types of growing medium, providing vigorous growth [...]

  • (Product sold out)69.50€

pH Perfect Sensi Grow Hobbyist Kit

The pH Perfect Sensi hobbyist level fertiliser kit from Advanced Nutrients is one of the best options for users of this well-known brand of quality nutrients who are looking for comfort in their cultivation, obtaining excellent results with just a fe [...]

  • 177.30€

UFeed 1L

From the famous coconut fibre manufacturer Ugro comes a new line of fertilisers specially developed for cannabis cultivation in coco, now available online at AlchimiaWeb! UFeed is a two-part mineral nutrient, comprised of UFeed A & UFeed B. This [...]

  • A10.90€ 7.05€
  • B10.90€ 7.05€

Pro Core Athena

Alchimia presents Pro Core by Athena, a fertiliser to support the plant during its whole cycle, providing it with a basic nutrition. It supplies elements to balance the NPK, together with essential microelements, combining its use with Pro Grow and P [...]

  • 4.53Kg128.00€ 108.75€

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