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SUPERthrive, the world-renowned additive, is the ultimate vitamin solution and general growth promoter that every cannabis grower needs.

SUPERthrive is famous for its efficacy in cannabis plants yet can also be used in a wide range of plants, ensuring always an optimal and healthy performance.

SUPERthrive is notable for several features that make it an indispensable additive for cannabis and other plants cultivation:

Rich in essential vitamins: Plants require a variety of vitamins for healthy growth and optimal performance. SUPERthrive offers a unique and powerful formula that provides your plants with the vitamins they need to strengthen the immune system, improving nutrient absorption and promoting vigorous growth.

Specialised additive: SUPERthrive is specifically designed as an additive to enhance the plants growth and vitality. Its concentrated, balanced formula provides an extra boost, maximising the production of new leaves, flower buds and root effects in both indoor and outdoor plants.

Versatility at all stages: Whether your cannabis plants are in the vegetative growth stage or full flowering, SUPERthrive can be used at any stage of the life cycle. From seedling initiation to final flowering. This product provides the nutrients needed for robust growth, abundant flowering and a high-quality harvest.

Additional benefits: In addition to its role as a growth promoter in cannabis cultivation, SUPERthrive offers several additional benefits. It can aid in seed germination, stimulate plant resistance against disease and environmental stress, and accelerate the recovery of damaged plants. It is also effective in preserving previous cultivation of vegetables and flowers, ensuring the plants longevity and protection against the negative effects of transplanting.

SUPERthrive is a world-renowned vitamin additive that has earned the trust of cannabis growers and gardeners worldwide. With its wide range of essential vitamins and its ability to promote healthy growth, this product ensures stronger plants, abundant production, and better resistance to environmental challenges.

SUPERthrive additive info:

  • Rich in essential vitamins for optimal growth
  • Boosts leaf and flower bud development
  • Versatile in all growth and flowering stages
  • Helps recovery of stressed or diseased plants
  • Protects against transplanting impact

SUPERthrive dosage:

  • Indoor Plants, General Use, Outdoor Plants: Weekly/Monthly: 1ml per 3L (1 drop per 100ml)
  • Seedlings: Keep soil moist. May be used weekly or alternately: 1ml per 3L
  • Seeds/Tubers: Soak in 1ml per 3L for 15 minutes or more, depending on size and type
  • Small and tender plants: only 1 drop per 4L
  • Foliar spray: 15 ml per 10L. Spray both leaves sides for total absorption
  • Hydroponic: 0.3-1.3ml per 3L when replacing or adding water
  • Hydro-seeding: 1ml per 25L
  • Transplanting: 13ml per 10L
  • Turf: 65ml per 200L for approximately 150m2
  • Trees and Woody Plants: 1ml per 3L per week

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