KOPPERT Trap catches insects

Horiver Koppert insect catcher and Horiver-TR are an ecological solution to fight against a large number of pests which may affect cannabis and other plants.

Alchimia presents Koppert Horiver adhesive plates and Horiver-TR, available in yellow or blue, depending on the pest we need to control.

The yellow Koppert Horiver plates combats aphids, mining flies, whiteflies, thrips, Sciaridaes, cherry and olive flies. The blue Koppert Horiver-TR plates are especially efficient against Thrips.

Horiver and Horiver-TR plates use

Adhesive plates facilitate pest presence during indoor cannabis cultivation, controlling many harmful insects. You can count the number of insects trapped on the plates and control the treatment efficiency.

Traps should be placed where there is most risk of infestation, such as in the entrances or near the vents. Place the plates 30cm above the top with small plants and at the top level if the plants are tall.

If you place the plate in the middle of the plants, it may be filled with insects, in this case replace the plate.

Koppert niche traps info:

  • Yellow or blue adhesive plates
  • Plate size: 24 x 10 cm (8 double traps + 2 single traps)
  • Sold with a grid for easy counting
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