Ostroka Black Rain 100ml

Ostroka Black Rain is an organic ecological insecticide and acaricide used for the control of many species that can affect our cannabis garden, now available at Ostroka Black Rain, broad-spectrum organic insecticide This insecticid [...]

  • (Product sold out)22.00€

Flower Double Max Acaricide Insecticide 8ml

Alchimia Grow Shop presents this double action insecticide/acaricide product created by Flower. This product will help you to control pests in your cannabis cultivation. It is a broad-spectrum product in powder form. It is designed to be easy and sa [...]

  • 9.90€

Sumifive Polyvalent Insecticide 15cc

Flower Sumifive is a shock insecticide. It is formulated based on a combination of esfenvalerate 5% concentration, phenylethyl-xylene isomers and ethyl phenylethyl. This product acts especially on five different insect groups: caterpillars, aphids, b [...]

  • 9.50€

Insecticide BAYER Decis Jardin

Decís Jardin 750ml insecticide is a phyto-sanitary product designed to control the main pests that attack our cannabis plants, acts against geranium butterflies, thrips, caterpillars, aphid and whitefly. This insecticide acts by contact and ingesti [...]

  • 750 ml (Product sold out)7.99€


Top Crop Barrier is a product formulated to boost the plants defenses. Along the growing period, plants can be exposed to different external factors that can cause stress to the plant and make it not perform as it should. Barrier contains a high sil [...]

  • 250 ml4.80€
  • 1L10.00€


Petahyah is a product of The Hype Guardian line. A range of phytosanitary products developed with the registered MJ-SHIELD formula. As well as preventing specific pests, these products stimulate natural defences and improve the general plant developm [...]

  • 32.00€

Neurdoff Insect-Bee-Bug House-Hotel

An item that compliments outdoor areas when growing in soil, such as gardens or farms. This small "hotel" is made of wood, so that it can serve as a nest for various types of insects according to the type of space each needs. WE are talking about wi [...]

  • (Product sold out)64.80€


The Hype Abbaton is a new phytosanitary product developed to prevent and control the red spider, one of the most feared pests in indoor cannabis cultivation worldwide. It is a 100% organic product. Besides acting as pests preventive, it also activate [...]

  • 41.00€

Sipcam Sulfur 80% WG fungicide and acaricide

Sipcam Garden Sulphur 80% WG will protect your cannabis plants against oidium (powdery mildew) and mites. This product is now available in our catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop. Its formula contains 80% soluble granulated Sulphur, or wettable sulphur, [...]

  • 50 gr2.15€

Sulfur fungicide acaricide by Fertiberia 50gr

Protect your cannabis plants from powdery mildew and mites with the Fertiberia Jardin Sulfur Fungicide & Acaricide, now available online in the grow catalogue. This product is manufactured from 80% soluble sulfur in the form of a [...]

  • 1.80€


The Hype presents AF, a new product within its Guardian fitosanitary range. This product is specially formulated for the control and eradication of the White Fly. By means of MJ-SHIELD technology, The Hype has developed a series of products which sti [...]

  • 500ml34.00€

Acaricide Insecticide Flower Rodeno 25g presents Flower Insecticide Acaricide Rodeno 25g, a broad-spectrum product to combat the cannabis red spider mite and other micro mites. Flower Insecticide Acaricide Rodeno 25g, effective against the red spider mite This concentrate [...]

  • (Product sold out)12.00€

Neudorff Spruzit (Mittel)

Spruzit concentrate or RTU is a broad spectrum product of biological origin. It acts against those sucking insects that feed on the leaves and branches of marijuana plants. Insecticide-acaricide for cannabis Effective against: Aphids, cochineals, [...]

  • Concentrate-250 ml16.00€
  • RTU-500 ml15.80€

KOPPERT Trap catches insects

Horiver Koppert insect catcher and Horiver-TR are an ecological solution to fight against a large number of pests which may affect cannabis and other plants. Alchimia presents Koppert Horiver adhesive plates and Horiver-TR, available in yellow or bl [...]

  • Blue Horiver 5.50€
  • Blue Horiver-TR5.50€

Bacillus Thuringensis insecticide by Fertiberia

Alchimia presents this organic insecticide by Fertiberia. It is a natural solution to control larvae, white butterflies and other harmful insects affecting your garden. Bacillus Thuringensis, a natural Insecticide This environmentally friendly inse [...]

  • (Product sold out)1.55€

Organic neem oil, Bio Neem

BioNeem from Prot Eco is an organic insecticide product made from Neem, already available in Alchimiaweb. This product is afficient against several insects and mites, either larvae or adults. It protects your plants from white flies, thrips, aphids, [...]

  • 30ml7.50€

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