Organic Potassium Soap Mobet (formerly Sabonprot)

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Mobet from Prot-Eco is a safe, natural, organic and completely biodegradable insecticide based on Potassium soap derived from saponified fatty acids. It is totally non-toxic and leaves no harmful residue.

Primarily used for the control of insect pests like Whitefly, Aphids, Thrips and Spider Mites, Sabonprot is also effective for the removal of the eggs, larvae and sticky, sugary excretions left by many insects. It also possesses a remarkable anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action, eradicating infections of determined species/strains if detected early.

For more persistent pests, Prot-Eco recommend combining Sabonprot either with Neem (for aphids, whitefly, thrips) or with Prot-Eco Cinnaprot (for spider mites).

It's very easy to apply, because unlike other soap products, Sabonprot does not precipitate Calcium salts which can lead to sprayer cloggage. Suitable for use on cannabis crops cultivated outdoors, indoors and in greenhouses.

Application of Potassium Soap Mobet : Spray the plant (underside of leafs, stem etc) in low-light hours every 10-15 days from start to 3 weeks before harvest. Do not apply in high temperature conditions. Prot-Eco recommend to lower the pH of hard water before use.

Compatability: It is incompatible with Rotenone, sulfur, copper, chelated metals with EDTA, surfactants and calcium nitrate.

Dosage: 3-8ml per litre of water.

Composition of Potassium Soap Mobet : 50% Fatty acids from vegetable oils, 7.5% Potassium Salt (K2O)

Properties of Organic Potassium Soap Mobet (formerly Sabonprot)

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