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Tarantula Liquid

Alchimia presents Tarantula Liquid, a powerful combination of beneficial bacteria that enhances root growth and activity. This leads to healthier plants, a more vigorous growth and exuberant flowering. In order to establish a proper symbiosis in the [...]

  • 500ml45.74€ 34.30€
  • 1L83.49€ 62.60€

B.A.C. Organic Bloom Stimulator

BAC Organic Bloom Stimulator is regarded as one of the best flowering boosters on the market, it's 100% natural formulation delivers healthy and rapid flowering in cannabis plants by helping to promote the proper development of beneficial microorgani [...]

  • 120ml44.67€ 33.50€
  • 300ml80.80€

Guanokalong Lava + Worm Humus 5 Kg

Alchimia presents here Guanokalong's Lava + Worm Humus, a solid fertilizer rich in nutrients and oligoelements for cannabis plants. It is made of volcanic rocks from Java island and worm humus, an ideal mix to enrich poor soils. Just add 5-10% to y [...]

  • 26.62€ 19.95€

ATA Flavor C

ATA Organics Flavor-C from ATAMI is a product that improves the taste and smell of the harvest, based on beet molasses. You can also add the ATA Organics Flavor-C as extra dose of Potassium. Application: From the fourth week of flowering of the pla [...]

  • 1 L13.15€ 9.85€

Biobizz Bio Heaven

Biobizz Bio Heaven is a concentrated energy enhancer for plants, specially formulated and containing carefully selected biological stimulants such as amino acids. Amino acids are a basic component in the development of proteins and enzymes that are [...]

  • 500 ml43.35€ 34.68€

ATA Flower C

ATA Organics Flower-C from ATAMI is a very powerful organic bloom stimulator, it favours a 100 % the maximum production of flowers and fruits. In combination with ATA-C Flavor Organics, ATA Organics Flower-C provides a special sweetness to the final [...]

  • 500 ml18.26€ 13.65€

ATA Bloom C

ATA ORGANICS Bloom-C from ATAMI is a liquid organic fertiliser based on extracts of algae and seaweed. ATA ORGANICS Bloom-C contains a rich blend of amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes and natural plant hormones, which increase both the y [...]

  • 1 L16.12€ 12.05€

ATA Roots C

ATA Organics Root-C from ATAMI is a very powerful organic root stimulator that favours a spectaculrar development of the plant's rootball. ATA Organics Root-C also has a preventive action on Pythium and Fusarium. ATA Organics Root-C is suitable as [...]

  • 250 ml16.42€ 12.30€

ATA Alga C

ATA ORGANICS ATAMI Alga-C is a unique Bio-Stimulant, thanks to a high concentration of algae. This is a high quality concentrate of trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and plant hormones. ATA ORGANICS Alga-C stimulates plant health and increases d [...]

  • 500 ml12.23€ 9.15€

Top MAX de BioBizz

BioBizz TOP MAX is a 100% organic flowering stimulator, which activates cell production and increases flower development. TOP MAX increases the molecular carriage of sugars, which means bigger buds and a softer and sweeter flavour of the final produ [...]

  • 500 ml16.24€ 12.99€
  • 1 L30.95€ 24.76€
  • 5 L126.62€ 101.30€

Guerrilla Tabs

Biotabs presents the Guerrilla Tabs, a slow release organic fertilizer with a N-P-K concentration of 15-7-8, what ensures that our marijuana plants have all the necessary elements for a proper development while stimulating the microbial life of the s [...]

  • 20 Tabs14.50€ 10.85€

All Mix by Bio Bizz

Bio Bizz All Mix has been specially developed in order to be the most complete planting soil for organic growing, with everything required for healthy, vigorous plants. Mixed to encourage a vibrant root zone by providing the perfect balance of air an [...]

  • 20 L9.89€ 7.90€
  • 50 L21.05€ 16.80€

Biobizz Algamic

Biobizz Algamic is a stimulant made from organic, cold pressed seaweed concentrate, which provides a range of micro-nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and hormones of vegetable origin. Either used in regular irrigation or sprayed on the leaves, Biobiz [...]

  • 1 L17.25€ 13.80€
  • 5 L64.54€ 51.63€

Aptus Mycor Mix

Mycor Mix is a 100% organic mixture of different species of endomycorrhiza. The mycorrhizae are beneficial fungi that act in symbiosis with the roots of marijuana plants . They act by attaching themselves to the root system by means of hyphae, funga [...]

  • 100 gr36.30€ 27.20€

Light Mix Bio Bizz

Light Mix from Bio Bizz is the ideal substrate for growers who want to control the growth of their marijuana plants using a liquid fertilizer. This soil is slightly pre-fertilized. Light Mix ensures rapid development of the roots and vigorous early [...]

  • 50 L13.79€ 11.00€

B.A.C Organic PK Booster

BAC PK Booster is a highly concentrated organic PK booster formulated to provide a spectacular sugar formation in your flowers and greatly increase quality. Developed to provide the additional phosphorus and potassium that cannabis plants demand dur [...]

  • 0'50 L27.16€ 20.35€
  • 1L46.64€ 34.95€
  • 5 L 150.39€

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