TRABE Bachumus Ecohemp F (Bloom)

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BACHUMUS Ecohemp-C is indicated for those growers who are into biological growing and want to provide the plant with all the necessary nutrients for its optimal development. BACHUMUS Ecohemp-C facilitates the biological processes in the soil. It is an organic fertiliser on the basis of 100% organic vegetable matter fermented with bacteria and enzymes, under strict laboratory control.

BACHUMUS Ecohemp-F (Bloom), for its high content of organic phosphorus, is ideal for the stage in which the plant begins to produce flowers. The other compounds in BACHUMUS Ecohemp-F (Bloom) enable the plant to continue with a high rate of growth, obtaining bountiful harvests through organic growing.

BACHUMUS Ecohemp-F (Bloom) increases the quality of the harvest, also can be applied as foliar fertiliser or added to the irrigation water. Also suitable for hydroponic crops.

Dosage of Bachumus Ecohemp-F:

A) Fertirrigation: 10 ml (approx. 1 cap) of BACHUMUS Ecohemp per 1 liter of water mixed into the irrigation water. Repeat every 10-15 days during the entire period of irrigation and cultivation.

B) Foliar: 10 ml (approx. 1 cap) of Ecohemp BACHUMUS on the leaves. Repeat every 7-15 days.

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