TRABE Bachumus Ecohemp C (Growth)

TRABE Bachumus Ecohemp C (Growth)
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BACHUMUS Ecohemp-C is indicated for those growers who are into biological growing and want to provide the plant with all the necessary nutrients for its optimal development. BACHUMUS Ecohemp-C facilitates the biological processes in the soil. It is an organic fertiliser on the basis of 100% organic vegetable matter fermented with bacteria and enzymes, under strict laboratory control.

BACHUMUS Ecohemp-C (Growth) provides all the necessary nitrogen during the plant's growth phase, which is determining. Its composition (rich in organic matter, humic compounds, fulvic acids, macro and microelements and amino acids) improves the absorption of nutrients and soil structure or culture medium, favouring the root development of the plant.

BACHUMUS Ecohemp-C (Growth) activates the bacterial flora, and increases the quality of the harvest. BACHUMUS Ecohemp-C can be supplied as a foliar fertiliser or added to irrigation water. Suitable for hydroponic crops.

Dosage of Bachumus Ecohemp-C:

A) Fertirrigation: 10 ml of BACHUMUS Ecohemp (approx. 1 cap) per 1 liter of water mixed into the water. Repeat every 10-15 days during the entire period of irrigation and cultivation.

B) Foliar: 10 ml of BACHUMUS Ecohemp (approx. 1 cap) per 10 liters of water. First application when the plant has 4-5 leaves. Repeat every 7-15 days.

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