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Participate in the Alchimia affiliate program

Affiliate program

1. Make visible

Place the links or banners directing to on your website or blog. If you have a place with an influx of public, you can also place visibility material and merchandising with QR codes.

2. Promote

Disseminate the links through newsletters or social networks. Visitors who come to our page will be able to purchase seeds, growing material, paraphernalia, magic mushrooms and much more. Always top brands and excellent service.

3. Monetize

For every purchase made on our website, you earn too! You will have a personal space on our website to keep track of the commissions you generate and convert it into cash when you decide.

How does it work?

Becoming an Alchimia affiliate partner is very simple. Once your request has been approved by our team, you will only have to add the affiliate links on your website, blog or social networks.

Every time one of your clients or partners makes a purchase on by following one of your links, you will be able to benefit from a sales commission.


1. What products does Alchimia sell?

The Alchimia grow shop is a store specializing in self-cultivation of marijuana. Your clients or partners can comfortably and discreetly buy cannabis seeds and cultivation accessories, paraphernalia, self-cultivation mushroom breads and CBD derivatives.

2. Does it have any cost?

No, it's totally free.

3. What commission do we offer?

Not all the products in our catalog have the same commercial margin, so we apply different commissions depending on the product category:

  • Cannabis seeds: 20%
  • Grow, head and other categories: 10%
  • Products in Offers and promotions: 5%

4. When will I collect the commissions?

Commissions are paid 30 days from receipt of your invoice. You can issue the invoice at the time you consider appropriate once you have reached a minimum balance of €100

5. What happens with cancellations?

If a customer, for whatever reason, cancels an order and requests a refund of the payment, the associated commission will automatically be deducted. If this occurs after the settlement of commissions, it will be regularized in the next invoice.

6. How do I know what I have sold?

By entering with your user account, in the affiliates section, you will be able to access the following information:

  • Sales in real time.
  • Detail of products sold associated with your account.
  • Amount and invoices already issued.
  • Amounts pending settlement.

7. What happens if the visitor leaves after your recommendation?

When you send us a visitor, we activate a cookie that is stored on the user's computer for 30 days and that identifies you as a "recommender". If the visitor returns from the same machine (even if they don't follow your link) and makes a purchase within this period (if they haven't cleared the cookies), you will automatically be credited with the commission for the sale.

8. How does the affiliate system work?

  1. If you have a website with your own domain (for example:, we will automatically capture all the sales that come from this domain after verifying its ownership.
  2. If you recommend us through social networks or shared domains (for example: you must add an identifier at the end of the links that you put to our website and we will also capture all the sales that come from these links.
  3. Using a specific coupon for the type of product and affiliate, which allows you to choose what % of commission you give to your client (from networks, for example) and what % the affiliate keeps.

9. How do I link you?

  1. If your links come from a own domain that we have registered, you don't need to do anything, just put a link to one of our products, category or home.
  2. If you link to us from social networks or shared domains, you must add a parameter to the end of the URL you want to link: ?aff=ABCD, where ABCD is the affiliate token that you will find in the affiliate tab of your bill. For example, if your token is C8397856129C578E1B55D23EC and you want to add a link to the product "Smooth Dark Wood Grinder", the link would be:
  3. Through discount coupon/Commission: We will provide you with a Coupon (or several) where in this case you can choose what commission you keep and what discount you offer to your users/followers. PE We can create a coupon where you give away 10% in seeds to your users and you get the other 10% commission.

10. Recommendation

Specific links are much more effective than generic links, such as home. If, for example, you have a post on your blog that talks about the benefits of CBD, the ideal is to link to our category "Pharmacy and Cosmetics with CBD".

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to send us an email to and we will be happy to help you and advise you so that you can increase your sales.

Based in Vilamalla (Girona), Alchimia is one of the companies in the cannabis sector with the longest history. We have been sharing knowledge and marketing CBD seeds, growing material, paraphernalia and derivatives for more than 20 years. We collaborate with the best banks and brands in the market and our reputation spans Europe and the world.

Working with Alchimia is synonymous with seriousness, professionalism and support. Our marketing team will be at your disposal at all times to advise you on how to sell more.

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(+34) 972 527 248
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