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In this tag, you can find our full range of mineral fertilisers for cannabis cultivation. Also known as chemical or salt-based fertilisers, these products are made with inorganic materials of fully or partially synthetic origin. These products are made with raw materials sourced from the natural environment, like petrochemiclas or mineral ores, but a chemical process is required for their transformation into plant fertiliser.

Mineral fertilisers have various advantages over organic nutrients. For one, they contain high concentrations of the basic macronutrients needed for plant growth: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous (NPK), alongside trace elements. These elements are presented in a directly assimilable form, without needing to be broken down by soil microbes to make them available to the plants' roots. They are also highly soluble and as a result of this, they are quickly absorbed by the plants, which makes precise dosage and effective plant-steering possible. This involves feeding the exact requirements of a crop at any given time in its development, potentially making much more economical use of fertiliser.

Their ease of use, fast action, cost-effectiveness and standardised formulation have helped to make mineral fertilisers the choice of almost all the large-scale, licensed cannabis grow facilities everywhere cultivation is legal and licensed, however they are not without disadvantages, both in their use and production.

On a cultivation level, their concentrated nature means that over-fertilisation is not an uncommon problem. And the salts used in mineral fertilisers can quickly accumulate in the grow medium if care is not taken. These salt build-ups can cause nutrient lockouts, seriously affecting plants' development. Mineral fertilisers do not contribute to improving soil structure or long-term fertility, and overuse can permanently damage microbial populations in the soil, with a corresponding negative effect to plant health and disease-resistance.

On an environmental level, mineral fertilisers are the result of energy-hungry chemical processes or extractive mining operations and, as such, are far from sustainable in terms of power use and consumption of finite resources. Despite this negative environmental impact, their convenience of use and relatively low cost means they are still a popular choice among growers the world over.

Mineral or chemical fertilisers can be used in all types of growing systems, (although we always recommend organic nutrients for the best results in soil cultivation) in particular hydroponic gardening of all kinds. These intensive cultivation techniques, in combination with an intelligent use of mineral fertilisers, will always result in some of the most productive harvests possible. These products are available from a wide range of different high-quality brands as both solid and liquid fertilisers to suit all situations and budgets. Here at Alchimiaweb we offer general-purpose mineral fertilisers, thise formulated for auto-flowering cannabis plants as well as nutrients tailored for the growth and flowering period of photoperiod cannabis plants.

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Big Bud

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Metrop Start Kit 1L

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HESI Bloom Complex for soil

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Canna Terra nutrient Kit

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Plagron Terra Grow

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Powder Feeding Mineral Starter Kit
pH Perfect Micro

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CANNA Terra Vega (Growth)

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Canna Magnesium 1L

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Atami ATA Rootfast

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Atami ATA PK 13-14

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Alchimia Grow Shop presents Derdekea by The Hype, a bio-mineral growth fertiliser designed to promote lush and healthy plant development. It is a product for our cultivation outdoor or in an indoor grow tent. Derdekea, growth fertiliser with bio-stim [...]

  • 500ml18.00€ 15.30€
  • 1.25 l (Out of stock)24.00€ 20.40€


Alchimiaweb.com presents Erelim Lite by The Hype, a complete organo-mineral flowering fertiliser. It is a product formulated to obtain the best results both outdoors and in an indoor grow tent. Erelim Lite, a flowering fertiliser with a bio-mineral [...]

  • 500ml18.00€
  • 1.25L24.00€


Alchimia presents Arkhas PK Booster by The Hype, an important ally to obtain abundant harvests. This product is now available in our cannabis nutrient products catalogue. Arkhas is a product that stimulates flowering, increases the plants size and i [...]

  • 250 ml20.50€ 17.40€
  • 500 ml27.00€ 22.95€
  • 1.25 l45.50€ 38.65€

Top Crop TriPack

Top Crop TriPack is a fertiliser kit intended to be used in the various plant stages, rooting, growth and flowering. The kit comprises three different products: Deeper Undergrown is a fertiliser formulated for the initial plant development, promoti [...]

  • 250 ml18.00€ 12.60€

Kit DualPart Complete - Terra Aquatica

Alchimia presents the Dualpart Complete Kit by Terra Aquatica, a set that includes a base fertiliser and all the necessary nutrients to complement the cultivation by promoting microorganisms, boosting roots and branches, etc. This kit is designed to [...]

  • 115.83€

Bio Technology Auto A+B

Alchimia presents Bio Technology's Auto A + B fertilisers, specifically developed to meet the nutrient requirements of autoflowering plants throughout the entire crop cycle. This mineral fertiliser is fully compatible with cultivation in soil, coco, [...]

  • 500ml12.26€
  • 1L20.90€
  • 5L76.00€

Terra Power Complete Kit

Terra Power Complete Kit is a set designed by Alchimiaweb with all Terra Power products, offering a discount of around 25%. This product range creates the ideal synergy for all the stages and situations that can occur in a cultivation. Alchimia also [...]

  • 545.02€

Terra Power Pro Kit

Terra Power Pro Kit is a set of fertilisers conceived by Alchimiaweb based on Terra Power brand products. A set of products to take cultivation to another level. It is more complete than the Terra Power Basic Kit, as it includes a greater number of f [...]

  • 395.64€

Terra Power Vitamin & Enzyme Supplements Kit

Terra Power Vitamin & Enzyme Supplement Kit is a set of fertilisers conceived by Alchimiaweb as a complement to the basic nutrients used in our plants. It is a supplementation based on enzymes and vitamins that stimulate the substrate to enhance [...]

  • 87.74€

Terra Power Kit Root Help

Alchimia presents Terra Power Root Help Kit, a set of fertilisers conceived by Alchimiaweb aimed at improving the plants root system. This is based on specialised Terra Power products for this effect, creating an ideal synergy in the substrate so tha [...]

  • 211.06€
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Canna Trace Mix

Alchimia presents Canna Trace Mix, a mineral fertiliser specifically developed as a supplement of essential trace elements for the healthy plant development. This product, a blend of trace elements, is highly effective in stimulating both growth and [...]

  • 1 L13.85€

Top Veg

Top veg is the base growth fertiliser developed by Top Crop. It is formulated with an NPK 9-4-8 compound together with other elements such as humic acids, fulvic acids, alginic acid, mannitol, potassium humates and micro nutrients. The result is a ba [...]

  • 1L12.00€ 8.40€
  • 5L43.00€ 30.10€


Bloombastic by Atami is a high quality, highly concentrated, organic-based cocktail of bio-minerals and biological stimulators containing sea kelp and clay minerals designed for use during the flowering period of cannabis plants. Bloombastic replace [...]

  • 100ml20.09€ 15.05€
  • 325 ml59.16€ 44.35€
  • 1250 ml172.85€ 129.60€

Athena Grow A + B

Alchimia presents Grow A+B by Athena, a growth fertiliser formulated in two different components. It is a product indicated for the vegetative growth stage of cannabis plants, resulting in healthy and vigorous plants. Athena Grow, growth fertiliser, [...]

  • 3,78 L100.70€

Canna Hydro Vega A+B

Canna is one of the pioneer companies in the growing in loss solution or recirculation systems, and Canna Hydro A + B range is the most used in the Netherlands for several years. Contrary to Canna Aqua range, which is used in hydroponic circuits with [...]

  • (Out of stock)16.53€ 12.35€

Top Candy

Top Candy by Top Crop is one of the flagship products of this important Spanish fertiliser brand. It is a flowering fertiliser that contains few NPK nutrients but these in turn is compensated by a large amount of sugars and carbohydrates that help t [...]

  • 1L10.00€ 7.00€
  • 5L (Out of stock)32.00€ 22.40€

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