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Rhino Skin
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The secret to the success of many growers in achieving heavy colas with large buds is to start from a healthy and strong plant, which is precisely what Rhino Skin by Advanced Nutrients provides. Now available at Alchimiaweb.

Rhino Skin, strong and robust plants prepared for an explosive flowering

Indeed, thanks to Rhino Skin, plant cells and tissues are considerably strengthened, achieving larger, denser and more robust stems, branches, leaves and flowers. Thanks to this, we will not only get denser and heavier buds, but also the branches of the plants will be much more resistant, saving us the tedious task of using meshes or stakes.

In addition, the plant will also be better prepared to face any type of external stress source, which will greatly facilitate cultivation and save many problems in order to achieve a flowering that is as exuberant as it is free of setbacks. Rhino Skin is suitable for all types of growing media and environments, in addition to being able to be combined with base fertilizers from other brands, being a highly versatile product.

Silica, Rhino Skin's secret for superior performance

The main component of Rhino Skin from Advanced Nutrients is silica, which helps to reinforce the cell walls and tissues, thus achieving a much more robust and resistant structure, prepared both to face possible sources of stress and to support the weight of its huge and heavy buds.

In addition, the use of silica increases the production of glandular trichomes, something that will sound like music to the ears of lovers of resin extractions, who will be able to enjoy heavy flowers completely covered by a thick white layer of trichomes...spectacular!

Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin dosage and directions for use:

  • 2ml/l during the first 6 weeks of flowering (until the final root wash prior to harvest)

Characteristics of Rhino Skin from Advanced Nutrients:

  • Supplement for the bloom stage
  • Rich in silica
  • Strengthens cell walls and plant tissues
  • Denser flowers
  • Increased production of trichomes
  • Available in 250ml and 1 litre bottles
  • NPK: 0-0-0.4

Properties of Rhino Skin

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