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Biotabs makes life easier. 100% Organic plant cultivation will be very easy, even for beginners. Biotabs are composed of abalanced mix of organic nutrients to effectively feed your marijuana plants throughout their life cycle.

Even cannabis plants with a long flowering period have a beautiful green color throughout their culture. Many growers have problems around the fifth week of flowering, when the soil pH is degrading.

In this case, the bloom is slowed, and problems arise. Biotabs can easily pass this stage and maintain plants green and healthy for an explosive flowering.

Biotabs contain organic nutrients and all necessary minerals for cannabis plants (N, P, K, S, Fe), combined with beneficial bacteria that capture nitrogen from the air and improve Phosphorus assimilation, as well as organic substances that promote good health of plants.

Biotabs contain powdered bones, blood, feathers, fish, natural humic acids, beneficial bacteria, and slow-acting nitrogen (ureaform) that improve the composition of the substrate, contributing to a good absorption of nutrients for a healthy crop with a healthy soil.

NPK 12-9-9

Use of Biotabs:

For pots less than 40L, use 1 tablet per 5L of substrate.

For containers of more than 40L, we can use 1 tablet per 10L of substrate.

Push Biotabs 5 cm deep into the groing media, and then water the plants.

For soil or coco, container or in-ground plants, indoors or outdoors.

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