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Solid fertilisers or solid nutrients, whether in powder, granules or tablet form, are an excellent option for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, meaning plant nutrition is as easy as can be during cannabis cultivation.

As a general rule, solid fertilisers should be mixed into the substrate before planting. The plants will then feed from these slow release organic fertilisers, containing all the macro and micro nutrients that the plants need in the different stages of life: growth, stretch, flowering and maturing.

A well-amended substrate means you won't need to worry about using liquid fertilisers at any point, simply irrigate with the right amount of water each time. To take better advantage of solid organic fertilisers (there are also solid mineral fertilisers) and increase their availability, you can use microbial supplements which include beneficial bacteria and fungi like trichodermas, endomycorrhizas and others.

We can also supplement them with root stimulators, in growth and flowering. The amount of fertiliser we mix into the substrate will vary depending on whether we have a long growth period such as in outdoor cultivation or if it is a rapid harvest as with indoor growing. It's very easy to add more nutrients, either when we carry out transplants or by top-dressing the surface of the soil, and mixing into the first few centimetres of the substrate.

This type of fertiliser is ideal for beginners who are new to cannabis cultivation and want a grow that's easy to manage, but also for those who seek the best quality flowers, as well as for those looking for simplicity and effectiveness in their garden.

There are several brands of solid fertilisers, in organic and mineral format, shown below, some are complete by themselves as for example Bio Tabs, Powder Feeding, BioGrow and BioBloom, among others. Other fertilisers should be complemented with other amendments, as with the Guanokalong brand, where we can find ingredients like guano, palm tree ash, among others.

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Perfect Plant Pack - BioTabs

Alchimia present BioTabs Perfect Plant Pack, the best option for self-growers sensitive to organic products. This set is intended for a complete cycle of 2 large h [...]

  • 22.50€ 20.25€

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Biotabs makes life easier. 100% Organic plant cultivation will be very easy, even for beginners. Biotabs are composed of abalanced mix of organic nutrients to effectiv [...]

  • 10 units (Out of stock) 15.00€ 12.00€


Alchimia presents Superguano by Top Crop, a natural fertiliser perfect for enriching our cultivation s [...]

  • 1kg 8.50€ 6.35€
  • 5kg 35.00€ 26.25€
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ASTURHUMUS Worm Humus 100% Organic

The ASTURHUMUS Worm Humus 100% Organic is a great, organic, completely odorless, neutral and non-toxic fertilizer obtained by transformation of composted horse and cow manure usin [...]

  • 1 Kg 3.00€ 2.70€
  • 2,5 Kg 5.00€ 4.50€
  • 10 Kg 14.00€
  • 20 Kg 22.00€

Powder Feeding Bio Starter Kit

Alchimia presents Powder Feeding Bio Starter Kit, a set of powder fertilisers to mix with the substrate to enrich up to 100-150 litres, for a comp [...]

  • 56.21€ 44.95€

Powder Feeding BioGrow

Greenhouse Seeds Powder Feeding presents BioGrow, an organic fertiliser formulated for the ve [...]

  • 125 gr 14.50€ 10.15€
  • 500 gr 39.49€ 27.60€


SuperMix from Plagron is a mixture of organic fertilisers designed to enrich all types of soil in an efficient and durable way.It promotes an e [...]

  • 1L 17.61€ 14.95€
  • 5L 36.80€ 31.25€

Bat Monkey 1kg

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Bat Monkey Organic Solid Fertilizer, made from bat guano from Madagascar. This [...]

  • 10.90€ 8.15€

Perfect Plant Pack - BioTabs

Alchimia present BioTabs Perfect Plant Pack, the best option for self-growers sensitive to organic products. This set is intended for a complete cycle of 2 large h [...]

  • 22.50€ 20.25€

Guerrilla Tabs

Biotabs presents the Guerrilla Tabs, a slow release organic fertilizer with a N-P-K concentration of 15-7-8, what ensures that our [...]

  • 20 Tabs (Out of stock) 14.50€ 11.60€

Plagron Bat Guano 5L

While everyone sleeps, nature produces the best product for feeding plants. Bat Guano is the most balanced and potent fertilizer for plants [...]

  • 1 Kg 14.15€ 13.40€
  • 10 Kg 68.00€ 64.60€

BioTabs Starter Pack

Biotabs Starter Kit allows you to grow from 5 to 10 cannabis plants, depending on the volume of the pots. This kit includes: 25 gr of Bactrex [...]

  • 60.00€ 45.00€

Powder Feeding BioBloom

Alchimiaweb presents here BioBloom by Powder Feeding, a fertiliser in powder form that is mixed with the soil and greatly increases the performance of plants during the flowering s [...]

  • 125 gr 16.50€ 12.35€
  • 500 gr 44.48€ 33.35€
  • 1 Kg 69.49€ 52.10€
  • 2.5 Kg 139.49€ 104.60€
UP TO 10%

Guanodiff Bloom

Guanodiff Bloom flowering fertiliser has been developed by Guano Diffusion from bat guano and beet molasses vinasse, for a generous harvest of flowers heavy with [...]

  • 500g 8.90€
  • 1Kg 13.90€ 12.50€

Biotabs Silicium Flash

Silicium Flash from BioTabs is a 100% organic fertiliser formulated for use with fast-growing plants and composed of rapid-absorption sili [...]

  • 1.25kg 29.00€ 23.20€
UP TO 30%

Top Vulcan

Top Vulcan by Top Crop is a mineral fertiliser made from ground volcanic rock originating from the island of Java. It is rich in [...]

  • 700 gr 7.90€ 5.90€
  • 4 kg 28.00€ 19.60€

Guerilla Box Biotabs

Alchimia presents here the Guerrilla Box from Biotabs , a 100% organic fertilizer kit for outdoor marijuana crops that allows you to grow [...]

  • 30.00€ 24.00€

GUANOKALONG Bat guano Powder

Guanokalong is a 100% natural and odourless fertiliser, it contains guano from bats and seabirds. Guanokalong provides a complete presence of nutr [...]

  • 1 Kg 16.34€ 11.40€

GUANOKALONG Granular Guano

These high quality Bat Guano granules are a 100% natural fertilizer that provides all the Macro and Micro elements necessary for good root structure, flowering and maturing, thus obtaining [...]

  • 1 Kg 16.34€ 12.25€

Mealworm Guano

Alchimiaweb adds this exceptional product manufactured by Terralba to its catalogue: Ténébrion Meunier castings, also know as mealworm. [...]

  • 250g 10.90€ 9.25€
  • 500g 16.90€ 14.35€

Biobizz Worm-Humus 40 L

What is Worm-Humus? Worm-Humus, also known as vermicast, is a highly beneficial product for growing cannabis. It is the result of the decomposition of the material excret [...]

  • 17.95€ 16.15€

Lurpe Kelp flour

Alchimia Grow Shop is pleased to present Lurpe Kelp Meal 1kg, a high quality vegetable flour intended to enrich [...]

  • 1Kg 20.00€ 18.00€

Aptus All in One Pellet

Aptus All in One Pellet is a 100% natural, slow-release fertilizer ideal for indoor and outdoor crops making that the crops are easy to manage, needing only water for irrigation... [...]

  • 100 gr 6.35€ 5.35€
  • 1Kg 44.47€ 37.75€

Powder Feeding Mineral Starter Kit

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Powder Feeding Mineral Starter Kit, a set that includes all the necessary elements for a complete cultivation in a 1m2 area. P [...]

  • 49.95€ 34.95€

Volcanic Basalt

Terralba's volcanic basalt is a powder from volcanic rocks used to restore and revitalize poor soils. Already available in Alchimiaweb, basalt powder is rich in Silicon [...]

  • 2 Kg 8.90€
UP TO 20%

Lurpe Earth Vibes Supersoil is glad to present Lurpe Earth Vibes Supersoil, a natural products mixture developed specifically to enrich [...]

  • 700g 28.00€ 22.40€
  • 3.5kg 68.50€ 61.65€

TRABE Nutrihemp

NUTRIHEMP is a slow-release organic fertilizer. It is composed of natural solid alginates mixed with a fertilizer rich in nitr [...]

  • 200 gr 13.12€ 9.80€
  • 1kg 32.14€ 24.10€
UP TO 25%

Monster Bloom

Grotek Monster Bloom is a specially formulated bloom booster with a great reputation among growers for the explosive surge it gives to cannabis plants during the m [...]

  • 130 gr 18.00€ 13.50€
  • 500gr 40.00€ 32.00€
UP TO 30%

Additive Feeding Booster PK+

Additive Feeding Booster PK+ is a PK booster formulated by Powder Feeding to provide an explosive bloom of cannabis plants. This 0-30-27 NPK [...]

  • 125 gr 14.95€ 11.20€
  • 500gr 39.95€ 29.95€
  • 1 Kg 64.98€ 45.45€
  • 2.5 Kg 129.95€ 90.95€

Biochar + compost 1Kg

Terralba presents a way to activate your soil sustainably by using biochar + compost (micro-organism), an organic product that can be used as a mixture during substrate preparation [...]

  • 9.90€ 8.90€
UP TO 5%

Guanodiff Classic's Powder

Guanodiff Classic's Powder is a bat guano fertiliser developed by Guano Diffusion and specially adapted to provide all the nutrients needed for the growth [...]

  • 500g 7.90€
  • 1 Kg 9.90€
  • 3 Kg 25.00€ 23.75€
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