Guanokalong Palm tree Ashes 1L

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Guanokalong's Palm tree Ashes is a completely natural and organic product coming from the Island of Sumatra, in Indonesia, and included in the GK Organics range. Now available in Alchimiaweb.

With very high content in potassium (NPK 0-1-30), this fertilizer is normally used along with Guanokalong Powder (NPK 1-10-1) to get a powerful bloom booster with spectacular results.

Besides its potassium content, it also contains phosphorous and magnesium, which ensures a nice production of resinous buds either outdoors or in indoor cultivation.

How to use Guanokalong Palm tree Ashes:

  • Mix the product with the growing media and add a top layer on each plant from the second week into flowering
  • Can be used in containers mixed with the substrate or as top layer of manure
  • Can be diluted in the irrigation water

Guanokalong Palm tree Ashes dosage:

  • In soil: Mix 100ml of product (2 cups) for 15L of substrate during the second week of bloom
  • In water: Mix 50ml of product (1 cup) with 5L of water. Use every 2 weeks during the flowering stage

If necessary, this product can be combined with other Guanokalong nutrients like Guanokalong Powder, Complete Organics, Fish Powder or Seaweed Powder.

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