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In this tag, we have collected together all of our soil amendments you can use to make your own organic Super Soil, as popularised by US growers such as Subcool and Clackamas Coot.

The idea behind Super Soil is to create a completely organic cultivation substrate that is rich in all the nutrients and minerals that a plant needs throughout its lifetime, thus only requiring the grower to irrigate with plain water (and occasionally with compost tea or seed sprout tea), disposing with the need for bottled nutrients. This has several benefits because, as well as being much better for the environment, an enriched super soil saves work at the same time as helping the grower to produce a superior quality harvest, richer in terpenes and free of heavy metals and other potentially harmful contaminants. 

Here you can find high quality products for no-till and organic gardening including base substrates, worm castings and many other natural fertilisers in dry format, enabling you to create your own bespoke soil mix for cannabis cultivation. These soil amendments also allow you to amend and revitalise the soil as necessary after each harvest, ensuring that the next cycle of plants will have access to a healthy, vibrant living soil full of micro and macro nutrients, naturally-sourced minerals and high levels of beneficial microbiology. 

Featured products in Super Soil

Covercrop LightMix 50L

8.70€ 8.99€

Light Mix Bio Bizz

11.00€ 13.79€

PLAGRON Light Mix soil 50 L

10.15€ 10.70€


From 13.20€ 17.61€

Plagron Promix 50L

12.45€ 14.70€


63.90€ 79.90€

Featured offers Super Soil

Metrop Substrate Plus

37.75€ 44.45€

GUANOKALONG Granular Guano

5.50€ 6.90€

Guanokalong Complete Organics 1L
Biochar + compost 1Kg

8.90€ 9.90€

Super Soil Indoor Mix - SWA

From 21.25€ 25.00€


Lurpe Earth Vibes Supersoil is glad to present Lurpe Earth Vibes Supersoil, a natural products mixture developed specifically to enrich soil substrate or vegetable gardens, providing a large quantity of nutrients, trace elements and microbial life. Lurpe Earth [...]

  • 700g28.00€ 22.40€
  • 3.5kg68.50€ 54.80€

Lurpe Tasty Flowers Top Dress

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Lurpe Tasty Flowers Top Dress, a set of natural powdered ingredients designed to provide your plants with everything they need for lush flowering outdoors or in your indoor grow tent. Lurpe Tasty Flowers Top Dress, based [...]

  • 1kg40.00€ 32.00€
  • 3Kg80.50€ 64.40€

Metrop Substrate Plus presents Metrop Substrate Plus, a product to enrich mineral organic substrate improving the structure and nutritional reserves of such cannabis substrates. Its formula is designed to be used with both peat and coconut, even with subs [...]

  • 3,5 Kg44.45€ 37.75€

Lurpe Hydrolyzed Kelp

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Lurpe Hydrolyzed Kelp, a water-soluble kelp meal designed to be administered in irrigation or by foliar application to our plants both outdoors and in an indoor grow tent. Lurpe Hydrolyzed Kelp, stimulates plant developme [...]

  • 200g21.50€ 17.20€

Covercrop LightMix 50L

Alchimia presents the 50L CoverCrop earth sacks. It is available in our catalogue of substrates for growing cannabis indoors or outdoors at alchimiaweb. CoverCrop LightMix Thanks to its low EC levels, the grower can accurately control the liquid nutr [...]

  • 8.99€ 8.70€

Lurpe Kelp flour

Alchimia Grow Shop is pleased to present Lurpe Kelp Meal 1kg, a high quality vegetable flour intended to enrich soil substrate or produce compost tea. Lurpe Kelp Meal, stimulates plant health and development This plant powder is obtained from high [...]

  • 1Kg20.00€ 16.00€

Lurpe Natural Solutions Azomite volcanic ashes presents Lure Natural Solutions Volcanic Ash, a natural mineral flour that enriches the soil for marijuana or your compost tea formula. Lurpe Volcanic Ash, with 70 different minerals This ash is 100% Azomite powder. Silicon originat [...]

  • 1kg (Out of stock)17.70€ 14.15€

Top Vulcan

Top Vulcan by Top Crop is a mineral fertiliser made from ground volcanic rock originating from the island of Java. It is rich in essential trace-elements that enhance marijuana plant development and flowering. Top Vulcan increases plant resistance t [...]

  • 700 gr7.90€ 5.50€
  • 4 kg28.00€ 19.60€

Canna Coco Professional Plus - 50L

Alchimia Grow Shop presents 50L Canna Coco Professional Plus, a high quality organic cultivation substrate for growing marijuana. 50L Canna Coco Professional Plus, with coconut fibre from India It is a product totally free of harmful viruses and soil [...]

  • 20.25€ 15.15€

Canna Coco Natural - 50L

Alchimia Grow Shop presents 50L Canna Coco Natural, a very efficient organic substrate for marijuana cultivation in an indoor grow tent or outdoors. 50L Canna Coco Natural, with Indian coconut fibre It is a very high quality product with the guaran [...]

  • 19.90€ 14.90€

Bat Monkey 1kg

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Bat Monkey Organic Solid Fertilizer, made from bat guano from Madagascar. This fertiliser is ideal for enriching the soil for growing cannabis, it fortifies plants to increase their vegetative growth and flowering develop [...]

  • 10.90€ 8.15€

Guanokalong Seaweed Powder 1L

Guanokalong Seaweed Powder is a new product included in the GK Organics range of nutrients formulated by Guanokalong. It is completely organic and made of red seaweed (Gracilaria). Now available in Alchimiaweb. Seaweed Powder contains macronutrients [...]

  • 26.62€ 19.95€

Guanokalong Complete Organics 1L

Guanokalong Complete Organics is a solid fertilizer with a balanced and complete mix of organic nutrients, which is included in the GK Organics range of products. Now available in Alchimiaweb. With 2-5-3 NPK content and rich in oligoelements, it pro [...]

  • 21.78€ 16.30€

Guanokalong Palm tree Ashes

Guanokalong's Palm tree Ashes is a completely natural and organic product coming from the Island of Sumatra, in Indonesia, and included in the GK Organics range. Now available in Alchimiaweb. With very high content in potassium (NPK 0-1-30), this fe [...]

  • 16.34€ 12.25€


Spirulina from Terralba is a highly nutritious organic and ecological amendment containing a large amount of nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, chlorophyll and protein. Spirulina is marine algae tha [...]

  • 50 gr8.90€ 7.10€
  • 100g15.90€ 12.70€

Micro Vita

Alchimiaweb presents Micro Vita, a product to enhance cannabis cultivation. It is formulated with a combination of different fungi and bacteria species that greatly improve the plants ability to absorb nutrients. It also increases the roots protectio [...]

  • 15 g4.90€ 3.40€
  • 50 g9.90€ 6.90€
  • 150 g24.50€ 17.15€

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