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Alchimiaweb presents Micro Vita, a product to enhance cannabis cultivation. It is formulated with a combination of different fungi and bacteria species that greatly improve the plants ability to absorb nutrients. It also increases the roots protection and helps in the decomposition of dead matter.

Micro vita also provides nutrients to the micro life, therefore the beneficial fungi and bacteria have nourishment available from the beginning and show a quicker substrate colonisation.

This product can be used mixed in soil, placed in the substrate when transplanting or added to the irrigation water. It is also a root enhancer and can be used even with freshly cut cuttings. An extra Micro Vita supply can be provided when the grower considers it convenient, considering that a good micro life maintenance throughout the cultivation provides a better absorption capacity by the plant.

Micro Vita provides a high humic acid concentration which encourages the substrate microbial life.

Top Crop Micro Vita usage and dosage:

  • Mix with substrate. 2-5g per L of soil
  • Irrigation. 2-5g per 10 litres of water.

It is advisable to store this product in a dry place, avoiding direct sunlight and preferably in the fridge. This ensures that Micro Vita maintains its properties intact.

Top Crop Micro Vita info:

  • Content: Enriched plant amendment
  • NPK: 1-0-0
  • Total organic matter: 45%
  • Humic acids: 20%
  • Available in 15g, 50g and 150g formats

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