Cannabis Nutrient and additive packs

Here you'll find several fertilizer and additive packs from some of the most reputed companies on the market. With these packs, your plants will have everything they need for lush and fast development.

You have from both organic and mineral packs, all of them at very interesting prices!

With the purchase of any pack of nutrients you're saving money and time, and you also get a free dosing cup and - whenever possible - the feeding chart provided by each manufacturer.

Featured products in Cannabis Nutrient and additive packs

BioCanna fertilizer Kit

47.05€ 62.76€

Starters Pack - Biobizz

56.35€ 75.15€

Biobizz Try-pack Outdoor

13.55€ 18.08€

Top Crop Auto Basic Kit

30.96€ 38.70€

Advanced Nutrients Bio Range Kit
Fertiliser Kit Plagron Algae

95.21€ 119.01€

Featured offers Cannabis Nutrient and additive packs

Kit Cannaboom Boker

101.25€ 112.50€

pH Perfect Sensi Grow Hobbyist Kit
Canna Terra nutrient Kit

From 20.15€ 26.90€

HY-PRO Pack Cultivo Hydro

45.00€ 50.00€

Latest in Cannabis Nutrient and additive packs

Guerrilla Outdoor Grow Kit

Kit with all the necessary elements for outdoor cultivation We have put together the essential products to create symbiosis with the mother earth, intended for as few trips to the cultivation site as possible. We have also chosen products that are n [...]

  • 5 plants34.95€
  • 10 plants49.95€
  • 20 plants79.45€

Biobizz Try-pack Indoor

Biobizz opts for the renovation and thus modifies its packs; now are called Try-pack, and they are specifically designed for different growing methods. In this case, we talk about the Try-pack Indoor, which includes three products that will be usefu [...]

  • 18.08€ 13.55€

Biobizz Try-pack Outdoor

Biobizz has changed its image, and with it, their packs; they are now called Try-pack, and they are specifically prepared for different growing methods. We talk about the Try-pack Outdoor, which contains three products that, in combination, will be [...]

  • 18.08€ 13.55€

Kit DualPart Complete - Terra Aquatica

Alchimia presents the Dualpart Complete Kit by Terra Aquatica, a set that includes a base fertiliser and all the necessary nutrients to complement the cultivation by promoting microorganisms, boosting roots and branches, etc. This kit is designed to [...]

  • 115.83€

BioCanna fertilizer Kit

Bio Canna is the best-selling Dutch bio-fertilizer brand of our catalog, and probably of the Spanish market. Since its emergence, this company has constantly enhanced its reputation. The ease of use of its products and the simplicity of its implemen [...]

  • 62.76€ 47.05€

Biomineral Fertilizer Kit - The Hype

The Hype Biomineral Kit is now available. In this kit we have added all the products of The Hype that create the perfect symbiosis for a crop with biomineral fertilizers. The products included in this kit are broken down below: THE HYPE Derdekea 500 [...]

  • (Out of stock)125.55€

Starters Pack - Biobizz

Biobizz presents their Starters Pack, a set of 100% organic fertilisers and stimulators perfect to help you begin the adventure of growing your own cannabis plants in the most natural way possible. With Starters Kits, Biobizz offer the chance to eas [...]

  • 75.15€ 56.35€

Terra Power Complete Kit

Terra Power Complete Kit is a set designed by Alchimiaweb with all Terra Power products, offering a discount of around 25%. This product range creates the ideal synergy for all the stages and situations that can occur in a cultivation. Alchimia also [...]

  • 545.02€

Terra Power Pro Kit

Terra Power Pro Kit is a set of fertilisers conceived by Alchimiaweb based on Terra Power brand products. A set of products to take cultivation to another level. It is more complete than the Terra Power Basic Kit, as it includes a greater number of f [...]

  • 395.64€

Terra Power Kit Basic

Alchimia presents Terra Power Basic Kit, a set of fertilisers designed for a cultivation with no deficiency whatsoever. It contains all the basic Terra Power nutrients, with root stimulators, microbial life promoters and bloom and photosynthesis boos [...]

  • 218.35€

Terra Power Vitamin & Enzyme Supplements Kit

Terra Power Vitamin & Enzyme Supplement Kit is a set of fertilisers conceived by Alchimiaweb as a complement to the basic nutrients used in our plants. It is a supplementation based on enzymes and vitamins that stimulate the substrate to enhance [...]

  • 87.74€

Terra Power Kit Root Help

Alchimia presents Terra Power Root Help Kit, a set of fertilisers conceived by Alchimiaweb aimed at improving the plants root system. This is based on specialised Terra Power products for this effect, creating an ideal synergy in the substrate so tha [...]

  • 211.06€

Top Crop Basic Soil Kit

The Top Crop Basic Soil Kit is a set conceived by Alchimiaweb. Here we offer all the necessary products, within the Top Crop Soil range, to ensure a perfect cultivation. Also, with the Top Crop Professional Soil Kit, you can obtain a truly [...]

  • 91.71€ 73.37€

Top Crop Professional Kit

Alchimiaweb presents the Top Crop Professional Kit, a set designed for growers who want to go a step further in organic fertiliser cultivation. This set contains all the necessary supplements to add to Top Crop's base fertilisers, Top [...]

  • 113.31€ 90.65€

Top Crop Auto Basic Kit

We present the Top Crop Auto Basic Kit, a fertiliser set designed by Alchimiaweb where we bring together all the necessary nutrients to prevent any deficiency during the cultivation of automatic cannabis. This set of products offers Top Auto [...]

  • 38.70€ 30.96€

KIT PH Perfect Sensi Grand Master Grower

Advanced Nutrients presents the pH Perfect Sensi Grand Master Grower Kit, the most complete set by this renowned fertiliser brand specialised in cannabis cultivation. This kit contains all the compounds presented in the Grand Master Grower growing c [...]

  • 536.14€ 402.10€

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Professional Grower Kit

Alchimia presents pH Perfect Sensi Professional Grower Kit by Advanced Nutrients, one of the complete sets of this well-known brand specialised in fertilisers for cannabis cultivation. It includes all the components of the Professional Grower cultiv [...]

  • 390.70€ 293.02€

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