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Aptus Tent Set Basic Kit

Aptus Basic Set fertiliser kit is ideal for those growers who want to try fertilisers, additives and enhancers Aptus without resorting to larger containers, being able to contrast the excellent results obtained.

This kit has all the necessary components for enjoy a great quality crop of excellent results in taste and smell and yield.

This kit should be used together with a quality base fertiliser to get a maximum yield of the marijuana plants. Each product contains 50ml.

Features of Aptus Tent Set Pro Kit

  • Regulator: Ideal to strengthen the plant against any kind of stress, emphasizing greater water stress resistance to the attacks of insects and  fungi. Regulates internal metabolism reducing internodal distances and reducing water needs by a 30%.
  • Startbooster: is a growth and root system stimulant together with activators of the  mico life in the substrate. 
  • Topbooster: It is a bloom stimulant producing more plant fibers, resins and sugars improving the end product with a higher yield of buds and end weight.
  • K-Boost: A flowering enhancer containing only Potassium, to increase separately the PK levels; for the second stage of flowering.
  • Pk-boost: Flowering enhancer containing high PK levels with amino acids 20 to 25, to increase the production of buds on a simple way.
  • CaMg-Boost: Organic concentrated calcium and magnesium for the phases when the plant requires more concentration of these secondary nutrients of main character.

Kit ideal for 1m2  indoor and 4 plant pot of  35L outdoor for large plants.

Highly concentrated doses of 1.5ml / 10 l up to 5 ml by week of culture.

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