Metrop Cutting Kit

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Metrop Cutting Kit is a set of products designed to facilitate marijuana seeds germination and cuttings rooting process. It is already available in our catalogue at

Metrop Cutting Kit, for the first stages of plant development

This kit offers everything you need to stimulate the early stages of plant development, whether from feminised, auto-flowering or regular marijuana seeds, or cuttings from mother plants to be rooted.

It includes Metrop MR-1 growth fertiliser, a super concentrated product with 10-40-20 NPK levels and a large amount of micronutrients. It is formulated with high quality organic raw materials and minerals that are easily assimilated by the plants.

This product enhances explosive root development, maximising nutrient assimilation and boosting photosynthetic process. It accelerates vegetative development and increases plant vigour.

Metrop Cutting Kit, enhances germination and rooting

The set includes RhizoXtrem, a powerful root plant booster rich in phyto hormones, vitamins and enzymes. It promotes the development of root capillaries that assimilate a greater amount of nutrients, keeping plants healthy and promoting their development.

The kit also includes SupstratePlus, an organo-mineral substrate enricher compatible with both coco and peat. It improves moisture retention, provides structure to the soil, increases substrate's salt content and helps to balance pH. It is a product that complements plant nutrition and stimulates plant growth.

This kit is available in two versions, with a 250ml or 1L format of each product. Both come with a 3.5kg SupstratePlus, so that you can start cultivating your plants in a professional, convenient and simple way.

Metrop Cutting Kit info:

  • Metrop organo-mineral products kit
  • Designed to facilitate seed germination and cuttings rooting
  • 1x growth fertiliser MR-1: 250ml or 1L
  • 1x RhizoXtrem root booster: 250ml or 1L
  • 1x SubstratePlus: 3.5Kg

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