Brands of Nutrients for cannabis


Nutrients for cannabis

The offer of nutrients for cannabis plants is huge, that is why Alchimia Grow Shop wants to make things easier for you with a selection of the most reputed brands, trying to find a balance between biological and mineral/organic fertilizers.

Among the selection of organic fertilizers you'll find Trabe, leader in Spain in the sale of organic nutrients, the Dutch Biobizz - 100% organic - and other companies like Canna, Atami or General Hydroponics, without forgetting the renowned Guanokalong, specialized in nutrients made from bat guano.

Regarding to mineral fertilizers, we must highlight the Dutch brands Canna and Hesi for their ease of use and reasonable price, the German House & Garden for experts and those who want to get the most out of their marijuana crop, and the full range of GHE nutrients that you can also find in our catalog. Within mineral fertilizers you will find options for all growing systems whether on soil, hydroponics or coco.

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