ATAMI Organics

ATAMI Organics

Atami is a company with a great deal of experience in fertiliser formulation founded in 1997.

Atami has become a highly respected biotechnical laboratory. The company produces various substrates (soil, coconut fibres and rock wool), as well as liquid fertilisers for cannabis and biostimulators.

Its product lines meet the strictest quality criteria and are manufactured according to ISO quality standards and RHP (Quality Mark) standardisation norms.

This brand of cannabis fertilisers offers several ranges of organic, mineral and organo-mineral fertilisers. Products for experts and beginners, with different presentations, from small pots to large capacity bottles.

Atami fertiliser range:

  • ATA: Designed for growers who are just starting out in the cannabis cultivation. These products are suitable for the whole cultivation cycle, both for growth and flowering, and include rooting agents, boosters, PK's, etc... Available for cultivation in soil, coco, or hydroponics.
  • ATA NRG: A range of products designed for cultivators concerned about the environment. They are organo-mineral fertilizers that cover the needs of cultivators who work only in soil, both in pots and in open ground. They cover all plant stages. They can be easily combined with any other range of fertilisers.
  • B'Cuzz: A range of fertilisers designed to reach the maximum production possible in the cannabis cultivation. A professional line for all types of substrates, with a specific base product for each type. In addition, complements that can be used in each substrate type: Boosters, root stimulators, etc.
  • Blastics: This line is not a range of fertilisers, but a line of complements for base fertilisers. They are products specially created to increase the roots and buds’ size, where we find products as popular as Bloombastic, Rootbastic or Bio-Bloombastic.

In addition to the fertiliser range, Atami has developed the popular Wilma hydroponic growing systems. A simple and economical system that promises high yields.

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Bloombastic by Atami is a high quality, highly concentrated, organic-based cocktail of bio-minerals and biological stimulators containing sea kelp and clay mineral [...]

  • 100ml 20.09€ 15.05€
  • 325 ml 59.16€ 44.35€
  • 1250 ml 172.85€ 138.25€


Already available in Alchimiaweb, the bloom stimulator Bi Bloombastic - from Atami fertilizers- has been formulated to complement your organic [...]

  • 100ml 16.63€ 13.30€
  • 250ml 38.66€ 30.90€
  • 1L 99.96€ 79.95€

ATA Calmag

Calcium and magnesium are essential secondary nutrients required for the correct development of cannabis plants. Add these two elements to your crop with ATA Calma [...]

  • 1 L 13.50€ 10.80€
UP TO 25%


Alchimia presents Rokzbastic by Atami, a powerful flowering stimulator formulated with a 1:2 potassium and phosphorus ratios. It helps to obtain bigger and denser [...]

  • 100 ml 21.70€ 17.35€
  • 325ml 63.89€ 51.10€
  • 1250ml 223.08€ 167.30€
UP TO 20%

Atami B'Cuzz Soil A+B

Alchimia Grow Shop is happy to present the professional B'Cuzz TSoil A + B biomineral fertilisers. A product designed to ensure balanced and rapid growth in cannabis plants when cu [...]

  • 1L 16.00€ 12.80€
  • 5 L 61.24€ 48.95€
  • 10L (Out of stock) 101.46€

Atami B’Cuzz Bloom Stimulator

B'Cuzz's Bloom Stimulator is a supplement to enhance flowering, responsible for stimulating flower formation and improving harvest quality, now av [...]

  • 1L 43.25€ 32.40€
  • 5L 219.06€ 164.25€

Atami ATA Rootfast

Alchimia presents Atami ATA Rootfast, a root booster part of the ATA family by Atami. A product with fertilisers specially designed for all types of growers, and perfect for soil, [...]

  • 500 ml 18.15€ 14.50€
  • 1 L (Out of stock) 26.44€ 21.15€

Atami B’Cuzz Root Stimulator

Now available at Achimiaweb, the B'Cuzz Atami Root Stimulator which ensures strong, healthy and much more ramified growth of the roots. B'Cuzz Root Stimula [...]

  • 100 ml 8.95€ 6.70€
  • 250ml 17.15€ 12.85€
  • 500ml 32.90€ 24.65€


Atami presents RootBastic, a high quality root stimulator now available in our online grow shop at! Use Rootbastic [...]

  • 100ml 21.51€ 17.20€
  • 500ml 106.08€ 84.85€


ATA NRG Bloom-C by ATAMI is a liquid organic fertilizer that increases the yield based on extracts of seaweed and seaweed. ATA NRG Bloom-C [...]

  • 1 L 16.12€ 12.85€

ATA NRG Growth-C

ATA NRG Growth-C by ATAMI is a liquid organic fertilizer for Growth. Promotes a healthy, green and strong crop of the plant. For optimal results, use ATA NRG Growth [...]

  • 1 L 12.50€ 10.00€
UP TO 25%

ATA NRG Flavor

ATA NRG Flavor from ATAMI is a product that improves the taste and smell of the harvest, based on beet molasses. You can also add the ATA NRG Flavor [...]

  • 1 L 13.15€ 10.50€
  • 5 L (Out of stock) 59.35€ 44.50€

ATA NRG Flower-C

ATA NRG Flower-C from ATAMI is a very powerful organic bloom stimulator, it favours a 100 % the maximum production of flowers and fruits. In combination wi [...]

  • 500 ml 18.26€ 14.60€


ATA NRG Root-C from ATAMI is a very powerful organic root stimulator that favours a spectaculrar development of the plant's rootball. ATA NRG Root [...]

  • 250 ml 16.42€ 13.10€


Atami ATA NRG Alga-C is a unique Bio-Stimulant, thanks to a high concentration of algae. This is a high quality concentrate of trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and plant hormo [...]

  • 500 ml 12.23€ 9.75€

Ata Clean

Ata Clean is a product by the famous brand Atami which is essential for the optimal functioning of our drip irrigation [...]

  • 250 ml 10.60€ 9.00€

B'Cuzz 1-Component Soil 1l

Now at Alchimia Grow Shop catalogue, the BCuzz 1-Component Soil Nutrition mineral fertiliser. A product designed to provide all nutrients to plants cultivated professionally on [...]

  • 15.97€ 11.95€
UP TO 25%

Atami B’Cuzz Soil Booster Universal presents B'Cuzz Soil Booster Universal, a biomineral growth and flowering stimulator, ideal for cannabis cultivation in soil. It is a perfe [...]

  • 1L 25.00€ 20.00€
  • 5L 131.07€ 98.30€

Atami B'Cuzz Silic Boost

Now available online at Alchimia Grow Shop, 250ml B'Cuzz Silic Boost, a Silicon (Si) supplement designed to strengthen plant defenses and protect them from stress, [...]

  • 250ml 49.90€ 37.40€
  • 500ml 109.05€ 81.75€

ATA Atazyme 1L

Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop ATA Atazyme, an enzyme complex designed to keep the substrate in optimal condition, and facilitate the assimilation of [...]

  • 14.88€ 11.90€

Atami B'Cuzz Blossom Builder

B'Cuzz Blossom Builder is a liquid bud enhancer with balanced levels of PK 18-23 ideal to use during the last 2 - 4 weeks of flowering until harvest, giving the gr [...]

  • 1L 39.40€ 29.55€
  • 5L 190.24€ 142.65€

Atami B'Cuzz Mineral Fertiliser Kit

We present the Mineral Fertiliser Kit by Atami B'Cuzz, a company specialised in the fertiliser sector. A set of nutrients now available exclusively a [...]

  • 147.48€ 117.95€
UP TO 20%

Atami ATA PK 13-14

Alchimiaweb presents Atami ATA Pk 13-14, from the Atami ATA range. A number of products specially developed for beginners and suitable for hydro, coco and soil. [...]

  • 1 L 14.75€ 11.80€
  • 5 L 65.55€ 52.40€
  • 10L 124.38€
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