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ATAMI Organics


Atami Rootbastic

Atami presents RootBastic, a high quality root stimulator now available in our online grow shop at! Use Rootbastic in your cannabis cultivation to optimise the production of roots and absorbent hairs, thanks in particular to the high [...]

  • 100ml21.51€ 16.13€

ATA Calmag

Calcium and magnesium are essential secondary nutrients required for the correct development of cannabis plants. Add these two elements to your crop with ATA Calmag, now available online at Alchimiaweb. ATA Calmag is a calcium and magnesium suppleme [...]

  • 13.50€ 10.13€


Bloombastic by Atami is a high quality, highly concentrated, organic-based cocktail of bio-minerals and biological stimulators containing sea kelp and clay minerals designed for use during the flowering period of cannabis plants. Bloombastic replac [...]

  • 100ml20.09€ 15.07€
  • 325 ml59.16€ 44.37€
  • 1250 ml172.85€ 129.64€

Bio Bloombastic

Already available in Alchimiaweb, the bloom stimulator Bio Bloombastic - from ATA Organics - has been formulated to complement your organic nutrients , achieving higher yields. It is made from bio minerals and plant based additives, with NPK levels [...]

  • 100ml16.63€ 12.47€
  • 250ml38.66€ 29.00€
  • 1L99.96€ 74.97€

ATA Alga C

ATA ORGANICS ATAMI Alga-C is a unique Bio-Stimulant, thanks to a high concentration of algae. This is a high quality concentrate of trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and plant hormones. ATA ORGANICS Alga-C stimulates plant health and increases d [...]

  • 500 ml12.23€ 9.17€

ATA Roots C

ATA Organics Root-C from ATAMI is a very powerful organic root stimulator that favours a spectaculrar development of the plant's rootball. ATA Organics Root-C also has a preventive action on Pythium and Fusarium. ATA Organics Root-C is suitable as [...]

  • 250 ml16.42€ 12.32€

ATA Growth C

ATA Organics Growth-C from ATAMI is a liquid organic fertiliser for growth. It promotes a healthy crop and a green and strong plant. For optimum results, use ATA Organics Growth-C in combination with Bloom-C, Flavor, Kilomix, worm and Bio-upgrade. [...]

  • 1 L12.50€ 9.38€

ATA Bloom C

ATA ORGANICS Bloom-C from ATAMI is a liquid organic fertiliser based on extracts of algae and seaweed. ATA ORGANICS Bloom-C contains a rich blend of amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes and natural plant hormones, which increase both the y [...]

  • 1 L16.12€ 12.09€

ATA Flower C

ATA Organics Flower-C from ATAMI is a very powerful organic bloom stimulator, it favours a 100 % the maximum production of flowers and fruits. In combination with ATA-C Flavor Organics, ATA Organics Flower-C provides a special sweetness to the final [...]

  • 500 ml18.26€ 13.70€

ATA Flavor C

ATA Organics Flavor-C from ATAMI is a product that improves the taste and smell of the harvest, based on beet molasses. You can also add the ATA Organics Flavor-C as extra dose of Potassium. Application: From the fourth week of flowering of the pla [...]

  • 1 L13.15€ 9.86€

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