Atami B'Cuzz Silic Boost

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Now available online at Alchimia Grow Shop, 250ml B'Cuzz Silic Boost, a Silicon (Si) supplement designed to strengthen plant defenses and protect them from stress, dryness or excess temperature.

Silicon (Si) is an element present in sand, in glass, in the substrate (in lesser or greater degree depending on the type of soil used) and in water, but rarely in a form that's easy to assimilate by plants.

B'Cuzz Silic Boost, Silicon Supplement for Plants

B'Cuzz Silic Boost solves this problem by bringing this element in a form easily accessible by the roots of plants, and which can be applied during the whole vegetative growth phase at the rate of 0.1ml per litre of water in each watering.

Can also be applied via foliar spray, at a rate of 0.05ml per litre of water, wetting the leaves of the plant well, on both upper and lower sides.

Stimulate the development and defenses of your plants with the B'Cuzz Silic Boost

Silic Boost allows plants to better absorb nutrients, facilitating their nutrition and development, reducing deficiencies and stimulating their metabolism, making them more resistant to drought, heat and changes in nutrition.

The result is that plants grow faster and stronger, providing a better harvest of cannabis buds with less effort.

Atami B'Cuzz Silic Boost 250ml info:

  • Silicon supplement
  • Easy to assimilate
  • Based on silicon dioxide (SiO2) at 30%
  • Stimulates the vigor and development of plants
  • Increases resistance to heat problems and water stress
  • Promotes a larger harvest of buds.

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