Athena Grow A + B

Alchimia presents Grow A+B by Athena, a growth fertiliser formulated in two different components. It is a product indicated for the vegetative growth stage of cannabis plants, resulting in healthy and vigorous plants. Athena Grow, growth fertiliser, [...]

  • 3,78 L106.00€

Athena Bloom A + B

Athena, the renowned fertiliser brand, presents here Bloom A+B, a bi-component fertiliser specially formulated for the cannabis plants flowering period. A product now available in our catalogue at AlchimiaWeb. Athena Bloom A+B, two-component floweri [...]

  • 3,78 L106.00€

Pro Grow Athena

Athena presents Pro Grow, a growth fertiliser. It is a dry nutrient that boosts the root system for a good foliage development. This product is a balanced mixture of soluble fertilisers with low heavy metal content that provides the plant with essent [...]

  • 4.53Kg128.00€

Pro Bloom Athena

Athena presents Pro Bloom, a fertiliser for the needs required by the plant during the flowering stage, increasing the phosphate and potassium supply. This fertiliser boosts flower volume and high metabolism activities. It also provides macro and mic [...]

  • 4.53Kg128.00€

PK enhancer

Alchimia presents Athena PK Booster, a bloom booster supplement. It is formulated with low nitrogen levels and high phosphorus and potassium content but not excessively high so as not to reduce the calcium and magnesium availability. This product inc [...]

  • 0.94 L23.00€

Pro Core Athena

Alchimia presents Pro Core by Athena, a fertiliser to support the plant during its whole cycle, providing it with a basic nutrition. It supplies elements to balance the NPK, together with essential microelements, combining its use with Pro Grow and P [...]

  • 4.53Kg128.00€

CaMg Athena

Alchimia presents CaMg by Athena, a calcium and magnesium supplement formulated in order to complement the A+B fertilisers, both for Athena Grow A+B and Athena Boom A+B. A nutrient product that increases calcium, magnesium, iron and nitrogen, which a [...]

  • 0.94 L23.00€


Alchimia presents Cleanse by Athena, a hypochlorous acid based cleaner, a mild and safe acid with great oxidising properties. It is ideal for washing the roots clean of organic and mineral accumulations. It is a non-toxic and non-nutritive product, [...]

  • 0.94 L29.00€


Alchimia presents Balance by Athena, a pH stabiliser with a very simple formulation based on 2% of potassium silicate sediment-free. The application of this fertiliser, in addition to stabilising the pH, thanks to the silicon it benefits the growth [...]

  • 0.94 L23.00€

IPM Athena

Athena IPM is a foliar contact insecticide and pesticide, ideal for combating soft-bodied insects. This insect group includes whitefly, aphids, thrips and spider mites. It also acts as a preventive against fungi such as mould and mildew. IPM is pest [...]

  • 0.94 L77.32€


Alchimia presents Stack by Athena, an organic fertiliser ideal as a supplement to boost the flowers' growth, size and density. This organic nutrient is formulated with plant extracts based on algae that provide a full spectrum of vitamins, hormones a [...]

  • 0.94 L117.00€

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