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Athena presents Pro Bloom, a fertiliser for the needs required by the plant during the flowering stage, increasing the phosphate and potassium supply. This fertiliser boosts flower volume and high metabolism activities. It also provides macro and micro-elements such as sulphur which improve potency and flavour.

The recommended dosage is based on the pH and EC levels, using Ec and PH meters, although Athena indicates a reference value of about 2g per 1L of water until the second last week, when it is advisable to reduce the dose by a third and another third in the last week.

Athena recommends the use of this product in combination with Athena Pro Core base fertiliser, in order to balance the NPK and incorporate essential microelements in a dosage of 0.6g Pro Core per 1g Pro Bloom.

Athena Pro Bloom info:

  • Balanced NPK (in combination with Pro Core)
  • Low heavy metal content
  • Sulphur to enhance potency and flavour

Fertiliser Pro Bloom composition:

  • Available Phosphate - 12
  • Soluble Potassium - 24
  • Magnesium - 3%
  • Sulphur - 9%
  • Iron - 0.1%

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