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Monster Bloom
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Grotek Monster Bloom is a specially formulated bloom booster with a great reputation among growers for the explosive surge it gives to cannabis plants during the middle stages of the flowering period, leading to bigger and better harvests.

Its high concentration of phosphorus stimulates growth, helps to maintain roots, encourages flowering and plays a key role in plant metabolism.

The inclusion of potassium helps to improve the quality of flowers, optimises photosynthesis, assists the generation of starches within the plant and encourages ripening. It also contains a natural plant-based ingredient which helps boost the general bloom potential of your cannabis plants.

Due to its high and powerful concentration, Monster Bloom should not be used during the last two weeks of flowering to allow full assimilation of the nutrients by the plant, resulting in a smoother-tasting, more richly-flavoured end product.

For the best yields we recommend using a combination of Grotek Monster Bloom and Grotek Heavy Bloom during flowering.

Important: Monster Bloom is highly concentrated, so it is advisable to follow the manufacturers recommended dosage.

Grotek Monster Bloom Composition:

  • 50% Phosphorus
  • 30% Potassium
  • 20% Not Specified

Montser Bloom Application:

  • 0.3 g per 1l of water, begin use when the buds start forming, apply in every irrigation until two weeks before harvest.

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